Watch out for Catalytic Converter Theives

Just had my CC ripped out of my car. Take precaution y'all.


Report to police


They don’t care about catalytic converters, they’re busy dealing with the horrific crime of bicycles on buildings


Bro this had me laughing so fucking hard 😂


Do you mean the incredibly dangerous hanging of bicycles from buildings.


You mean the bike that was hanging right over a ledge that would stop the bike from falling more than 5 feet?


Until that doesn't work and kills a kid. Your right they should respond to non emergency calls first.


Doesnt work as in the bike phases through the ledge? Physically, that is possible but, the odds are very low


In fairness, how do you know the bike isn't just made of neutrinos?


Or you know bounces of said ledge and kills someone, but I'm sure in your eighteen years on this planet you have learned it all. I bow before your magnificent knowledge of all


Lol the ledge is massive and that bike wouldnt have gone anywhere.


See my most recent post for proof. I back fluffy up 👀


For all we know that bike is the reincarnation of space hitler


Can you give a general area where it happened?


It happened around the subway on Harvey road near the sororities.


Remember, criminal mischief at night allows fora reasonable suspicion of being in fear for your life. If you know you know


You advise that we "watch out" and "take precautions." But you don't tell us HOW to "watch out" and "take precautions." Do we sit in our cars all night watching out? And what "precautions" should we take?


It takes less than 1 minute to cut out a CC. There are only so many things one can do to harden their target, and one of the big ones—park in a private garage—won’t be an option for many. Other things include parking next to other vehicles and not lifting your truck, both of which make your CC less accessible. However, some more professional thieves have been known to use jacks to get under some lower-to-the-ground cars. A few have been crushed by failed jacks. If you drive a high target vehicle, there are a number of companies who sell devices that cover your CC. But these are expensive (though less than paying your deductible) and have to be installed.


Damn rip