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June 2023. Reddit openly doesn't care about it's user base, so I've decided to remove any content I have made from the site. So long. And fuck Spez.


Probably not everyone who is scammed will change their mind.


This. Remember all those stories about Trump's campaign hitting credit cards dozens of times off of one donation? Everyone they interviewed was like "Trump would never do this himself of course I'm still a huge supporter.." I mean they were cleaning folks out for $1000s..


I work with a CC company, and I had a ridiculous amount of people that would call in and have like 20 "winred" charges on their card after approving 1. The mental gymnastics theyd go through of "oh they're good people, they helped me out with one charge" before being cleaned out after was almost comical


I was just about to come here and say this. I work in bank fraud and this is always the case. If you donate to any branch of the Republican Party or any of its candidates they will start automatically charging your card larger and larger amounts of money every month. It always grinds my gears that I can’t set these people straight that even the fascism aside, the fact that they’re shamelessly raiding your bank account should show you just how evil they really are.


You should try to develop a Socratic method of questions that makes them verbally admit that it is sketchy


Impossible. Their identity depends on trump being a god. To admit his is not would literally feel like they are dying.


They're in too deep at this point. Their pride prevents them from admitting they're wrong. Because if they do that, they're admitting they're a fucking absolute moron. I mean, they are, but they themselves won't say that.


It is also hard to leave because your family & friends will shun you if you leave Club Trump. Or worse… they might call you a “woke lib!” 😱




Oh I wouldn't do it with the intention of changing their mind, I would just get a chuckle out of hearing them admit it out loud or try to backpedal. You are 1000% right and one of the most frustrating things in the American political system today


Did they get refunded what happened? I mean these are likely elderly and medicated + hopped up on Fox News. In a way I feel terrible for these folks they really aren't much more than earnest marks..


Considering that they’re knowingly trying to hurt others- even while benefitting from decades of largess themselves, pretty much saps every ounce of pity I might once have had for them.


You feel terrible for them?? These people are helping to destroy the planet and complicit with installing a fascist government. They can't die quick enough, in my opinion.


I agree. At most one person changed their mind but they probably will still vote for him since they agree with everything else Trump stands for.


They’ll say ‘the deep state’ invalidated them


Although funny, I think it's actually sadder that they will just say "he got one over on me, but he's still right".


“Of course I want a guy who has proved himself smarter than me to be president!”


"He's a great businessman!"


Wow Trump sucks!! He scammed me, lied to me, stole from me! Still, at least he's not a Democrat."


They won't blame Trump. They *never* blame Trump. They'll do the same for DeSantis when his time comes. They've stopped thinking for themselves. We learned that when they lock step freaked out about bud lite when they were told to by their media. I don't know what to do about that. Except wait for them to age out. 6 - 8 years.


They're in an abusive relationship. Black eyes and missing teeth, but still convinced he loves them.


So, you think these psychotic, murderous Q-cumber MAGAs are suffering from Battered Women's Syndrome, and not that they're just hateful, bigoted, christofascist assholes on a normal day? I agree they're brainwashed and in a cult, but they believed this shit prior to joining. They just found a place and got permission from it to say the quiet part out loud -- and act on their violent tendencies -- through this bullshit.


They can be two things


The scam apparently tells some the Trump bucks will be worth it after Trump is reinstated and makes them into legal tender


No, he’ll laugh at himself and say that’s why Trump should be President. He’s so smart that he even outwitted me!


Self-awareness is hundredfold ahead of the current average Trump supporter IQ.


I mean, according to one of the articles I read about this, one moron realized she got scammed...and then proceeded to buy some more. And before she got scammed with Trump Bucks the first time, apparently she had gotten scammed with some "economy reset" nonsense as well. Some people are just plain fucking stupid.


MAGA are a self selected pool of people who are easy to scam. It is open season on them 24 hours day 365 days a year.


How do these people have so much money to begin with? I don't have that much to lose! ...and how do I get in on this?


Honestly I think it works a lot like mega churches and the whole tithe faith. People with very little to spare are giving money because they think its going to create a better world for themselves. They are praying on the ignorant and vulnerable.


Delightful typo. Completely makes the sentence. "They are praying on the ignorant and vulnerable."


There is a decent sized chunk of what is left of the upper middle class (a lot of them would call themselves upper class privately because they have no comprehension of how small the tidal pool they live in is or how quickly it could be subsumed by the ocean) who have inherited their income (think of medium sized family business that is basically self running) but since their business has been profitable since before their parents were born they imagined themselves to be amazing business people and then take that confidence to literally everything. You can get a lot of cash out of them by appealing to their ego, and selling them some imagined exclusivity.


Appeal... to.. ego. Okay, got it.


It works.. I found this out about 4 years ago.. My last boss was a hardcore MAGA egomaniac... Anytime he would be out for blood (full of vodka & fox news) I'd say "Wow, have you lost weight, looking good"? And he'd immediately calm down and go back into his office.. It's that ridiculously easy..... Although I always kinda felt dirty lying like that to appease some bloated jackass...


Exactly.. I know a shit-load of 40 year old Trump Supporters who ride on the backs of their grandparents... Even going so far as to claim "veteran status" because their gramps served back in the 50s


God, some days I wish I didn't have scruples.


I think I’ll start selling designer MAGA hats. Special ones, designed by famous designers, with special designer stitching and officially designer endorsed! Every one 100% guaranteed woke-free! On a completely unrelated subject, does anyone know where I can buy some cheap MAGA hats in bulk?


I think they are made in Chi-Na


No, no, no, this is what we do. Tell the MAGATs/Trumpers to shred their driver's licenses and passports, since the Deep State will use those to send them to Woke Camps when the Democrats win. Then sell them Trump ballots! Valid in every state, every election. But wait, there's more! When you vote with a Trump ballot, not only do you cast a vote for Trump, one vote is taken away from whatever Democrat is running.


This is a function of the conservative mind. It's unmitigated narcissism dressed in political opinions. This won't change any conservative opinions because their opinions are not based on reason or evidence. The conservative values whatever benefits themselves the most, and opposes whatever hurts them the most. The suffering or misfortune of others never enters the equation. That's how they are able to so seamlessly flip flop on literally any position the moment it affects them directly without even a hint of remorse or growth. Conservativism is not a political position. It is the imperfect functioning of a deficient mind.


Actually, suffering and misfortune of others is a goal to strive for. Something they applaud in their choice of media influencers, opinion leaders and candidates. There’s no remorse, because having hurt “the right people” is viewed as a successful outcome.


This is what I’ve been trying to explain to people when they say they can’t understand why people say they support Trump because “He’s just like me” since he’s a billionaire and they’re not. It has nothing to do with net worth, it has everything to do with narcissistic personality disorder. His supporters are as toxic and shitty people as he is and the last eight years have really shown us just how many of these people were living among us. Trump gave these people permission to take the mask off.


Even that is not 100% certain. Apparently the Q shaman hasn't learned anything and his experience over the last two and a half years has "reinforced" his beliefs.


Jesus Christ these people are gullible - how in the hell did they manage to survive this long without losing everything they own?!? We're in the wrong racket for sure. I'm patenting "trump magic beans" just add a little Ivermectin and you're guaranteed to grow trump flags!!!! [not a guarantee, offer not valid in 49 states, trump magic beans are not responsible for any poison ivy that might result from planting trump magic beans near inhabited structures. Trump magic beans are not to be consumed by humans or animals and may result in rash when coming in contact with skin] Each packet of trump magic beans comes with the option to buy shares in the Brooklyn bridge. Idiots.


That is exactly what I don’t understand. A lot of these people have jobs and houses and mortgages and credit cards, etc. how the hell did they function on a regular basis before Trump scammed them?


... I mean a lot of these people have lost everything they own. They just blame immigrants for their problems instead of the rich people crushing them and scamming them.


This is closer to the appeal than most. Most people in reddit only know the urban Trumper who got enjoyed king Boomer's manifestation of a selfish lucky bastard, but the real reason he was able to get the support he did is because he spoke to the marginalized majority, ie: poor white people. His most due hard supporters don't have a lot. They either never had a lot and believe in some before time where they would have had something or they are victims of the economy and hurting more than most people realize because they're from the culturally and economically irrelevant parts of the country. Trumps grift was to find people with nothing and tell them exactly what they wanted to hear: "your problems aren't your fault."


Thanks to cousin COVID, a disproportionate number have lost everything, including their health and/or their lives.


There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again. (GWB)


The Who: "we CAN'T get FOOLED aGAIN!!!"




>“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” — John Kenneth Galbraith, December 1963


What’s hilarious to me is people still seem to think he’s a legit business man. He’s clearly a con artist. You can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He doesn’t pay his lawyers. Anyone who willingly hands over their money to him is just stupid.


That's how conservatism works. It's not a problem until it personally affects me. When my life is suffering from a specific problem, it is then a problem for all of us. Until that point, anything related to empathy for the less fortunate, is "socialism" or "woke". These fuckers hate the thought of social welfare of any kind but soon anything goes wrong, they're the first to set up a Go Fund Me. Ignoring the fact that it's socialism with extra steps.


Most people will make whatever mental gymnastics they can in order to believe that they weren't tricked or scammed. It's why you can usually scam the same people over and over again. They usually go deep on the sunk cost fallacy.


Did he buy the conversion kit, No, oh that is why. He needed to buy the conversion kit only $1000 US dollars, no sorry we don't accept Donny Bucks at this time you need to buy the conversion kit with that old money that no one wants. Then he can convert his Donny Bucks to US dollars.


He didn't change his mind. He posted, wondering if Trump knew about this scam. It's possible that Trump is linked to it, but unlikely, given it was a (now) documented scam group based out of eastern Europe. But still, damn.... this dude had an eyeball chewed out by leopards and is still sticking his face into the maw.


I love it when MAGA scum lose their money to scams.


I almost wish I were like... 20% less decent/honest and could think of a way to sucker them myself. Like, sure, they deserve to lose their money, but couldn't it go to a better place? Like, say, my bank account?


Guys, he just cares so much for the American people. Stop making him out to be the bad guy!!!! (Hate that I have to say it but /s)


They’ll blame it on woke


I recall back in 2016 some magat talked about how his business got scammed by Trump's company out of 300k, but he was still voting for him because immigrants and shits. So the number could very well be zero.


What does it mean cash them in? Who did he try to cash them in too? How can these people be so stupid? I know averages and stuff but dear god he sold them fake money for real money and they bought it. What the actual fuck?


On the site it mentions “As of October 15, the new $10,000 Diamond Trump Bucks will become legal tender at all of the country's major financial institutions.” I mean we all know that’s not true but if you’re easily suggestible, then why would you think otherwise? I would love to know how the site manages to get away with claiming this? https://trumpbucks.ca


They get away with it because they are claiming that Trump said that. Assuming he did (it sounds like something he would say), they're just quoting the former president. They also say earlier that they are not real money. It's really the perfect scam. The type of people to buy these are the same people who would both believe Trump and not see the obvious issue with a company selling real $10,000 currency for $5.


The good news is when you click "buy" their shop is broken


Notice that there is no year attached to the magic date.


Surprised they didn't put November 31st.


Just like Covid would be gone by Easter.


The pics on that website supposedly of "Verified" purchasers: the leftmost one is from an Alamy stock photograph; ["Outdoor portrait of business woman 40s of age"](https://www.alamy.com/outdoor-portrait-of-business-woman-40s-of-age-image439719660.html?irclickid=W2iSJ2SdixyNWYwyi1SQIze6UkAStF3-41xKw40&utm_source=77643&utm_campaign=Shop%20Royalty%20Free%20at%20Alamy&utm_medium=impact&irgwc=1)


I wonder if that stock model might have some standing to sue over her [personality rights.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality_rights)


https://www.claritoxpro--us.com/ Two of the same women are on this page as well. These poor women can't stop falling for scams...


.ca? He bought a Canadian domain to sell this crap?


There are MAGA supporters, and QAnon crazies, in Canada.


That website reads like a Rick and Morty skit


Holy fuck... .ca domain!


Damn! As a Canadian, I am rather embarrassed by that. Yikes!


So, for 49.99 you can buy a Trump buck that will be accepted as legal tender as a 10,000.00 USD banknote in October? Who would be stupid enough to sell it in the first place?


Weirdly the domain extension is .ca for Canada


.ca is for Canadian websites


Sounds good. $1,000,000 "worth" of TrumpBucks for only $500 real bucks AND free shipping AND tax free, what could possibly go wrong? PS I've been looking for a bridge to buy, anybody help me out?


Exactly what I was wondering, like trade them in for what?


Magic money for real money duh


But the magic money is realer than the real money! 🙄


The specifics don’t really matter here. When you don’t understand how the world actually works, you end up bumbling through it with mild success but fall for scams like this, because surely there must be a way for people to make money quickly (it would an unfair world if this wasn’t true), you just have to find it. So, they see the person they admire most being on some fake money, and believe a wild tale spun about it being directly from Trump (or some other bullshit), and so they see it as having finally found the way they can make money quickly, and buy as many as they can. Then later they find out it is a scam, get angry at other people for not accepting it as real money like he did, and then get angry at the person who sold it to them for lying. They then continue life until they see the next get rich quick scheme, because they never learned the fundamental lesson. They have a belief that is incompatible with reality, and so don’t accept reality. They cling to a false hope instead of tackling the harder truths, because they’re complicated and scary, and go against what they believe. These people often vote for Republicans because they tell them what they want to hear, that it’s someone else’s fault that they’re not rich. Specifically that it’s the lazy poor who [insert bullshit], or the secret group of [insert minority] who are trying to control the world and screw you over. But those rich people? They *earned* it, and you could earn it too if it wasn’t for those [insert villain of the month]. Pay no attention to those rich people bribing government officials, that’s just one of the perks of being rich. They wouldn’t hurt you, they’re on your side, they even pay me to say so. So yeah, it’s a fundamental flaw in their thought process which was exploited, which is one of the reasons education is so damn important. It’s hard to control a well educated population, because they’re harder to trick. It’s no wonder Republicans are against education and the educated.


Logical Reasoning: Ideology Impairs Sound Reasoning https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1948550619829059 Fear and Anxiety Drive Conservatives' Political Attitudes Can brain differences explain conservatives' fear-driven political stances? https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201612/fear-and-anxiety-drive-conservatives-political-attitudes The political differences between liberals and conservatives might run as deep as the brain, researchers suggest. https://www.livescience.com/13608-brain-political-ideology-liberal-conservative.html Liberals vs Conservatives: A Neuroscientific Analysis https://youtu.be/kI-un8rHP14 Red brain/Blue Brain-- The Neurobiology of Political Values: https://youtu.be/m5PgVKO3TWw Here's why Conservative Republicans and Progressive Liberals differ on COVID-19 https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-11/lu-hwc111320.php Republican Conservatism: The Culture of Projection https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/11/opinion/captain-marvel-republican-rage.html?


I wonder what would happen if we taught magic and scams in school


Or critical thinking and analysis of sources of information (like how primary sources are better than secondary sources etc.).


I feel you. My ultra conservative grandma got a job teaching critical thinking at a local community college and it almost makes my head explode


We made “critical thinking” illegal here in Texas. It seemed liberal somehow.


Allegedly, they were told they could cash them in at any Wells Fargo branch.


Or Bank of America. But not until AFTER 2024! Those idiots couldn't even wait the right amount of time


Hey, I'm here to cash in my cash.




Is that outside the statute of limitations? 😂


LOL!! You probably hit the nail on the head.


Have they tried to use them at any Wells Fargo Total Landscaping branch?


Nah but they can use them at Four Seasons Crematorium after October 15


Man I’d love to see that go down lol


it was an unbelievable deal though, tremendous, a lot of people were saying it


These people are ultra fucking stupid. Typical trump voter.


The last time I bought fake money for real money was when I picked up some souvenier continental and confederate currency in a museum gift shop when I was in grade school, and frankly my mom's money bought it, not mine.


Oh I have an envelope of this. I thought it was real when I was little so I kept very good care of it. In fact, if I had to guess, I was probably TOLD it was real as a joke.


I work at a bank and someone brought one of these in. They were told it was worth more than face value. We told her they were not real currency and she goes “oh, I guess you haven’t heard about them yet”


Must’ve missed the memo from the Fed.


You mean the deep state???


I fear this is going to get tellers beaten and attacked. I used to work in banking as a youth. I would dread people coming in demanding I accept them. Also, what kind of idiot would you have to be to think people would sell you something that is worth more than what you paid? Logically, shouldn't you hoard the Trump bucks yourself if they will be worth so much? What would possess you to part with them?


I remember an NPR interview with the bald guy from Pawn Stars. He talked about how common it was for people to always come in with these fake Rolex watches that they bought off a guy selling them on the strip. He would straight up tell them there's dozens of pawn shops in Vegas that would pay you $10k or more for a genuine Rolex. If some guy is offering one for $200 when he could just bring it here, it's fake.


We never took down our “Covid Guards” since we don’t actually have a bandit-barrier at our bank so the tellers feel like they have some sort of distance. We’re in a relatively small but busy area so we get a lot of regulars. This particular customer wasn’t known to us but she could have been any of the older boomers we usually get. We have regulars that wear shirts that say THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM with a GOP logo or my favorite, the guy who wears the hat “WHEN I DIE DON’T LET ME VOTE DEMOCRAT”. I always want to tell him how ironic his hat is considering all the examples of voter fraud were perpetrated by people voting Republican but I have to be nice.


Right? Imagine not retiring that shirt after Fox paid nearly a billion dollars for attempting voter fraud themselves..... Imagine parade after parade of malfeasance and an upcoming trial for Trump in Georgia. I have a sense of humor, so would have laughed at the shirt prior to January 6th. After a few people died, it wasn't funny anymore.


"It's worth MORE than it says!" "How much more?" "(jetpacks away)"


They are paying less than "face value". >Those who buy these items, the ads from Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots suggest, will be rewarded when Trump unveils a new monetary system that will turn these products into legal tender worth far more than the purchase price. >Invest in a TRB membership card “issued by Donald Trump,” the ads from Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots claim, and the purchaser who spent, say, $99.99 on a “$10,000 Diamond Trump Bucks” bill will be able to cash it in for $10,000 at major banks and retailers like Walmart, Costco and Home Depot [source](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-bucks-promise-wealth-maga-loyalty-lose-thousands-rcna84965) These people are getting scammed 24/7, they're like irl nft bros.


It’s not a scam. What you do is, see, you give them all your credit card numbers, and if one of them’s lucky they send you a prize!




They will just use the Fox news defense. Obviously, no one sane would take them as legitimate.


> “Now I’m questioning whether he is aware of this,” Amann said of Trump. Incredible.


I don't even get the logic. It's worth more than what's printed? What? Is the number on it just a suggestion? Is that what the person who sold it to them said? "Hey, buy this $100 Trump buck for $5. It's worth more than $100 dollars actually. Don't ask why I'm selling it instead of spending."


Yeah because I work at…let’s say “Shmank of Shmamerica” and because we have America in our name it’s worth more if they cash it at our bank. The lady was legit confused and then just decided we didn’t know what we were talking about.


Yeah, keep on thinking you're one step ahead of the pack there, smooth brain.


The term smooth brain is making me imagine this being said by a Fallout Ghoul.


https://trumpbucks.info They’re still at it.




4.95/5 stars. Probably some libtard voted 0 stars to silence the quiet majority


good as gold


I read the whole website (.. kill me.. ). They clearly say over and over that it's a commemorative work of art, and nowhere do they even hint that it might be worth anything. Where are people getting the idea that these are currency?


If you read this web site https://trumpbucks.ca it says >As of October 15, the new $10,000 Diamond Trump Bucks will become legal tender at all of the country's major financial institutions.


Further down though: >These Diamond Trump Bucks honor the President and fits easily in a wallet, making it an excellent gift for patriots. **It's not a real currency, but it is meant to show support for Donald Trump.**


All it takes is one false statement to make an unlimited number of true statements irrelevant.


It’s like real money only more… fun.


“Trump’s picture is the focal point of the artwork, reminding followers of his unequaled leadership abilities” 😂


Well, I can't say "unequaled leadership abilities" is false.


Well, ok, if it’s fun. I’ll take $1,100 worth!


We don't take trump Bucks.


The clunky style of writing makes me think an 8th grader wrote it.


An insult to eighth graders everywhere! Seems like they told an AI to come up with something that would appeal to his marks, then didn't even bother to proofread it. "Trump Diamond Bucks is a wonderful product and I am sure you will recommend it to your friends too. The price Trumps Diamond Bucks is nothing when we consider the services and the bonuses. Own your Trump Diamond Bucks soon and be a happy considered man! Just click the button below to own your Trump Diamond Bucks and order as a discounted price after the payment and claim your bonuses."


Bonuses include: The Perks You’ll Get By Having This Piece Of Trump’s Legacy… A replica of the Diamond Trump Buck identifies you as one of his ardent followers and sets you apart from the over 100 million global admirers. Trump’s picture is the focal point of the artwork, reminding followers of his unequaled leadership abilities. This "Diamond" gold-plated Trump Bill is only available on official website and cannot be purchased elsewhere.. The card is a lovely present for loved ones. It is long-lasting and makes an excellent investment that you may pass down to future generations. High-quality “Diamond” gold foil with a deep embossing surface that features the face of 45th U.S. President Donald Trump. ​Indulge yourself in complete security as these golden bills hold a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So if you’re unsatisfied, you’ll immediately get a full refund.. 😂


“All your bucks belong to us!”


^*are ^belong


Hmm, a scam site. It says on there > Each one has the figure of the *former* president Clearly, a scam!


>This is a commemorative banknote and is solely intended as memorabilia. Right there on the page. It's on the very bottom, but it's fuckin right there.


> The notes also exhibit the value of $10000. Its also in the middle. Clever wording


They got terminated by ClickBank though, so the links to buy them no longer work.


4.95/5 stars!


“By organization gurus” What the fucking fuck does that even mean. People are fucking stupid.


Thank fuck breathing is an automatic process otherwise these idiots would be in world of bother!


At least we would be spared their idiocy


I just use a Sharpie to turn all my $20's into $200 bills.


*taps forehead* *nukes hurricane* *drinks bleach*


I like this guy thinking outside the mind box and into the pine box!


They didn't figure it out after those NFT trading cards?


These aren’t the type of people that figure anything out


Wonder how many idiots “bought” those and were confused that they didn’t get anything physical out of it, or ever understood how to even access them, because they don’t understand NFTs.


[Here's a good chuckle](https://www.indy100.com/showbiz/crypto-nft-dune-jodorowsky-book-copyright-b1994553) TL;DR some guys bought an NFT of a book about a failed film adaptation of Dune and thought they now held the rights to Dune itself. They had plans for a franchise so they spent almost $3M for an NFT of something that's freely available online.


Lmao, what? How many Stanley nickels can you get for those?


I'll give you a billion Stanley nickels if you never talk to me again.


I wish I were unethical enough to be a Republican.


You don’t need to vote Republican to ~~prey on~~ cater to them.


I mean, what did he think would happen? What an absolute doofus 👏


Hey, Trump is the REAL president, so when he says Trump Dollars are super dollars it becomes the law, right?


I mean that's how he declassified shit, yeah?


He did claim he could do it psychically too.


You get the deepmagicks when you become POTUS. This is a well know fact being suppressed by the liberal antifa nazi pedo media.




He just has to think about it, and poof, it’s law.


He doesn't have to say it. He can just think it. But seriously, these morons will buy anything. 1) maxi pads with trumps face 2) trump rocks. Maga your yard. 3) trump air: only the bestest air will do.


[Itchy and Scratchy Money](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-6IzkDyl9Q)




There is the long-standing trope that Republicans are good with money. I think the logic goes... 'they look after the rich, so they must be good with money'. This a falsehood of a large order that still holds 'currency' with a lot. As Trump is worshipped partly because he's supposedly rich, these mugs think anything finance related with him is a sure-fire winner for them. They're too naive to know how this grift works. They are not only easy fodder for his votes, they're easy fodder for his scams. Didn't he once say he loved the uneducamated folks?


A fool and his money are easily parted


This stuff writes itself, who needs AI


For someone supposedly rich, he sure does pan handle a lot.


It is amazing to me how many people want to give a billionaire money. Like couldn't Trump just pay for his own campaign himself? It's ridiculous.


Ha ha ha... Everyone thinks they'll be the one to deal with Trump and not get screwed, and they never are. When you deal with someone who makes his career of screwing the people with whom he deals, you can't be surprised when you get screwed. It's what he does.


He will still vote for Trump.


God these people are so stupid it's actually impressive.


There aren’t many guarantees in life, but one is, if you give Trump money, you will never see it again.


Trump is a grifter. And a piece of shit


MAGAts are without doubt the most scared idiots I have ever seen. It would be hilarious if there wasn't so many of the fuckers.


If only Trump was tech savvy he could've made fake money the cool way and just make it a Crypto and rug pull, he'd probably have made several billions thanks to all the braindead cryptobro who love throwing money at obvious scams.


You know the solution, sell them to some other doofus Trumpies! Tell them they can't be cashed in for 2 years.


I mean, I don’t know what they were expecting. It’s like they don’t even know who they’ve been worshipping all this time, like they have no idea at all who he is?


>But Bank of America spokesman Bill Halldin said he’s heard reports from bank employees of customers coming in to exchange their Trump Bucks for actual cash, but the bank routinely turns them down. >“It’s hard to put a number on how many people have come in,” These people are idiots. Here's a full article: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-bucks-promise-wealth-maga-loyalty-lose-thousands-rcna84965 Edit: Holy fuck, there's a YouTube ad with an AI voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVWmF5ZpzRk


> tried to cash them in They tried to cash in novelty Trump money? Is he literally selling Monopoly money and telling them it's real and it _worked_?


Just talked to one of my friends yesterday at a party, he wants trump back because the economy was great. I had to tell this dude, do you know Obama is the one that restarted the economy after the recession not trump. Trump inherited a functioning economy from Obama. Whether you agreed with Obama or not, he’s the one that worked on clawing America out of the recession and spent all 8 years to do so. Trump spent 4 years in office has added significant to our debt and divided this nation and the polarization of American politics has gotten worse since then. Trump is just a conman from New York and Albeit a successful one as he managed 75 million people to be suckered into his bullshit


*“Now I’m questioning whether he is aware of this,” Amann said of Trump.* That's a real "Hey, that's not the wallet inspector" moment.


I know a man who has spent thousands of dollars on these Trump bucks. He's under the impression they are worth millions. He tried cashing some in at BofA, but when they refused, he immediately blamed Gavin Newsom. He claimed the CA Governor instructed all banks in the state to reject these things to spite Trump. He's planning a trip to a red state so he can claim his funds. This is really scary stuff, folks!


When you buy custom monopoly money and find out nobody will take it.


“Are you kidding me? This money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!” “On the contrary….. Every Bison Dollar will be worth FIVE British pounds….”


I don’t know what they’re complaining about. The currency matches Trump perfectly.


I mean….anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature could have told him that before he even bought into that…..but I don’t feel bad for these semi literate trump monkeys, not one bit…….


Is it wrong I want these defrauded dumb fucks to be in poverty and starve to death? They actively hurt me and the people I love by constantly voting R and I would like them to feel similar pain


>“Now I realize, well, that was stupid,” the Alabama woman said, adding she “bought them because I believed President Trump, because he knows all about finance, and he was going to help the real Trump patriots get rich.” 🤦‍♂️