I've got over 400 hours and I've experienced this maybe 3 times. If you can be bothered, screen record and submit to Rare and they may get banned. Otherwise just scuttle ship and start again.


3000+ hours, still only seen it like 4 times


I god held hostage on my ship once


Just scuttle. You always have an out


No fun in that


Once? Lucky, I've had it happen or nearly happen at least a dozen times. Would likely be more if I wasn't forced to be paranoid and vigilant 24/7


That's the point.


I’ve got about 600 hours in the game sadly and this is too common most of the time it’s either people won’t talk and be toxic or they’ll shout obscenities at you it’s kinda sad but every now and then you’ll meet a good pirate who will help you out and make it worth the fun


This is true, my experience is more positive than negative overall! :)


Might be hard to believe sometimes but there are kind souls in the community


Then you my friend are mostly a magnet for good players so far. Same experience here for the most part. But sadly, like with every game, there are toxic players in the playerbase......


Here’s what you do. If a boat engages you hop aboard there vessel next pull out your horn and ask them about their boats extended warranty or ask if they have a minute to talk about their lord and savior posiden it work about 80% of the time


Honestly, I mute the in game chat anymore.


A lot of the nice players will likely leave you alone if you are at an outpost or near it with default skins. Only the truest toxic attack at outposts and new players.


There are a LOT of nice players on here!! If you want someone to sail around with feel free to reach out


Thanks! :)


Not everyone is like that but there are definitely a lot of toxic people in this game. I'd probably try and sink you if I ran into you, but I'd give you a GG or say nothing and move on. Dont let it dissuade you from trying again. One recommendation is that on xbox if you're in a party you can't hear voice chat in game. Personally, even not needing to party up solo, I recommend it. When you can avoid hearing players and such it's a much more enjoyable game. You might be able to turn off chat in the settings. Hope you have better luck next time around. Sinking sucks but gold becomes easy to come by pretty quickly.


I don’t mind sinking it’s just a game, I respect a gg but that was 1 to 100 real quick! Maybe I’ll try it again, thanks for the reply!


No problem! Yeah you'll get salty people but that description is a bit...excessive even beyond normal. Just don't forget to keep your eyes on the horizon. Park with your sails up and anchor up so you can just drop sails and get moving if danger approaches - anchoring is a common noob trap! Good luck.


Some are toxic, some are nice, most either want to be left alone or fight you and give a GG. You'll find all in SoT. My best advice; dont go for open crew, but find someone in a party to team up with and vibe on the seas while trying all the different quests. The skill ceiling is high in this game, so if you wanna practise your PvP prepare to get sunk alot. But I see the PvP as a nice bonus instead of the main part since I'm not good either. The people Ive met and the shenanigans I've pulled are the real gems.


I’m all for sinking the shit out whatever moves but like...I’ll never understand the need to be a bellend on mic.


SoT has an extremely toxic community that will defend toxic behavior to the bitter end because "It's Sea of Thieves, not Sea of Friendship!"


I wish it was sea of friendship 😂


So do I. I would probably play the game more if there was a PvE only option for the servers but nothing upsets the sweaty griefers more than any hint of losing their easy prey.


Serious Q, would you play the game if it was just your ship on the server? Idk how they would create a PvE experience without removing all form of team damage and ship damage ( by other players ) cause you’re asking for alot of trust from random ppl lol


While there are some amount of toxic pirates, most of the perceived toxicity stems from people mistaking shooting players, sinking ships and stealing loot as being toxic.


Sinking someone for absolutely no reason isn’t toxic, sometimes you just wanna sail and sink people. Just because it adversely affects another player in a PvP game, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun. (Someone sinking might just be a consequence of your fun) Telling them to die and shit is very toxic, I don’t think anyone is defending that behaviour with the argument “It’s called sea of thieves not friends” cause that’s really stupid lol


Oh my God yes. People will scream "We're friendly to noobs!" While the community sinks every new ship. ..


The players that do this are a minority, I'm sorry you ran into one of the bad crews, I assure you that they do not in any way represent the whole community. If you run into this kind of behavior, record it and send a report into support so they get the ban they deserve. Most of the community are bloodthirsty, lightfingered, and full of mischief, but not toxic. Find some people to play with through the various discord or lfg options, the seas are better with friends.


SoT is not a PVE game.. sadly its an amazing PVE game if you can avoid the PVP sweaty's and over abundant hacking problems.. S8 better include RARE testing some kind of anit cheat & reporting system honestly, i hated it at fist but now that i know how to sail an stay at speed all the time i like making them chase me since most of them suck at sailing and cant keep up with the sloop. if you start trying to take down the skelly sloops it will give you some practice at it... it's not SoT that is toxic its people in general today. everyone growing up online saying what ever they want without the repercussions of having their face punched in for being an asshole.. all this anit bullying shit just opened the door for people to be assholes knowing if you do anything they can clam to be the victim. i play open crew every once in a while, maybe one day you will land on my boat. 07 until then take care and don't let people get to you.. its not something wrong with you its something wrong with the world ~!


Thanks for the words! I’ll see you on the sea!


kind nothing i was being honest :3


This is why desinging a PVP game and try to put social stuff into is very hard. People around internet takes pvp as a way to...dominate other people in order to seek satisfaction? maybe. It sucks, because I (sorry lads) am a very "Sea of Friends" enjoyer (I also fight if necessary, don't worry) and stumbling upon guys like these really ruins your day. But don't let that affect you. There's a whole sea to explore, and thousands of people with all kind of behavior. And if you spot the cap'n Wander Ribsy, don't be afraid to say hello!


Why else PvP if not to absolutely obliterate your opponent? Otherwise it’s just player AND player, not player versus player.


Obliterate? yes. Destroy their will of keep playing by being assholes? No man, no. Also, sea of thievee offers more than just pvp to mess with other crews, stealthy steals, using the environment to your advantage...there's a lot, but we stick to the meta, making every encounter the same. BUUUUT this is not bad, what is bad is, as I said, being assholes.


The game is toxic delete it


Should I?


I did. Now I play dcuo. And this other game called no one survived.


Yes most of the players are toxic. Play DCUO or something with at least SOME positive people.


I personally have never experienced this but I see lot of similar posts on this reddit. Hope things get better for you


Hopefully you have better adventures soon, but yeah sometimes the seas can be very harsh! If you’re a new player I’d recommend watching Rob Raven on twitch, who often does streams specifically aimed at teaching newer players things about the games, and you can directly ask questions there and then. I learned a lot from watching twitch streamers, even just in terms of how to best sail the ship


I’ll check it out! Thanks!


I've been playing for a week now. Been playing a lot. Check your map if you see a big ship with red flags on your map stay away. In my 20-30 hrs I've only been killed twice once cause I was really new and docked at an outpost with big ship there and 2nd was from a bunch of sweaty teens. I just switched servers and didn't have issues the rest of the night.


I mean it’s a pirate game. People will be dicks. Just don’t be soft about it. Literally every game has these people.


Or, and hear me out this is my favourite option, don’t be a dick 🤯


It seems much more plausible to not get worked up over it than to try and make strangers act how you want them to.


I mean SoT isn’t even bad when it comes to this stuff. R6, CoD, RL is where toxic communities live 😂 SoT is actually a more chill game


This game in general does have a pretty small, toxic, community. Play with friends as often as possible and avoid game chat at all costs. It's never worth it.


Yea unfortunately this game is notorious for being extremely toxic. I have heard many a n-word uttered in my time playing this game.


Most likely they are also new into the game and don’t know yet what is respect for other in this game. It’s something you learn alone after long time playing this game, unfortunately they are not there yet. Just report them as I do


I’ve encountered many toxic ones, but quite a few friendly ones too. For example I was solo playing and NOT paying attention to where reapers were at one point until it was too late and was scrambling to sail off the island and as they sailed past me they started reciting the Chip’s Ahoy commercial (my ship is Chip-Ahoy) since my username) and were giggling the whole time while they blasted and sunk me. It was kinda funny honestly. I met them again later and we alliances and now we all play together sometimes. And then other times I get a full on Galleon come out of nowhere hurling insults and stuff at me while they blast all 4 cannons at once, decimating my sloop and then calling me bad. 🤷‍♀️


I have just over 3k hours. There is a lot of toxicity but that makes the wholesome moments worth it


Just know karma will sink them 10x faster


shitters love to bully worse players and let them know how bad they are to feel better about their own skill


I feel it, I was fishing the other day and someone rolled up in a galleon. They told me to empty my pockets and give them everything. I refused but offered the treasure that I had picked up before reaching the seaport I was at. Just as I was about to catch my first Muddy Wildsplash, I was shot in the back. They then lit up my one man sloop while screaming, "welcome to the jungle, you ******* idiot." I was not amused. I came back and rammed my boat into them. Then, I hopped over, stole their firebombs, dove under water and lit them up. The bombs go right through the bottom of the boat. then I did it again and then again. they were a level 5 reaper so I have no remorse about it.


Sometimes it’s like that, unfortunately. Try to forget it and move on. You’ll find someone kind eventually.


Again, I'm here for my crusade. This game inherently forms this type of player interaction, as you have something everyone else wants and gets rewarded for taking. And beyond that, sailing takes so damn long that killing is used to kill time. The long times also heighten frustration as getting sunk is more time wasted than other games. Play Deep Rock Galactic. See what a good community looks like. Play a game that's concerned first and foremost with you having fun, they're a rare breed these days.