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That’s the game unfortunately. Quit playing because of it a while back


Honestly it's a shame. The game seems very fun when I watch skilled players play it.


It is. MMR has a lot to answer for. Part of the answer is throwing. New accounts are placed “in the middle”. Lose a bunch of games and your MMR will drop. Your first game as killer sucked? Everybody’s first game sucked. MMR doesn’t know where you fit so it gives you a shot. Lose, and you’ll find your people. My advice is to never 4K. Killer MMR is worked off kills. 0-1 kills and you decrease MMR. 2 kills and you’re stable. 3-4 and you increase. Hatch is considered a draw. So 3K and give Hatch. It’s good sports and it helps to maintain a pragmatic MMR. Just expect to lose 10-20 matches first. You’ll still learn a lot in that time but don’t expect to win win.


Damn ima stop 4king and start giving hatch then thanks for the info


You do not have fun playing this game, amigo mío. You simply play it.


Trying a new killer sucks ass because each one has their own mmr so you have to go through a couple of matches before you get to a "correct" spot mmr wise.


Step one don't take it too seriously! But also when I first started playing this game I sucked pretty bad at it. I really like watching helpful videos on YouTube, there are so many little details to this game. I just played with someone who had 25 hours in the game and they didn't know what a boon totem was. OTZ darva is the dead by daylight Daddy, but there's a few other good ones if you just look them up


Watching people on YouTube play DBD is what really elevated my gameplay. It’s an incredible game with a killer learning curve, easy to get the hang of but difficult to get good at. I’ve been playing the game since 2017 and I didn’t start consistently playing killer until this year because it’s so damn hard! As a survivor Main, my best piece of advice is to watch people on YouTube play, especially killer. Or, play killer yourself and focus on LEARNING, not on killing. Playing killer teaches you how to play survivor, even if you perform poorly. Also, my favorite DBD YouTuber/Twitch streamer is HybridPanda. Otz is great for learning all the ins and outs of the game as quick as possible because he’s so knowledgeable and makes extremely detailed videos. On a day to day basis, Panda is my go-to because he’s not toxic, is really fun to watch/listen to, and just has generally good vibes. Good luck in the fog OP!


After the changes in 6.1 I wouldn't recommend trying to start playing this game. Especially if you were interested in survivor. If you really did want to persist, try to focus on Challenges rather than survival. Getting through a tome can help you feel like you're progressing even if you "lose" by dying/getting a 0k.


I remember the first time a played killer. I played as wraith, I got my ass ran in the game. Afterward one of the survivors messaged me saying gg I had no business being in their lobby cause of my low rank. Then they said for what it was worth I gave them a good chase. So atleast there was that.


It takes a while to get good at this game. There’s nothing really quite like it, so your skills from other games don’t transfer over. You should probably start off playing killer vs bots. And watch Scott Jund’s video “How to run all generic tiles as killer”. And use killers with easy to understand powers like Wraith or Trapper. Watch good survivors on Twitch/YouTube to get an idea of how good survivors play (Ayrun, Skermz, etc). You’ll notice character & camera positioning is key to lasting in a chase. If you don’t often keep an eye on the killer they can easily mind game you, cut you off, etc, so you have to watch what they do. Then there’s “game sense” stuff, which is harder to explain, but is basically just knowing when to do something (or not to do).


I struggled to enjoy the game for a while when I first started too. My best tip is to try and gain more knowledge. If you like watching youtube, start watching some creators (even if you're not huge on the game a lot of the videos are entertaining). You'll start to gather A LOT of information for both sides that will make you far more comfortable in matches. This game isn't very friendly to new players, MMR system that's supposed to make it easier clearly doesn't work like it should. Even though I'm more comfortable with it, I still rarely play this game by myself, I'm almost always talking with friends when I play. It helps to have friends that aren't gonna get mad when things go wrong and be generally pretty chill.


Um. What is your “fun”? Winning? If you can’t have fun without winning, this kind of game is not for you. As a competitive game, you need to be better than your opponent to win. As a party game, focusing on your win ruins other people’s experience. I enjoy playing the game. Winning is just icing on cake.


IMO there isn’t any such thing as winning in DBD. My best “wins” were me dying but managing to get a teammate out, or finally taking down the worst person in a squad. If you go against a baby killer with no perks and get out, it doesn’t feel nearly as good as just barely getting by, so which is more of a win? Or as killer, if you go against a bunch of solo baby survivors and kill them all, it’s not nearly as much of a win or a victory as taking down 2-3 really difficult members of a squad. People take the game too damn seriously, DBD has no “winning”


Thank you! This is 110% how I feel about the game


Winning is the goal, but it should never be expected. That's how I have fun on this game at least


For me, it's not about winning or losing. It's about having meaningful wins/loses. I do not like winning easily against a killer who is obviously new to the game, nor I like being omega stomped and ending the game with the feeling that I literally couldn't do anything.


\> What is your “fun”? Winning? If you can’t have fun without winning, this kind of game is not for you. I suspect it isn't about a "fun" or "winning" for new players. It's more akin to trying to learn how to play the game. The matchmaking is a mess these days and having new players dropped into games with seasoned players isn't just overwhelming, it's frustrating. And that frustration is a big part of the problem that isn't being addressed by BHVR for new players. There isn't really answer at this point other than "leave or power through."


Winning in DBD as survivor can be viewed two different ways: escaping the trial or getting a pip. I choose to see my match as a “win” if I pipped, meaning I gained a little tally on my Survivor level. If you’re playing the game with the intention to escape every trial, you’re going to be sour and miserable because (correct me if I’m wrong), I believe DBD stats says that survivors only escape one in every four trials. You can have an exciting, back and forth, fulfilling game (most of the time, not accounting for campy/tunnel-y killers or DCing teammates) without escaping!


you aren’t


this game can be very unforgiving for new players


Step one- don’t take it too seriously. Learn to goof off and laugh occasionally Step two- stop buying into the “meta perks” crap 😂 it’s literally just all about how you play the game. Every perk has a counter and if you are new and rage about it being meta, you aren’t learning Step three- stop trying so damn hard to “win.” There IS no winning. You died but you helped your teammates get out? That’s a win. You go against a sweaty squad and manage to get two of them? That’s a win. It’s not that deep


blame SBMM, the new player experience was (slightly) better when matchmaking was based on rank


htis is a good question. im new too, 3 months in the game but play killer mostly. i crack jokes about survivors a lot but there just jokes. i know how shitty things can be with the killer runs 4 slowdown perks or tunnels someone out the game at 5 gens. i come from online shooter/isometric strategy games so im not used to how unfair this game can be. i usually just try to win no matter what. this is all new to me still learning. you need an exhaustion perk and a good team perk. tahts what i do when i play survivor. try to loop more you'll eventually stop sucking at it. dont just drop pallets, loop around the pallet area then when the killer's close drop it. you can just try to hide, i do that more than looping. iron will good perk for that. iwouldnt use quick and quiet cuz when your scratchmarks disappear next to a locker, im checking hte locker or immediate area.


You're no longer the target audience The people playing still easily have 3k hours on average because other games don't exist to them I wouldn't personally recommend learning it properly either because it's inherently an unrewarding game with a poorly ballanced end game and a capped mmr that sabotages the experience There's too many perks and killers added now to really catch up and be on an even playing field


Custom matches + bots


You dont, you suffer, make others auffer


You tough it out. The game is extremely rough when you are new since you don't have perks, items or add-ons for either role and are likely to be going up against people who have meta perks. That is the harsh truth of the game; it sucks for new players to be matched against experienced ones but BHVR is in no hurry to improve MM.


One thing I'm not seeing in the comments and would like to suggest is playing custom games. Custom games have all perks unlocked (not characters). How big is your friend group? One could be the killer and you can fill your survivor team with bots. Try stuff out, mindgaming, flashlight timings, get feedback on each other to find out what works and what doesn't. It would be great if you found someone with a couple hundred of hours to answer any question about the game mid match.


Here is the thing. No matter how good you play there will always be matches where you get stomped. If you can't deal with that this game is not for you. You can still enjoy the game by watching streamers/youtubers and there's nothing wrong with that. If you still want to play the game there are a few things you can do. Firstly you need to improve your attitude a little. A person bringing good perks and playing better than you should be beating you. If that diminishes your fun, most games aren't for you, let alone dbd. Secondly, don't, I repeat DO NOT, let your first killer game disappoint you. You went against a coordinated team and lost. Who hasn't? You just shrug and move on. That just makes it more satisfying when you eventually go up against another one of those teams and win. Just play a killer you enjoy, maybe watch a guide about them and soon you will find your footing. Lastly there is a trick that helped me enjoy the game more and it might help you as well. Find perks/ perk combinations you enjoy; your objective in a match is to get as much value from them as possible instead of getting sacrifces or escapes. That way even when you "lose" you leave with a positive thought.


It's not just about getting good, it's also about getting good perks. Both sides have the access to kind of a tacrical nuke options that can compete with each other, but absolutely destroy weaker options. So yeah, you have friends, take bnp, take map offerings and good perks, blast gens and leave. Same with killer, take some purple or iri addons, take cob + eruption, camp trigen and suddenly "skill" gap is not so high. Ofc better players will still win, but often what you perceive as a skill gap is just stuff advantage. Your opponents have more better stuff than you and it makes the gap even larger. Addons should be destroyed in fire because of that.


Play with bots to improve your killer skills, for survivor-endure it with your swf until you all get better, there is no other way




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