My biggest issue is when you are shot by the sniper version you don’t really get an indication. You either take 3/4 damage or you die. I don’t play in vehicles so I don’t know how it is at the moment but it is annoying that one sniper round from the rail gun and stop vehicles from auto healing


LOL, no.


This. That gun is just stupid.


It effectively makes vehicles of any sort useless because you die a quick death of ten cuts by the dozens of no skill players running around with it. That's not even getting into the problem with it in general as a hitscan sniper rifle.


I'm doing perfectly fine in vehicles, this gun tickles sometimes but it has never been a significant threat. "Hitscan" (it's still a projectile) is balanced by the charge time.


Right, because seeing my vehicles health melt away from the snipers camped across the map with a gun that does not have to account for bullet drop is easy to avoid. Just the tiniest bit of your vehicle sticking out of cover and they can shoot it until your vehicle is reduced to scrap.


Yeah, it's easy to avoid by always being near cover, which is you need to do anyway to avoid getting killed by actual threats like carl gustaf.