Jobs on or around campus

What do you do for work when you go to school? I’m an incoming freshman, and my family isn’t rich so they can’t fully support me in college. I do not have a huge amount of money saved up to last me a while. I know there are on campus jobs, but what’s the pay? Are they worth it? Also how hard is it to balance work with school. Or is it better to find a job off campus. I just want enough money to last me and have some left over to be able to spend on myself.


Reads and Counts is the highest paying student job at TAMU ! It is off campus though. It’s a tutoring program where you go and tutor elementary school kids.


do you have a link for this?


I’m currently working at that job. Yes, the rate is high, but you don’t have many hours to begin with.


https://readsandcounts.tamu.edu it depends on your schedule how many hours you get. I have worked anywhere from 12-20 hours (max) a week.


thank you!!!


Drive a bus


“highest paying job on campus”


i ain’t driving no bus 💀


Any specific reason? They pay well for an on campus job, and it's easy work once you finish training.


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they terrified me too lmao but now i’m happily working for transit cause of the pay🤠


well i mean… what’s the pay?🤔


$13 an hour during training and $13.50 after training! Their hours are pretty flexible and all of my friends who do it love it


they also offer a lot of opportunities for raises. every 250 hours worked you get a raise, and every 10 special events you also get a raise. the hours worked one caps out at 2500 hours, but the special event raises are unlimited


I was in a similar boat as you going into college. https://jobsforaggies.tamu.edu/ is a great place to find jobs on campus. Most student worker jobs are minimum wage or just barely above it, but it was always enough for me to have a little extra spending money to go out with friends and to help me pay for books and whatnot. I worked as a "student worker" for the Dept. Of Hispanic studies my freshman year doing simple tasks like filing documents, sorting mail, printing things off, etc. It ended up being a great way to meet faculty and ultimately led me to pursuing a minor in Spanish (which I would have never considered before) because I had developed great relationships with several professors and faculty through my job. Sophomore through senior years I worked as an RA on campus and I found it to be pretty fulfilling. You get a discount on housing, monthly stipend with yearly raises, opportunity for promotion, your own room, and you literally work where you live so zero commute, haha. There are, of course, many options like retail and restaurants outside of campus. ultimately it comes down to what your interests are and what you're hoping to get out of it (other than some extra cash, of course). Best of luck, Ag! Edit to add that I found my campus jobs to be very supportive in making sure I prioritize school work. It was easy to fit work in between and after classes. It wasn't always easy to balance school and work, but I found it to be worth it in the end, especially since I enjoyed going out a lot and so I used that as my motivator to both get my schoolwork done and get to work (spending money).


how do you become an RA, is it hard or like competitive? is there like a link or somewhere i can look into it?


You need to live on campus for a year (or maybe a semester, can't remember off the top of my head). It is competitive. You go through two rounds of interviews, a group and individual interview, and then you get selected for hire based on how you do on those. If you live on campus freshman year, it helps to get to know your RA. I've seen firsthand that simply having your own RA put in a good word for you can instantly make you a top candidate. There's some more information on here: https://reslife.tamu.edu/studentemployment/ra/


i will keep this in mind thank you!!


I work at the Barnes and Noble in the MSC. Very handy for me living on-campus.


What skills do you have? What field do you have experience/interest in? How much time can you dedicate? If you search and apply for jobs enough, you can definitely find a decent(aka. actually pays more than minimum wage) job on campus. I've been working on campus job since freshman year summer, and there are 3 pros to working on campus. 1. Early registration: not at all worth it lol. 2. Usually, they let you have a flexible schedule. +proximity to your classes/home > more time working. 3. Depending on what field you work for, you may gain skills/experience relating to your future career. As for time management and focus/performance issues, it is really up to you. If you're desperate for extra pay and interested in science, you can participate in research that pays you and sometimes even feeds you. I just do them for fun, though 😂


Pretty sure my HEB is transferring me to the one at college station


It depends on your priorities. My son works in his college and it’s convenient, he has gotten to know many professors, he registers early which is a major bonus for him, plus that type of job doesn’t look bad on a resume. But he makes next to nothing. For years he’s worked at Target in our hometown and makes over $15 an hour there. In your position, I’d probably go for the cash if you have a car and can get somewhere fairly high paying.


Tiffs treats pays better than any campus job


I worked as a Pizza Hut delivery driver and at Reynolds and Reynolds during my time at A&M. Pizza delivery is a great job (although the hourly pay was only minimum wage when I was in the store and $5 an hour on the road + gas reimbursement) and they were reasonably flexible with me as long as I let them know I had tests and whatnot in advance. Reynolds was honestly kind of soul crushing (no natural light in the building, very gray/sterile environment) but the people were cool and my boss in particular was really nice about letting me have unexpected days off and whatnot. The hiring process for students is also really quick, they don't really interview you as much as they just ask your availability.


Check for lab assistant positions with professors. Worked in both the bio and geology labs and they were the best jobs I’ve ever had!


On campus jobs are nice because you have complete flexibility in hours and from most of the ones I’ve heard about it’s not a big deal if you need to take time off for a busy exam week or to go home. Also there’s a lot of receptionist style jobs where you can mostly work on homework while there. However, on campus jobs aren’t usually the best paying, I think max is $17 an hour unless you are working as a research assistant, so that’s where off campus jobs tend to have them beat.