For anyone else who rides the 15 bus…

TAMU transportation released this survey to gather data on potential bus stops/routes to add. I ride bus 15 (Old Army) and along with 90% of the riders, I get off at Fish Pond. But then most of the people who leave at fish pond just end up walking half a mile east up Ross Street anyways. So y’all should take the survey and request that a stop gets added to Ireland or Spence or Nagle street (just somewhere in that vicinity). It could save us a ton of time in the long run.

Survey: https://tamu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0BrWdu79qfCMCUu?Q_CHL=qr

By the way, it seems that you can take the survey as many times as you want.


I think the issue with adding another stop further down Ross St is that if the bus is going outbound, it would be hard to go further up Ross St than Asbury, and still be able to get across University to service the rest of the route. Best bet is to take the 04 from the fish pond stop to go up Ross St or cross the street and catch the 01 or 47 for the other fish pond stop.


That is true. But it would be pretty easy to route the 15 down Nagle street after the college main stop (it already does this half the time due to construction) and then just make a stop somewhere around the intersection of Nagle and University. Either way, it would be their job to figure out the specifics. I’m just hoping they get enough responses to realize that the need is there.


The problem would lie outbound, since after Asbury, we can’t take a left again until Spence st but then we can’t take a left on Uni so we would have to go down to Bizzell, take a left onto Uni so on and so forth, that would be insanely unpractical and add a bunch of time to the route, not to mention dealing with class changes:/ I can almost guarantee this will most likely not be approved since y’all do have the route 04 to service Ross st as mentioned above. Great thinking though! I can definitely see where it would’ve improved efficiency in an ideal world!!


15 needs to be split to deal with the mass overcrowding, and the complete unreliability of the route.


I would also be 100% on board with this!


The amount of reroutes this year is absolutely absurd, thanks to yet another high-rise apartment in NG.


I honestly wonder if they should just permanently reroute 15 away from college main and spruce street since that’s where all the construction is always happening. All the more of a case to move it over to Nagle/Ireland instead and have a couple of stops along those streets.


Oh straight up! The I wish the bus went down Ireland St when its heading back to campus. A great bus stop would be Ireland Street and Ross streeet and another by fish pond.


Wish they’d add a stop or a new line for Bryan residents. Not possible to ride a campus bus from my house, and the BCS transits come every 30 mins and drop me >15 mins from work


So this is actually determined on census numbers I believe or some statistical data base within the university itself, I don’t remember the specifics. Essentially though, transit looks at where majority of people live and focus on routes for those locations. While there may not be enough buses on those route as mentioned higher in this thread, they try their best. Plus, if we are saying route 15 already needs to be split, that’s dividing resources, we wouldn’t have enough resources to service both the 15 (divided or not) and another new route while effectively running both:/


Also a great point - the more people who fill out the survey and point this out, the better!