Call him out on this sexist trash. Return it yourself. Tell him it's not okay to address people this way and his suggestions are inappropriate and unwelcome. And where are your parents in this? I hope they're standing up for you and telling him to go to hell.


Yeah, I'm a guy, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head, just on the second picture. I literally could not continue after the graph, I was too disgusted. How the fuck can someone see this book, and legitimately agree with it? Like damn, that's majorly disturbing. Hoping this isn't representative of all of ops family beliefs.


I was like wtf. I didn't even understand the graph until I read the comments, but I knew it was beyond shit and pedophilic. Honestly, I didn't know people like this still fucking exist. I guess this 20 year old guy has much to learn. Grand pa need a proper beat down and be thrown into the cheapest, shittiest nursing home available, or even more fuck him leave him to wither away alone in his house My conservative parents would beat his ass in a second the moment they saw it


>My conservative parents would beat his ass in a second the moment they saw it Same. My folks are boomers(or older) and hardcore conservative. Even they would have the grace to be ashamed of this book. Methinks gramps isn't playing with a full deck.


> Return it yourself. Nope. Use it as justification to ***FUCKING NEVER*** be within 500 feet of him again.


Even if OP's parents are conservative, I think they'd still be outraged by Gramps giving her a picture of a scantily clad woman.


Seriously. I would hope even a conservative parent would be disgusted that their own parent gave their child a graph that encouraged marriage at 14 years old and a photo of a woman sweeping her house in nothing but an apron to please men. Obviously the whole thing is sick but those two stuck out to me as specifically gross considering this was a “gift” from a grandfather. What the fuck. Grandpa wants his grandchild naked and cleaning a guy’s house at 14?? I can’t even fathom handing this to another human being.


What (and I mean this with all sincerity) the fuck??


Looks like someone gathered up all the crappy fb memes, printed them out, and bound them. I wonder if gramps did it himself or if he paid someone money for hard copy crappy fb memes.


Imagine being the person working at the Staples print & copy counter when this guy came in to get it bound? Good grief.


Ring ring Hello, FBI? I have the name of a person who MAY Have women hostage in his basement or barn


"No, no! You misunderstand! It's for my granddaughter!" // *FBI'ing intensifies* //


Ring ring Hey FBI? Yeah, still me. Yes, I’m still on line one as well. This just felt like something at least two of you should hear about.


I seriously laughed out loud at FBI'ing intensifies *chefs kiss*


I’m sorry sir, the copier caught fire and destroyed your ‘book’


I used to do that job and the simple solution was to ask them to sign a legally binding document claiming ownership of the images. No one ever signed.


That's brilliant


As someone who used to work at the Staples copy center, I can say shit like this definitely came in on occasion.


At first I thought, “This is some self published bullshit.” Meaning they worked with one of those charlatan companies that publishes anything if you pay them. But as the quality got worse and worse, not an easy task, I realized this is literally “self published”.


It's from a defunct incel board, Voat, I found the original PDF file ## Content warning below, obviously, it's what /u/WonderWOlf16 's grandpa gave them: https://files (.) catbox (.) moe/z7qum9.pdf Voat dataset: https://zenodo.org/record/5841668 / [Wayback Machine link to the original thread](https://web.archive.org/web/20201224045401/voat.co/v/TraditionalWives/3514143) from `voat_dataset\submissions\TraditionalWives_submissions.ndjson` High-lighted in bold, in case OP wants to see what grandpa left out... >{"title": "I collected all of v/traditionalwives into an easily sharable pdf for you all to share with your friends. Enjoy!", "user": "zxcvzxcv", "time": "05:34:29", "date": "2019-11-13", "upvotes": 36, "downvotes": 2, "submission_id": 3514143, "domain": "TraditionalWives", "link": "/v/TraditionalWives/3514143", "subverse": "TraditionalWives", "body": "So I went back though this sub and saved every post, at least, I went back as far as voat would let me, which happened to be 20 clicks on the \"previous\" button. It ended up being around 400 images, give or take. Many of the earlier images were hosted on a site that got shoah'd and so I could not access them. I also went through most of the comments and saved the ones I thought were exceptional. The comments filled up 66 pages (double-spaced). Then I organized the comments and images into 4 sections: Traditional Wives, Wives and Children, Wives and Men, and Evil Feminism (though these sections are not labeled in the pdf). Finally, I put all of the comments and the images together into a 118 page, 27mb pdf and loaded it here: https://url removed/z7qum9.pdf <===== click to download \u00a0 Anyway, feel free to comment if I made any typos and I will get them corrected in the next edition. If I happened to miss an important image or thread, feel free to post it or link it below and I'll get it added some time. **I didn't put page numbers in this pdf because I thought maybe you knew someone who might like a printed copy (like as a wedding present), and if there was a page or two that you didn't really agree with...well, since there are no page numbers, now you can simply print the pages you like and remove the pages you don't, and then scrapbook them together in a nice binder as a gift.** \u00a0 Since many of you comment in this thread, hopefully you made it into the pdf. I left out names to keep it anonymous, but I wanted to warn you all that I took some editorial liberty with some of the comments (I hope you won't mind). If you do mind, let me know and I can get them updated as well. \u00a0 The original idea for this came from this thread https://url removed/v/TraditionalWives/3156847, but it took be 7 months to finally get around to putting it all together. Sorry for the delay. In the thread, @kkkrystal had offered to help, though I guess the file is mostly finished already; anyway, if you have ideas on how to improve this file, let me know. \u00a0 The last thing I wanted to note was that many threads in this sub have to do with helping men. I left those comments and images out of the pdf. One day, if I get some time, I plan on putting together a Traditional Men file as well. Don't expect it any time soon, though. I also wanted to mention that I removed any mention of the jews. My reasoning for this was fairly straight forward: the information on this sub is so important that it needs to reach the maximum audience possible, and including a few \"anti-semitic\" comments or images might reduce the size of the audience. I plan on putting all of the jew-related comments/images into the Traditional Men file. In the mean time, if you want to red-pill your friends on the jews, feel free to use this pdf: https://rl removed/az9dx9.pdf And lastly, thank you @Empress"}


> I also wanted to mention that I removed any mention of the jews. My reasoning for this was fairly straight forward: the information on this sub is so important that it needs to reach the maximum audience possible, and including a few \"anti-semitic\" comments or images might reduce the size of the audience. I plan on putting all of the jew-related comments/images into the Traditional Men file. In the mean time, if you want to red-pill your friends on the jews, feel free to use this pdf: https://rl removed/az9dx9.pdf And lastly, thank you @Empress Well, that was somehow a surprise


Not really. Some of the images in her book look like modern Nazi propaganda.


I’m unpleasantly unsurprised to see positive references to the kkk, the holocaust, and nazis in that shit, too. Vile in every way.


This is from someone at his Church's bible study group.


First slide: ok, let's see how many of these before I make an audible sound. 2nd slide: yeah, that's par for the course 3rd slide: holy shit. Really, she's a piece of shit because she's single. I'm done.


Dude i thought it was sent by their grandmother too, which is bad but 🙄 whatever grandma. But it was sent the GRANDFATHER. YEESH!!!


Still says "we" and "our" throughout, very much r/asablackman


3rd is piece of shit because she wanted to give her child a better life than living with abusive alcoholic husband ?


[My reaction](https://i.imgur.com/Z0HvsJy.jpg) Seriously in disbelief. There is so much mysoynistic shit in there that every time I read more, thinking it can't get worse, it somehow does.


Likewise, "What the ever-loving fuck is this piece of shit?" was what went through my mind.


terriblefacebookmemes the book.


Yeah... it has the incel "sexual market value" graph starting at age 15...... 🤮


Did you see how he ignored the age axis for the “16-19 is prime” span arrow?




At first I thought that was added by OP as satire, but then I realized that it was the actual book and the further I read the more I felt like I was on the edge of an aneurysm. What in the actual fuck.


As awful as this “book” is I laughed out loud at that. There’s something very “The Onion” about that page. Like, it’s accidental self-parody.


I was behind an old (late 60s+) guy in a hardware store checkout line who was wearing a vest COVERED with *pro-spanking* memes. Like he'd found a bunch of them online and ordered iron-on appliqués and made it himself, because I don't know anywhere you can order random shit printed on a homemade-looking vest like that. Like, how much of a senile, demented, old piece of shit do you have to be to wear something for no other reason than to broadcast how much you are in favor of spanking children?


Just give up your 100$/hour newscaster career and become a mom, dummy! /s


What is that graph on page 8 , looks like it’s encouraging girls to be victims of pedophilia?


yeah iirc "SMV" stands for sexual market value, so the idea that it starts at 15, and that it starts so high at 15, is more than a reason for OP to distance themself from their grandpa when he uses graphics like that


Sounds like grandpa is an old incel.


He’s just mad he’s not invited to the nursing home orgies.


The PDF of this book is from a 2019 post on a now defunct incel board, so yes. ( /r/NotHowGirlsWork/comments/106bok9/this_is_the_book_my_creepy_grampa_gave_me_as_a/j3ht2xd/ )


It 100% reads like it was written by an incel pretending to be a woman.


😬ewwwwwww yeah get away from him


Can you imagine the literature Grampa isn’t sharing with her??? Ewwww.


Ah yes the sexual market, where the man who made this goes to purchase underage girls for 15 sexual market currency. Of all the insane made up conservative statistics, this is surely the most ridiculous.


Matt Gaetz has entered the chat


Andrew and Tristan Tate enter the chat.


Yes hello, I would like to purchase 1 (one) sexual please


Grandrew Tate


Yeah, grandpa gives off MAJOR pedo vibes. Wonder what else is on his computer.


for some reason I thought this was from grandma which was odd enough itself but from grandpa its a whole another story


Yeah it looks like its saying that men are most attractive in their 40s lmao


Lol, right? Sure, some men look great in their 40s but in my country most of them are overweight drunks with receding hairlines who don’t know the basic concepts of looking after oneself.


The kind of people who believe in "sexual market value" also think that women are obsessed with men's money. So they think gross old dudes have a high "SMV" because they earn more money, ignoring the fact that gross old rich dudes with trophy wives are distinctly not the same thing as gross old normal dudes who happen to be at the height of their earning potential.


And are using a bunch of characters from periods when people couldn't be sure if they would live to 40 because a scratch you didnt clean properly could kill you in a world without antibiotics? Like, grandpa, we kinda have more time now. Both to find a partner and to live with them


Yeah, not to mention, people back in those periods still mostly got married in their 20s like people do today. Most people didn’t get married as teenagers, and those that did were usually nobility or wealthy and marriage was more of a way to secure wealth and status. Even back then, those young marriages were weird to ordinary people so it really grosses me out when people today think that’s an okay practice because of their incorrect assumption about the past :/


Yeah, thats true. If l recall, most marriage certificates in churches even from ye olde medieval times say that not only were most people marrying in their 20s, but that age gaps weren't that huge. Nobility and royalty had to marry sooner to get the heir business up as soon as possible


Everyone who has ever said "I'm a hebephile" has seen and strongly believes in that graph. And to point out the elephant in the room, this website initially became popular largely because of /r/Jailbait. It was a huge part of the site, and took a lot of action to get it shutdown. This website is where shit like that graph comes from, and is also a big part of incel culture. I first encountered that shit on /b and /v back in like 2010. It's a real popular "fact" in fedora culture.


Oh god i totally forgot about that one. I only remembered the hate-based bans. fatpeoplehate and the various subs with slurs in the name. At least you also reminded me of the classic joke: a hebephile is a pedophile with a thesaurus.


This is super creepy, but the creepiest touch of all is the 40s pin-up girl in nothing but an apron with the “be a good wife to him” caption. That’s the icing on the creepy cake.


And the next page says clothes should be “demure and pretty.“ Just another example of misogynistic men wanting both the virgin and the whore.


That's the perfect trad wife. A virgin that's down for any kink you might have. A maid to take care of any domestic affair that might arise. A mommy to tell you you're a good boy. A secretary to manage all your social affairs. A cheerleader for your every endeavor. And a loving wife and mother. Just a cute little domestic sex slave to take care of all the dirty, exhausting, and unpleasant parts of life so you can focus on the big boy jobs like counting numbers and making computers go fast. Oh, and you also need to be the only person she's ever been interested in. Super healthy stuff.


The best is when they want exactly what you’re describing so they can….. sit and play video games.


Every man wants a trad wife but if you want him to be a trad husband and support you financially then you're obviously just a gold digger.


“Look at all the money I have, why don’t women want me” “Oh, all you want is my money, you gold digger” Reminds me of this one guy on tiktok who said he used a sugar daddy website as a dating site and would go off about how all women are gold diggers ☠️✋. Men who complain about gold diggers don’t even have enough gold for them to dig thru.


And the worst part is, it's appealing. Of course it is, it's the total package and it's stress hassle and emotion free. The man gets everything he wants with no compromise or argument. But it requires the subjugation of an entire sex/gender. And it's absolutely wrong that there are still people alive who think this is acceptable to enforce this kind of indentured servitude. Fuck, wash, cook and that's all your good for, it's repugnant


I don't get how that's appealing at all, that just sounds lonely. I'd rather marry someone I see as a person.


As would I. But for those people who don't want to try, who just want a sex servant they do want it......sadly


Because they will bring home the bacon. But don’t ask them to cook it because that’s *your* job!


And the men, in this scenario, bring money to the table. That’s it. A place to live, money, security. It all reads like he rescued a puppy off the street; he’d offer exactly the same things.


Nah, he'd actually feed the puppy, not expect it to feed him.


god forbid she has any aspirations


You’re supposed to be crazy horny for him (but not too much, that might come across and demanding and like you… actually…. LIKE SEX?! Which you should, with your husband, but not too much) and for other men a trophy to admire as something they want but can’t have, boosting your husbands social status


I think women are supposed to like sex, but only with their husband, and not because it is fun for them, only because it is enjoyable for the husband.


Men have fragile egos. If he doesn't feel that he is doing it well it might effect his self image.


I can say from experience that this is true. I can also say that it's my issue, not my wife's.


Yeah, it's less about enjoying sex and more about... *"Providing"* sex. Which is. A really... Weird? Way of putting it??? Like it's confusing to me that people say that sometimes.


Your interest in sex is to please him. Nothing feels better than seeing the happiness on my husband's face when I can take care of him...or something like that :)


The phrase they like to use is “submit to your husband.”


Ah the use of HyPeRgAmY


Idk, the chart/princesses page pushing for teenage girls to date and marry middle age men is certainly pedophilic level cringe medal worthy.


Not to mention that the ages stated aren’t even correct. Snow White is generally considered 14, not in her 20s. But I’m guessing it was changed so the obvious pedophilia wasn’t so glaring. But only 2 of them (Ariel and Aurora) actually have canon ages stated in the movie, so I don’t know where the others come from. The chief animator for Beauty and the Beast said Belle is meant to be in her early 20s.


Depends if you'd rather be using the 20th century films, or the 19th century publications as source. Neither are good representations of modern reality though.


Where is the "be a good husband to her" page? 🤔 Oh I almost forgot ... her happiness is of no importance! 😒


That would require women to be seen as people, we can't have that now, can we? /s


Muttering: "Women ain't people. Could've sworn it was in one of those charts in that book I gave you ..."


All that darn liberation has turned us into “inferior men” and yet for some reason we *still* don’t count as people!


“Be demure and conservative and a good mother and don’t be a slut. Unless it’s for him.“


That was my first thought! He’s not only a sexist pos he’s also mega creepy to his granddaughter?? Ewww!


Ya that one really stood out. Wtf was that. So gramps... Are you sexualizing your grand daughter... Also, why is the single mom a piece of shit?? How about the dead beat dad who left. Or what if her husband died while she was pregnant?? Maybe society and "the system" is the piece of shit because single mothers struggle so much.


Wow OP, that homemade Microsoft paint collage your grandpa calls a book is absolutely maddening! Hopefully, you live in an environment where your grandpa's mindset is not a shared one among the rest of your family and peers. Because yikes, sadly, I can relate, and it's not pleasant, to say the least. Time to send grandpa a thank you card for the fire starter.


Time to send grandpa to a nursing home


I was thinking OP should stand behind him while he looks at some rabbits…


I know. Someone made a book out of a bunch of Boomer Facebook memes?


It refers to women as ‘degenerate thots’ so I don’t think it’s boomer memes Feels like incel culture instead. Or a boomer take on incel material


Well, your grandpa is human garbage. You should give him the gift of convincing your family to put him in a home. *This should be pinned. This is an absolute classic for this sub. The phrase Creepy Grampa is now a piece of jargon here.*


This is the kind of family member that you run away from. Far and fast.


I accidentally misread it as "creepy grandma". I'm not sure if this is better or worse but holy shit go no contact with that grandpa and tell your parents!


OP should make a "Traditional grandpas" book in response, full with stereotypical traits of a racist homophobic misogynistic gun nut.


Lol, the demented fuck would probably take it as a compliment.


Specially if he was republican


The opposite then. Example. Real men get pegged ( even future kings,do it) Traditional grandpa's get up six times a night to pee, who wants a working prostrate? Men who like "Drs" touching their buttholes, that's who. Real men don't change diapers, they have nurses change theirs while making creepy commentary. No worries nurses he can't get an erection. Traditional grandpa's pretend to be senile in order to hit on younger relatives. Family values are important.


I think a better opposite is old dudes that are wise and compassionate. Give it a lot of iroh energy. There is nothing worse than being correctly shamed by your children. To point at elders who demand respect, but haven't yet learn the wisdom that demands respect, and tell them they need to do better. Piss jokes are funny, but I suppose I prefer the taste of using humor to highlight hypocrisy.


She could also add things that have historically been super masculine but are no longer considered so. Like Kings and aristocrats wearing red heels, Biblical times having robes and not pants stuff like that. That could be fun.


r/boomerhentai I am so sorry for linking you to that.


Jesus, youre an evil one aint ya.


I would have send his crappy book back and blocked him for life! 🤢


Danm that's some misogynist encyclopaedia


Wow. It was a blurry pic- but I believe that was Joan of Arc who nicely got burned at the stake as a teen (among other things) for wearing pants: ““As the opening of the trial record noted, ‘The report has now become well known in many places that this woman, utterly disregarding what is honourable in the female sex, breaking the bounds of modesty, and forgetting all female decency, has disgracefully put on the clothing of the male sex, a striking and vile monstrosity.’” Goes against MIL message right there.


That same page also has Eleanor of Aquitaine on it. She was literally imprisoned by her second husband for 16 years for inciting their sons to rebel against him. She was one of the most powerful women in history being the ruler of a huge part of modern day France in her own right as well as Queen of both England and France in her lifetime. So I’d say she was all for the liberation of women and definitely not the best example of what OP’s grandfather was looking for.


If I remember right, Joan was trialled (among other stuff) not because she wore pants, a woman presenting as a man in the middle ages wasn't uncommon and was perceived as wanting to "rise". But because she received communion dressed as a man ie "not as her true self in the eyes of god." Do correct me if I am wrong. And it all doesn't take away the fact this "book" OP posted is just a pile of crap.


IIRC she was tried by the pro-English bishop Cauchon then executed after what was essentially a show trial in reprisal for the French defeating the English at Compiègne


I took a class which covered her in college. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that her jailors gave her no other option for clothing. It was pants and shirt (or whatever the specifics) or nothing. So they forced her to commit a "sin" and then executed her for it. And the French king who she helped to power did nothing for her. He could have ransomed her. But he didn't want a powerful and popular woman in his court, no matter how loyal she may have been. So he let her die. Sometimes (maybe a majority of the time) history just really fucking sucks, and that's one of those times. Sorry, just wanted to add. I never knew she was forced into it before that class


When did 'single moms' become an insult? What about the men who abandoned their own family...?


I fucking love how they view single mums as the worst thing in the world. Not, you know, the deadbeat who made them that way. And somehow widows are exempt


How ***dare*** they talk about single moms like that. That was fucking ***revolting***. Also, I hate how that basically insulted most of my female friends, even the ones with families and careers. Whoever wrote that can go have a cactus shoved upon his ass.


Only upon his ass? Nah. All the way in! Really feel those spikes.


They make it somehow be the woman's fault. She should've stayed with him even if he abuses her, or she should've been less 'difficult' so he wouldn't have run away, etc. The great thing about the patriarchy is that nothing's ever the man's fault.


They hate single moms because happy, healthy offspring of single mothers suggest the man isn’t absolutely necessary for everyone to be happy. I’m less clear on men’s attitudes toward single fathers, possibly in part because I’ve only known one or two single fathers, both widowers.


Single fathers are kind of seen as heroes and hot property- we as women are supposed to be falling over ourselves to marry this selfless paragon of virtue who is somehow capable of being a man and caring for his kids. After all he is the victim of some man, child, family hating feminist. Yuk, these double standards annoy me.


I'm pretty sure they blame the woman for "leaving", not the man for being a negligent or abusive partner/parent


Exactly. Also the reason why children in a single mother household are likely to grow up with behavioral issues is because of poverty, since the fellow poor fathers hardly take responsibility. The women end up with the child by default when the dad abandons them, so it's no rocket science that single mothers struggle more, since the majority of men that fight for custody are the rich ones, or widowers. When they're both poor, the fathers just leave them.


my favorite thing is when men will use the single mom criminal kid statistics but act oblivious to the fact it might have something to do with the father. the lack of the father, possible abuse or witnessing abuse, etc. single moms don’t just produce criminals bc they’re single women, but they love to frame it that way


no it’s always *her* fault. there is a reason why men abandon their own family and that’s because the wife wasn’t giving him attention and obviously her vagina became too lose after birthing and became so ugly /s


And also, she was supposed to know the guy is bad and not make children with him so it's her fault even if he's shit also according to other men, because she chose him, he's innocent in all of his abhorent behavior. /s


Also, it is her duty to find a new man to take care of her and the children after being abandoned or widowed. If she doesn't it's her fault for not being desirable. /s


Also, she's was disrespectful and not submissive, so he had to protect his mental health /s


Im gonna transcribe slide #3 due to how wild it is, bear with me... >Do you see this piece of shit? (Points at mom) > >That's a single mom. She looks harmless, doesn't she? Yet single moms are a crime production facility. Countless studies have shown that single motherhood ruins children's lives. Single mothers cause disproportionately high crime rates, mental health issues, drug abuse and educational problems. Single fathers do not have such a negative impact. It's the mothers that become destructive when not supervised by men. You know what? I don't even wanna keep doing this shit. What a fucking idiot POS this grandpa is. First off, most likely these single mothers exist because of douchebag neglecting fathers. They either don't wanna assume responsibility or have demonstrated horrible behavior as partner and/or parent. Second, the amount of single fathers in comparison of single mothers is MINUSCULE so of course numbers will be unequal. Is grandpa stupid, ignorant, or just trying to make a botched argument against artificial insemination?


TIL I’m a piece of shit. Not the asshole who hid his addiction from me until I became pregnant and then he became violent. I’m raising a pretty awesome little dude who is learning to cook, can clean up after himself and respects boys and girls equally. What a nightmare he would be with his dad still in the picture


How dare you! That poor little boy is supposed to grow up and find a woman to do everything for him! You are destroying society making him learn to be able to do all that women’s work! /s Seriously, great job on getting rid of a terrible man and taking excellent care of your child.


TIL I'm also a piece of shit. Not the asshole who hid his alcoholism from me then became increasingly lazy and emotionally and financially abusive over the next 10 years until he started to threaten violence. He had the audacity to look baffled when I kicked him out. I'm raising some little dudes and teaching them life skills, and respect. Solidarity, sister!


The men of Reddit and Quora HATE single mums. I started a post once about if I should date one (on a throwaway account) as I wanted to see genuine reactions. Long story short I cried for about two days. The responses were so upsetting. Ranging from single moms are trash, embarrassing, mentally unstable, only good for a fuck and chuck and much more. It made me feel like shit. That was the day I gave up on dating; after finding out how so many men view us. I always thought I was an okay catch tbh… educated, my own business/home. Apparently none of that matters if you have kids- you’re used up and should have the good grace to stay out of the dating scene as no one will want us. Well… noted.


The worst is that I DON’T have kids and I’m not married at 38 and the folks you’re describing HATE me as well. I’m also defective in their eyes. Single moms run the world. Sending you a virtual hug and an “I see you”.


Thankfully for single mums who are interested in dating, not all guys are of the reddit/quora kind. I met a really good one as a single mum in my 40s, and I have friends in similar situations. The guys that judge us so harshly are not the type of guys we would want to associate with, anyway.


This is exactly what I thought. Very often it is not even the mother who chose to do it alone. It is incredibly difficult to raise a child all by yourself, such a ridiculous insult.


I'll take the 100/hr thank you.


Tells you how much the meme author knows. That woman makes much more than $100/hr.


I'm choosing to be child-free and possibly won't be in a relationship either because it's way too much hassle. Doing things alone is my jam. I don't understand shaming people for their choices. The feminism I like is where someone can be a sahm/d or work or do nothing. Get married, stay single, bf and gf or whatever the f*ck works for you. People need to mind their own business.


Well. It started off bad and just kept getting worse. Unless your creepy grandpa is rich and intends on giving it all to you, I'd say save yourself whatever remaining years of this shit and tell him to shove his book right up his rancid wrinkled asshole.


She needs to start asking him for money now. He already thinks women should be dependent on men. So, she needs to remind him that he’s a man, she’s single and he’s responsible for giving her $$$$. He will give her money if she asks. Like he can’t reasonably expect her to make a good trad wife if she is earning her own money, can he? Lol, he’ll pay up.


This is it. Milk gramps dry financially until he finally dies of wretched old age, destitute, destroyed by his granddaughter.


Looks like someone's ending up in a nursing home alone.


I love seeing the primal scream of a dying generation


They want to take the world with them. It's our job to not allow that.


They pass this shit into younger men. I see way more woman-hate online now than I did 10 years ago.


Thought the same thing. These dinosaurs are going to be extinct soon


Unfortunately, enough of them successfully instilled their batshit crazy ideologies into their children so sadly their ideas will not go extinct with them.


As if single income families still are financially viable for the vast majority of people. I think it's time to send him a picture book of retirement homes with a bit of text indicating "he does not seem to be all that sure which year it is, which is concerning", and maybe take an idea of u/skawlala and say "Thanks, I have a trans friend who would love this as her life after her transition".


Number 10 looks like a weeb's "maid waifu" fantasy.


Be modest, dress demure, but also be my personal slutty slut


That is all kinds of creepy.




Did your grandma dump your grandpa and leave him hella bitter or what?


Your creepy grandpa deserves to die alone in a home. Super sorry that you had to fucking deal with that, that's gross as hell. I'm glad my wife's grandparents are dead.


So, what did your parents say? Did someone sit down with him and explain to him why his worldview is horrible and if he doesn't manage to change it, he should at least keep it to himself? Did he get uninvited from all future family events? What were the consequences? He shouldn't just get away with this.


My parents were disgusted. He's an entitled jerk who always gets what he wants.


So glad your parents were supportive of you. Can't inagine receiving this and being told to "thank grandpa" or something.


They were disgusted but are they gonna say anything to him? Like he gets away with shit because people let him. This is a dude who I would bet money has sexually abused minors.


Your grandad clearly wants to go back to 1950.. What an asshole. No offense, but he's the reason our generation men are piece of shits, cuz men like this are the ones who taught their sons and grandsons bout what women should be like to them.


Gramps went straight-up incel. Lots of the same talking points. SMV? Seriously? That’s the most blatant and disgusting way to dehumanize someone.


Did he make that?


He made the book, but he found the pictures and pages from articles


Fair enough, may as well gift him a coffin magazine or something




Make him a book with coffins, head stones and dead bodies and say this is where you belong XD


I like your style of pettiness


Make a book on how the elderly are bad for society or the economy or something


The fact that he made it himself makes it even worse. Particularly because he *chose* that picture of the pin up girl in the maid's outfit, if you can call it an outfit. He *chose* to give that image and its disgusting caption to his *granddaughter*. JFC. I'm so sorry, OP. If you can, I'd cut contact with this man. He is deeply disturbed and not good for you or any woman to be around. If you ever have children, be very careful allowing this man around them. Edit to add: I'm so angry for you. I think I'd burn this garbage in front of him.


He also chose the graph on sexual market value pointing out young girls at 15 have high sexual market value.


Don't forget that graph also had men in their 30's and 40's being the most fertile and desirable suggesting girls in their teens should match up with grown ass men. This book is literally promoting grooming and abuse.


Omg *he* made it!? That makes it so much worse! I’m actually just sitting here in shock. Idk what to say. My dad didn’t give two shits about me but my grandpa would never have given me any trash like this. He would never have said any bullshit like this to me. I would take this book back to him and tell him to shove it. Tell him it’s not the fucking 30s anymore.


“We didn’t need liberating.” Yes we fucking did!


And still do. Just look at the brave women and the men who support them in Iran. Those are some serious heroes. Someone should make books about them.


Who taught grandpa how to use word, color print, and spiral bond pages?


My 75 year old MIL could figure this out easily, and there are still print and copy shops (at least in my home town there is)


Why are these Western men so anti-single-mothers? They hate them yet also hate abortion? Tell the men to be more responsible and stick around then, instead of being useless deadbeats. Way to blame the parent who actually stayed. 🙄 I bet they don't whine this much about the men who run away and don't even financially support the mother or child.


It may be tempting to rant and rage, but that will have little effect. We want to get a message across. Take this book to the nearest university with gender studies. Ask to talk to a professor there. She will be able to go through each page, and tell you how to analyze them. Then you can go to grandad and calmly talk to him. And ask questions. So, if I marry young, and my husband dies, then what? What happens if I have a child with disabilities? 80% of marriages with a disabled child end. What if I become unattractive to my husband, after child bearing or illness? Does that make me a bad wife? What if my husband gets sick? Then I would need to support the family. That would be impossible without skills. Finally, grandad, I don't like being seen as a sexual object. Particularly by you. I don't feel comfortable that you think about my sexuality. *point to naked woman in apron * This is not an appropriate thing to show your grandaughter, let alone tell her that she should be like this. That's why I am ending this relationship. You are dead to me.


Tbh these dudes are the type to abandon their wives when they get sick, but it's still the woman's fault somehow. "You're sick and ugly and you have cancer bc god is punishing you" (something my uncle said to my auntie)


That is a disgusting thing to say to someone! I'm shocked!


That's a lot of effort to go through. I doubt someone who gives this to their granddaughter merits such effort. I'd advocate just waiting around a few years and the problem will end.


Sounds like a lot of unpaid education work with very little chance to actually change anything. I‘d rather throw it in the garbage. Or maybe have lunch with grandma.


I’m really curious as to why single moms are the only ones blamed when their kid grows up to be a criminal, not the father who walked out and apparently put her and the child down that path. Nah, she’s the piece of shit apparently.


This is abhorrent. I'm so sorry you were subjected to this


They are of the spoiled generation where one income pays for a house and food for your family.


Lmaooooo sorry this has to be a troll. Page three, lovely pic of a woman and baby #LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF SHIT I snorted


Make a 4 page book for your grandpa, titled "Where you can live". - Title page. - photo of aged care home - graveyard - the end page.


Ho-ly fuuuuuck. Did you laugh in his face? (Extra points for expelling saliva right into his eye)


When I saw the 3rd slide I was ready to riot. No one blasts single moms like that. If I saw that, I'd probably sock whoever it was in the face.


I love the "make enough bad choices and your options become extremely limited" one because in reality having children is the #1 way to reduce the options you have in life as you now have a huge responsibility to care for!


Well, now you have kindling for the fireplace. If you have a bbq pit, invite all your ‘degenerate thot’ girlfriends and use it to fuel the fire and make s’mores.


the page where they say the princesses “got it right” for getting married as minors 🤮🤮🤮


"We didnt nwed liberating" said the man, who is very much not part of "us"


I am a 65 year old grandfather and I cannot imagine any of my friends giving their grandchildren something as obnoxious as this book. Even the religious ones. How old is your grandfather? Is he in a cult like religion?


“That’s it grandpa I’m taking away your iPad!”


This feels white supremacist-y and I’m not sure how to articulate why


Set it on fire in front of him.