I have been killed like this, now i am brave and runaway before coming in range


17.9k shima keeps reversing in panic


Let me introduce my radar Mino Mr Z-52 :) I'll save you Shima! (and thanks for the smoke, both of you)


Why is the Shima sitting in smoke? If they know they’re going to get hydro’d you open the distance.


>Why is the Shima sitting in smoke? A question I need to ask my friendly DDs depressingly often


So they can make use of their amazing guns to farm damage, obviously!


To be fair, Shima's guns do have a high alpha, but their slow reload hurts their long term dps. They are best used for firing a volley or two, then scooting into cover. Hard cover.


When playing DDs, it's almost disappointing when you torp an enemy DD sitting side on in smoke..


You overestimate the average shima player. Stop me if you’ve heard this one….an IJN DD main, an American cruiser main, and a German BB main walk into a graveyard, the collective IQ drops 50 points.


Hey! I resemble that remark!


I cry because of just how powerful those ships can be but the average player can never extract that performance from them. Like nothing beats a fucking perfect map prediction wall of torpedoes that wipes out one flank, or a DM ripping apart a flank with its AP and radar, or a GK/Preußen charging at someone and forcing them out of their position.


Of the 9 Tier 10s I've played over 50 battles in, the only 3 I have a >55% WR in are GK, Shima, and Minotaur. Meanwhile I have just slightly more average damage in the Conqueror than the GK and 10% lower WR.


wouldn't be a meme otherwise lol


Same reason your friendly USN DD in the cap is sitting broadside in the single puff smoke cloud they got out of the 30s of smoke dispensing.


Cause the playerbase is = to plants in terms of game sense, knowledge, and awareness


My 9km radar and additional hydro laugh at this.


Yeah, it turns into a prison shower fast if you not paying attention in a Shima.


30000 black torpedos of Shima


DM Alaska PR Mino Nevsky Shima


good meme


Poor lolibotes. Can't handle that many 'pedos


My favorite Shima player ever was a guy who charged a cap at the start, got spotted by the enemy CV so they stopped like 3 meters short of the cap circle, popped smoke, cried for air cover fighters in chat, and then ate torpedoes and died.


I've recently started running leg mod YY and the amount of shumas that smoke up when they spot you at 6.5 km is amazing, it's literally free damage for me, pop radar and laugh as they get erased


This was me before I realized my team is a burden and the only way to play is sitting at the edge of the map spamming 20km torps hitting maybe 2 the whole match


Meme shouldn't even include the smoke; but focus on shima thinking they are safe undetected between 5.5-6km distance :3




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Good job Jwimakaze