Bus to Mays from Standard and Rise apartments

My daughter will be attending A&M from 2023 fall. She will be living off campus, probably in Rise or the Standard apartments; we are not decided yet. In the first semester, she will probably take general courses from the main campus and maybe one or two classes from the business school.

My questions

  1. Is there any direct bus from those apartments to May's business school?
  2. If not, what would be the best way to commute to business school if she has to?




If you love ur kids do not send them to the standard. Horrible management. Vomit everywhere. Very loud due to shiner. The rise Is a better choice between the two


Agreed, right by Northgate


I'm not sure about the bus that goes from the Standard/the Rise to the campus, but most (if not all) off campus buses drop people off at the Trigon. There won't be any direct bus from any apartment outside campus to Mays. The MSC is a very short walk from the Trigon, and your daughter can take either bus 3 or bus 6 to go near the May's business school.


Rise is literally across the street from campus. I lived there and would just walk to Beutel and then take Bus 6 to Wehner (Mays). It’s quicker than waiting on a bus near engineering to take her to MSC and then switch buses.


Or walk to Asbury and take 01 to wehner


I live on campus, and I know this is unrelated but I really suggest you live on campus for your freshmen year. You will definitely meet more people in your grade since most freshmen live on campus. Anyways, if you live at the Standard or Rise, I am not sure what bus you take but I believe your daughter will take the bus to the MSC (the MSC is basically the middle of campus I believe), and then take either 03 or 06 (Yell Practice or 12th Man) to Mays


honestly at this point, it’s prob too late to apply for on campus housing


bus 03 is yell practice, howdy is bus 08


i lived in dorms freshman year and boy did i meet a lot of girls (im a m)




i’m black




Just bike it’s like 3 minutes


The apartments near west campus will have busses that stop at Mays before the MSC so your daughter would only have one bus. Apartments like Park West, University Trails, Holleman Crossing, or anything else over that side. The Rise and all the apartments on north gate are going to be on the opposite side of campus for a business student which will mean more than one bus


The Rise is sold out but I know a friend who’s trying to find someone to take over her lease if you are interested!


Thank you everyone!


Pretty much the only buses that go by Mays have a pickup spot at the MSC. From either apartment, it would be quicker to walk than to try to connect busses. I toured the Domain and thought it was really good a few years ago and it’s definitely in walking distance of Wehner. If she is worried about getting sweaty on hot days, it might be best to get a parking pass at Reed. It’s still a decent walk, but it’s going to be shorter than the walk from Rise/Standard.


And on a rainy day (or any day, really) she can probably hop on a bus that also goes by Mays. ETA: transportation.tamu.edu is where you can look at bus routes. Off campus routes drop off at the MSC. From there, there are several options for a ride to Mays. If she has a car (and doesn't want to bike), a Lot 100 or West Campus garage spot and a bus to Kleburg or Mays will be the quickest, most consistent options. Off campus bus routes are less frequent and often fill up, especially early in the semester. Riding a bike can often be quicker across campus because you can ride in areas that cars and buses are not allowed, avoiding high traffic areas.


She can walk to beutal, which isn’t far at all! From there, bus 3 and 6 take you to wehner!


Bus 15 goes to northgate area! I live at Aspire & go to mays and have never taken the bus. It’s a 15 minute walk


take bus 15 to the msc from the parking garage stop, then take bus 3 or 6 to wehner from the msc