Also I want oppression, my favourite gen perk, to get a buff. The 80s cooldown is just unbearable and the perk is fun.


Does oppression even really need a cooldown at all? All it does is behave kinda like ruin with occasional information value.


It maybe a good idea to give gen kicking perks cool-downs generally as to stop games where the killer goes around kicking every gen, but I do agree 80 seconds is too much. I would personally like to see it go to 45 or 60 seconds to be cautious.


All it does is apply normal gen regression which takes 4 seconds for 1% of the gen. Its only good for regressing gens that the survivors forgot about it doesn’t really do anything for gens they are actively working on.


For almost 1%. If it applied kick perks and kick damage, I'd consider it worthwhile on a 60 second cool down. Without those effects itd be lucky to be used even without a cool down.


I agree it’s low impact but it’s more so principle, kicking a gen is an action that’s basically always available to the killer and without a condition or cool-down there’s not much stopping you from using the perk over and over. If the perk needs more of a buff than a slight cool-down reduction it would be better to give it a stronger effect at that point I’d say so it does more when you use it without the risk of some build developing like the one we have now where killers go around kicking every gen on the map before chasing a survivor.


When I first saw the perk I assumed it would apply gen kick perks to every affected gen just due to its wording. If It did that then I could totally understand having a long cooldown. If it didn’t have a cooldown there is still the time cost of going and actually kicking a gen which is hard to justify for such a weak affect unless your not in chase at all and the opportunity cost of the perk slot so I dont think its all that necessary. I would occasionally run it if it didn’t have a cooldown and still had the same effect since there is value to regressing the forgotten gens and it cant just be disabled like ruin can so I dont think it needs a major effect change.


What's stopping you is the fact that you can only kick a gen once until a survivor touches it again. Oppression causes normal gen regression and a difficult skill check for a gen being repaired. It's a very minor effect and the very mechanics of gen regression keeps it from being spammed. There's no reason for it to have a cool down. At the very least, they should cut that cool down in half. 40 seconds.


For some perks maybe, but Oppression isn’t strong enough to warrant more than a 10/15 sec cooldown.


If a perk as game changing as Dead Hard or Sprint Burst can be on 40 second cooldown, even a 28 second cooldown with Vigil, I don't see why a perk like Oppression wouldn't have a 20-30 second cooldown, it's not even good.


I mean it’s more than a 40 second cool-down because your in chase when you use them, and as such the cool-down isn’t going down because you’re running. Also the option to deadhard for value isn’t there when doing a gen or healing so getting value out of it as much as possible or optimising it’s uptime isn’t there, with perks that trigger on actions like interacting with generators the option to do so always exists so you have to be careful to make sure that they can’t be repeatedly used so much. Even if the effect is weak you just encourage people to perform the action over and over again rather than making the action stronger. If kicking a gen with cooldownless oppression doesn’t buy you time it’s never worth doing but if it does buy you time then you should always do it when the option presents itself. The core of the issue is you’ve either made a perk that still does nothing or a perk that’s boring the play against because the killer is constantly choosing to interact with the environment rather than other players.


How about putting a delay in survivor's ability to "insta tap" regressing gens too?


They already "did" that's why if kicked the gens lose 2.5% instantly, if it's true that 1% is 4 second, wow now it will take them an extra 10 seconds (actually 3 because everyone carries prove yourself) WoW such regression, very punishment much value!


In practice, the 2.5 percent regression per kick has been a total non factor. As you mention, the regression isn't much punishment at all.


It would also be nice if you can apply other gen kicking perks to other gens when using Oppression. Imagine getting a skill check for Oppression and then getting another one for Overcharge.


Maybe not, like imagine kicking a gen with that and pop and just regressing every gen they’re working on by 20% of their current progress that’s insane. Or even just getting the info effect from call of brine on every gen. I wouldn’t mind if it applied the 2.5% base regression but applying gen kicking perks would be extremely busted, although kinda funny. That would also raise logistic questions about gen kicking perks with cool-downs or that disable once applied.


Don't forget stuff like Dragon's Grip. Imagine every gen suddenly becoming a trap for insta-downs because you ran two perks. Anyone who thinks Oppression should apply other perk effects to multiple gens is conpletely without imagination.


I’d say yes only bc it causes it a difficult skill check not a regular or slightly changed one. It’s really hard for new players to hit DS sized skillchecks and we don’t want to alienate them.


80s is a ridiculous timer even half that would be too much imo


You can get a 30 second cool down if blastmine stays on the gen till it gets kicked, completed or you begin working on another gen and after five seconds place a new blastmine. Honestly getting blastmine to get any value is hard af even in this gen kick economy.


Yes. I would love them to revert blastmine to its previous glory. The perk is fucking FUN. As killers we already have no fun shit - I say oppression is fun, but it s nothing compared to the fun stuff on survivor. So, my offer: 20s cooldown on oppression, blastmine is reverted to its previous glory but now if you start working on an oppressed gen it blastmines the survivor. Deal?


Hahaha that sounds like fun as fuck but the actual pain of getting reverse blastmined then erupted. Oh well eruption going to be changing soon. Yeah most of killers fun comes from add ons and not every killer has fun add ons.


Dragons grip too, that cooldown is absolutely ridiculous for something that wears off


Insidious+reverse blastmine+dragon s grip for the ultimate troll build D:


I love this, yes I agree! Increase regression percentage to 200% then they can throw that piece of crap eruption in the trash entirely. Nerf it into the ground if they need to. I would rather less kick, more chases, and gen regression that rewards me for chases like PRE NERFED PIP GOES THE WEASEL


I still bring jolt and painres cause i think gen regression (and exhaustion perks, on survivor side) should be earned (":


if oppression had the skillcheck primed similar to overcharge it'd be much better, the way it is now the value is too inconsistent to be worth.


Oppression having a cooldown is actually so depressing lmao


From oppression to depression it s a 80 seconds walk


Same here. Even as a survivor, I personally enjoy facing that perk. Imagine Wesky boy chasing someone, you think gen is safe, but suddenly skillcheck jumpscare xD


Huntress lullaby. Please make this perk good. Hex perks should be strong but you need 5 hooks for this to be sort of good. You know what needs 5 tokens? Devour. And that perk is nasty when you get it. Seems crazy to think you need basically the same amount of tokens to insta down and killl someone as you do to make a skill check silent


Funniest part is that it's actually bugged rn, it's still persisting after it's been cleansed (and you can still gain tokens) so you keep it all match but it's still awful.


bro i thought i was too high, but that explains it lol


It should lose the hex and maybe a % chance of skill checks not having a warning sound. Like enough to surprise you but not always being there, like if the survivor suddenly got caught on the song, also adding huntress lullaby as a constant sound in the background, like you know it exists but you don't know when it will proc


Imagine thinking its huntress only to get jumpscared by a scratched mirror myers lol


Here's a thought: make it not-a-hex, get rid of the additional regression, and make it persist until a survivor dies like how Ruin works. So, as a killer it incentivizes you to spread pressure and keep people in trial for as long as possible to maximize value. Heck, you could even keep a nerfed version of the regression values and tie it to unique hooks instead like how No Way Out works. Make it max out at 4 instead of 5.


anything that the counter is “just wait it out” need a touch up and buff calm spirit/all of huntress perks and the game will have peace (for about a weak until the new twins bug comes out that prevents you from playing anyone that isn’t twins)


Wraith perks crying also except the shadowborn addicts


Bloodhound can be fun if you’re playing a stealthy killer, it lets you hit and run a lot better


God fucking damn playing any other FPS game then going to Dbd sucks. I play games at 100+ FOV so going to 87 is fucking absurd. I just want an FOV slider to play dbd without wanting to hurl and I don't wanna waste a perk slot every game so I can see shit.


Lmao a fov slider would never come to a game so dependent on balanced fov.


If this game was dependent on FOV for balance, than shadowborn wouldn't be garbage ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2070)


Shadowbourn needs to be base kit.


So you agree deaf hard needs a rework then right? You disagree with the "wait it out" meta?


Tbf, waiting out 0.5 seconds versus half a minute of being able to do nothing is pretty different


The thing about Dead Hard is that you don't need to wait out the literal 0.5 seconds that the Endurance encompasses. A lunge will cover a distance of about 6 meters, over a duration of approx. half a second (from eyeballing a video). Most killers move at 4.6 meters per second, which is 0.6 meters per second faster than the speed a survivor sprints (4.0 meters per second). So the killer gains 6 meters and the survivor gains 2 meters in that span, meaning a lunge adds about 4 meters over a basic attack. Since a killer closes 0.6 meters of distance per second, it will take 6.6666… seconds (six and two-thirds of a second) to turn lunging distance into basic attack distance. If you lunge, giving the survivor additional cue that you're attacking, the survivor will almost certainly Dead Hard and eat the hit, so you have to wait it out and use a basic attack instead. Over 6.5 seconds, a survivor will run 26 meters. The average tile is a 16x16 meter square, meaning that the time it takes to close a gap from lunging distance to basic attack distance will pretty much guaranteed be enough time for the survivor to reach another pallet or vault. And then when you finally do have the chance to hit them, they DH into a pallet, throw it, and you have to chase them for another health state. 0.5 seconds my ass.


As one guy said, if the counterplay is waiting, it needs to be changed, they also said that about basekit bt. I can understand it


>they also said that about basekit bt The intended counterplay to basekit endurance isn't to wait it out, it's to chase another survivor. When they first implemented basekit endurance, it was 5 seconds and the killer could wait it out... Which made tunneling go out of control. There is a reason why they buffed it to 10 seconds.


In theory, yes. But then there's the very frequent occurrence of people who try to use their endurance to body-block for the person who just saved them. Or, as I like to call them, people who are asking to be tunnelled.


That's not much of a problem. Just tunnel them then


>there's the very frequent occurrence It is also frequent for killers to either camping/proxy camping and then complain about survivors bodyblocking them. It is also not a problem: If the survivor is giving the killer a free hit, the killer just need to hit them and tunnel in that case. They are making tunneling a good option like you said.


the counterplay to bt is to go after the other survivor ;)


kid named 4% :


kid named Adam Francis:


i hesitated about this one, but if you have delivrance, unless you are the last hooked when everyone is dead/dying, you don't unhook in the killers face


Legit This means dead hard too It's unfair for both killers and survivors when the only way to counter a perk is to wait it out


In my wildest unbalanced dreams, territorial imperative becomes similar to those pink glyphs they have, survivors get the little pop-up that some perks give, and after some amount of time in basement they become exposed for some amount of time. A perk like that would undoubtedly need a cooldown as well.


So Dead Hard and Off the Record need nerfs/reworks then?


i'm sorry but if you think OTR is something you just "wait out" then you are playing killer in a very fascinating way


What ive seen for otr is the killer swinging at the otr user as soon as they come off hook then tunnel out it doesn't discourage tunneling as much as people would think I've seen people get more value off the general aura protection than anything else on the perk


> Off the Record The counter to off the record isn't "waiting it out". I never saw any killer waiting 80 seconds for off the record to desactive.


I just hope they revert the changes to Blast Mine.




What was different about it before? I wanna run it so bad but it just doesn’t seem worth atm.


If the effect ran out, blast mine would return to you as active. So it didn’t feel as much of a waste of the killer didn’t end up kicking the gen.


That’s wicked. Doesn’t seem too op so I’m not sure why they felt the need to nerf it.


It wasn't intended as a nerf, just a fix for an obvious bug. I mean yeah, it did technically nerf the perk, but the perk clearly wasn't meant to work that way.


Also don't forget you used to be able to put blast mine or repressed alliance, now you can only put both at the same time (entirely making blastmine useless)


Eruption gonna get hammered to death, then a new meta will form and quickly be labeled as the worst most boring meta in the history of this game and you’ll see people saying they miss Gen kick meta exactly like what happened with Ruin into Gen kick. It’s the endless cycle of DBD I’ve watched it happen a dozen times over in the last 6 years.


I hope to God they don't realize how broken and enjoyable Nowhere to Hide and Trail of Torment are together.


Definitely not going to try that next time I play!


Probably won’t because that’s two perks for a (potentially) free hit/down that’s on a cooldown


Nah the meta changing has only started more frequently because they’re bad meta shifts. Ruin was a powerhouse for a long time but people weren’t super sour about it. It just stuck around for too long, it was inevitable that they’d do something about it.


Essentially if they create a good meta, people won’t complain about it for a long time, which is good. That means less work for the devs, as meta reworks are more complex than other components of the game.


I miss scourge hook dms meta. It had counterplay and rewarded the killer for going for hooks. Too bad it died because people were too lazy to let go of the gen for a millisecond to counter it.


Not really, I very much prefered reworked ruin and undying to old ruin


I don't really feel qualified to try balancing the big important perks so I'm just gonna say. I wanna see a lot of the 'useless' perks that only see use in meme builds or thematic builds or for one killer or survivor role only get touched a little. I don't need them all to be powerful meta changing perks just good enough people might use them. Its me, I'm people.


For the People is so fun to use in SoloQ and see the visible confusion. Would be nice to see it get a bit more of an upside though, like it can clutch a pickup but you're both vulnerable to just being downed again.


Calm Spirit, Furtive Chase, Wraith and Huntress perks minus lullaby. All of these perks need dire changes.


Funny how there's a guy above you complaining about lullaby


I hope that perks like Resurgence, Solidarity, Reactive Healing get an update to be better. They're so situational but also completely useless against Hemorrhage (which can be brought as an add-on lol). There are perks that suppress pools of blood, so why can't it reduce the effectiveness of Hemorrhage too? If your blood is suppressed while affected by Hemorrhage, maybe healing progress loss is greatly reduced so you have time to find a survivor? It was dumb when Iron Will countered Stridor (already a useless perk), and the nice thing about Terminus is that it doesn't completely make Adrenaline useless. It is dumb that several perks are made useless against a status effect


Those perks should suppress Hemorrhage's healing decay until you start getting healed whenever they trigger, imo. So you can still get the use of hemorrhage when interrupting a heal, but it doesn't nullify those perks.


Probably a nerf. I'm against completely gutting the perk. They should test waters first and try only repairing is blocked but this probably mean breaking every other perk, add-on and character that has incapacitated as a debuff. Maybe put the perk effect on a timer (like call of brine) instead of being permanently active until the effect procs.


“Probably a nerf”


Hmm I don't like the timer since it would force you to get a down within the time limit, so strong killers (like nurse, blight) would be unaffected since they can get downs fast, while weaker killers would be.


I don’t know about a time limit, for the reason you’ve said, but I think it should be removed if the gen hits zero. More than once I’ve sat on a gen with no progress for eruption to go off seconds later, remove my ~5% progress and turn me into a brick for 25 seconds.


This is the most frustrating thing in the game right now. Getting eruptioned or an overcharge skill check on a zero progress gen. Absolutely should not work that way.


Son, there is a timer already. It's called Dwight and Claudette rushing to finish the goddamn gen. And you can trust me it's not gonna take a full minute.


People are always gonna gravitate towards the strongest perks, regardless of whether or not they're healthy for the game. The only way to mitigate this is to make the base gameplay more enjoyable without using the literal strongest combination imaginable


Slowing or making the meta stale makes the game lose players, I've always said that the meta in games should be filled with several OP things, so everyone has something good or countering OP with OP.


You know damn well they will change it once and pretend it's not in the game for a decade


I want Remember me to cause gate regression and the more tokens the faster it regresses. Claustrophobia should block every vault location for 20 seconds after the last gen pops.


They'd add this and then it'd crash the survivors game when they touch the door


I'd like to see an emphasis on perks that gain value from skilled play like pop or pain resonance become more prevalent than the current generator kicking situation we have.


I mean honestly pain res is already pretty popular with the gen kick meta, though I've only seen one pop in a hot minute even though that's also upon kicking gens...


Pop got nerfed, that percent based 25% just doesn’t do it like the flat 25%. You already had to down someone, hook them, and then walk to a generator for what some perks do for free, and sometimes better


Hate to be that guy but guessing dead hard isn't getting touched?


They only commented about one specific perk so there is still a likelihood of DH getting changed. Hopefully. https://preview.redd.it/hczhkmspugea1.jpeg?width=413&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=c39095ee3059103d45b57c3556761cadcbe4b95c


It’s pretty frustrating how it went from the most used perk to…. the most used perk.


Somehow a nerf and a buff at the same time and canceled eachother out.


Dead hard got nerfed but it was the equivalent of the nurse nerf. Still the best in the game just a little more annoying to use


Well, the buff being that if they time it correctly, they get the speed buff from being injured and can dash to the next pallet or window.


Dead hard is fine


You don't think there's a reason that it's still the most used perk in the game?


Because it's the most consistent and relies on the player to do it correctly, whereas the others are dependent on the map. Great I brought fuckin' Lithe but it's The Game. Or terrific, I bought Balanced Landing but I'm in Red Forest.


Found the survivor main.


Bring ruin back to how it was. I don’t enjoy gen kick meta for the sole reason I don’t enjoy stopping what I’m doing to kick gens. Lemme just chase and stop thinking please and thank you


Honestly I hope the buff brutal strength back up to 50% so I can change survives better


Brutal was never 50% though? The highest it was was 40% and that got changed in December 2017 when the pallet breaking speed base kit was increased by 15%.


I'd rather they make other perks more appealing than regularly kicking other perks in the balls. Don't get me wrong I do agree that eruptions oh so wonderful incapacitation needs to change, but that's it. It doesn't need other changes.


**The change we should get for Eruption:** *Upon kicking a generator, Eruption will activate on the associated generator. When downing a survivor by any means any kicked generator will instantly regress 10% and make any survivor 'Bound'* ***by that generator only*** *if they are working on it. Bound lasts for 30 seconds.* *'Bound does not prevent you from performing other conspicuous actions.'* **The change we are going to get for Eruption:** *Upon kicking a generator, Eruption will activate on the associated generator. When downing a survivor by any means the generator will instantly regress 7% and make any survivor working on a kicked generator reveal their location by screaming.* '*Eruption has a 120 second cooldown.'* BHVR has a good track record for overnerfing perks to the point where no one uses them anymore. Take a look at ruin, take a look at POP.. Just to name a few. I really wish at least 50% of the 219 perks in the game got used, but they simply don't cause of BHVR refusing to stop adding more and more and more and more!.. Can we chill out with adding more perks and just get the ones we have adjusted to function or be functional?


>When downing a survivor by any means It'll be basic attacks only and you know it


Most likely.


I think the change we should get is just the gen being blocked for 25secs (same as incapacitated time) or less once eruption triggers


Honestly, your idea sounds like a good nerf. I even think keeping the bound effect to 25 or even 20 would still not be that bad. Obviously we can't be sure since we can't test it out, but your idea while it nerfs the perk it doesn't make it outright useless.


Theres no change happening sorry to burst your bubble


So we lost Ruin and Thana, they tried to take away DMS and Pain Res and only brought it back because killers found a better combo, Pop is next to useless and now they’re targeting Eruption. I bet they’ll make it fair and balanced instead of just catering to survivors. /s


There comes a point where you have to just accept gen slowdown perks will always be popular no matter what and you can't just keep on nerfing whichever ones cycle into being most popular


That doesn't make sense. If they nerf all of them into mediocrity, people will absolutely stop using them.


I feel if you nerfed every slowdown perk into mediocrity people will absolutely just stop playing killer instead


DMS and Pain Res was a completely dumb nerf and uncalled for. This combo was much more counterable than Eruption, all you had to do was pay attention to the moment someone was about to get hooked. There was also Tinkerer + PGTW.


Now that solo was buffed they should revert a lot of the nerfs that were because of solo players but they wont


> they tried to take away DMS and Pain Res and only brought it back because killers found a better combo It wasn't even a better combo though, it was just a stupid edge case.


> and only brought it back because killers found a better combo Which one exactly do you mean? If youre talking about painres + merciless storm i personally think it wasnt better than old painres dms, but rather frustrating for newer players especially


I just hope to god they don't touch my beloved Deadlock.


*me who runs jolt and plays legion*


I'm just going to tunnel people out at this rate.


So is dead hard being nerfed??? Or…..??


of course not, remember it's only killer perks up for debate. You should know this already.


Probably a nerf, personally I think it should just block the gen, and can only affect up to a maximum of 3,wouldn’t kill the perk but would make it much more bearable to deal with


Hope they leave NOED alone. The aura reading was a welcomed change: Now you know where survivors may go. Now let it be.


Yeah NOED is fine and kinda fun now tbh




I love RNG! When it happends, happends.


Nerf perk that rhymes with bed shard


While bed shard is closer, I think bed shart would be more apt to describe the perk.




**Autodidact** – A fun but weak perk, there is literally no reason to run at the moment as Botany Knowledge is way better. I would have it be a farming perk like prove yourself and reward double blood points for healing others, up to the normal Altruism 10,000 Bloodpoints in that Category **Boon Dark Theory** – Increase the speed boost it gives from 2% to 3 or 4%. Doesn't do much currently, although the tweaks with this perk should be incrementally small for each buff lest we break the perk altogether. I've heard people say that even raising it 1% makes the perk OP. I personally don't believe that, but if it turns out that it is true, then the devs should consider giving this perk a complete rework. **Buckle Up** \- Love the 10% speed boost for 10 seconds buff, but its not enough. Perk is still underwhelming. Fortunately its easily fixed, just give it a 50% speed boost when healing downed survivors. Would be niche but a good support perk and combo nicely with We're gonna live forever. **Calm Spirit** – Lower the reduced speed to open open chests and cleanse/bless totems from the current 30% to 5% (15/10/5%). **Corrective Action** – Some players don't realize that this perk actually works on healing skill checks too, but even so its still a bad perk. I would make it so it also triggers when other survivors are healing you (even if its one survivor healing you). Another thing I would add is every time corrective action procs you get a small BP bonus for it. **Counterforce** – Increase the time you see the furthest totem from 4 to 6 seconds. I've run this perk in the past where it procs and I don't have time to see the totem because of how short it shows the aura. Its already the most situational and weakest of the totem finding perks. I think the buff would make it much more worthwhile to run. **Empathic Connection** – I really like this perk, but the healing on it is really just too low, especially since it doesn't apply to self heals. I would raise it from 10% to 20%.. **No Mither** – You start the match healthy like everyone else and No Mither doesn't activate until you get hit the first time, then it would remain active for the rest of the match. I also like the idea of it working like the new buckle up where you get a small speed boost for a few seconds when you get up off the ground. But the important thing to add would be to hide No Mither at the start of the match, so you could better mind-game the killer. **Poised** \- Raise the time of no scratch marks after a gen is completed from the current 10 seconds to 20 seconds. This is a really fun perk, but the problem is you have no control over it (outside of playing in a swf) and the time it gives you just isn't long enough. Has the potential to be clutch in a chase, but at 10 seconds just isn't useful enough. **Premonition** – Love this perk but the cool-down is too long. I would lower the cool-down from 30 seconds to 24 seconds. **Residual Manifest** – Would give you a green flashlight instead of a yellow one. I hate when you use this perk in a goblin build and have to give up a good item like a ranger med kit or purple flashlight for a yellow flashlight. Outside of that though, I just think its more fair to get a nice reliable green flashlight for bringing this perk over the basic yellow one. Alternatively this perk could guarantee a random flashlight instead of a specific rarity, that would certainly make it much more fun to run. **Resurgence** – A really bad healing perk, that is outclassed by a lot of other healing perks like Botany Knowledge or even Solidarity. I would make it so that Resurgence gives you immunity to hemorrhage. This makes it a much stronger perk and a counter to Sloppy Butcher. Fits the perk's and Jill's theme too, I don't think it would make it OP, just but definitely good. **Rookie Spirit**\- Stays the same but would also show you the progress of the regression from white to red. **Self Care** – Raise the healing without an item from 35% back up to 50%. This perk got nerfed too hard IMO and it probably never should have happened. Taking away its bonus for using med kits was enough of a nerf. **Self Preservation** – Raise the radius this procs from the current 16 meters to 24 meters. Would love it to proc at 32 meters, but I think that would probably be too strong, 24 though should be just about perfect. **Technician** – Stays the same but make it so where the 8 meter noise reduction applies to all survivors working on the same gen, can make it so the noise cancellation doesn't stack with itself. If 3 survivors are running technician for example and all 4 survivors are working on the same gen, its still just the normal 8 meter noise reduction and not 24 meters or 0 meters because the 4th survivor isn't running it. Alternatively or in addition (and this would be probably be even an even stronger buff) would be to make it so if you run technician the you don't see any lights coming from the gen at a distance. If they went this route though, I would not have it cover any extra survivors on the gen, only if they were all running technician. **This is Not Happening** – Several ideas here on how to fix this perk. One way would be to make it where when injured you have no skill checks. So basically its a double edged sword, you're trading efficiency for security. Alternatively make it so the great skill check success zone is 50% bigger and the good skill check zone is 20% bigger. Obviously those numbers can be tweaked for optimal balance, but you get the idea. Currently you can barely see the difference, making it a really bad perk. **Visionary** \- Would stay the same as now, but would also show you if a survivor is working on the gen. They could use the current color system they already have set up. Yellow for gens and Orange for gens being worked on. This would add some quasi-bond value to the perk and would really help for solo queue.


Great list. Calm Spirit could probably just lose the totem speed penalty entirely. It's kind of a strange penalty. With Poised, it might be interesting if it worked like Dark Sense, and when a generator completed, you got a token. If the Killer came within X distance of you, token activates and your track marks are suppressed for 10 seconds. Biggest issue with it right now is the Killer is often nowhere nearby when it procs.


as someone with elementary school levels of attention retention I am so grateful to whoever writes these notes


Can we just get a better use for keys and maps or change them for something else, that would be great


"After much consideration we decided that Eruption having a cool down just didn't fit with our vision. As such we've removed the cool down."


I want Dead Hard to get reworked (again) Also buffs to Ruin, Pop would be nice. They butchered both of them


I just want to play as victor without getting bugged :(


Were is this from?


I don't even care if they nerf eruption to me it's never been about the perks being too strong. I just want the bad perks to be good so the killers don't keep saying "well in order to 4k 99% of every match" like give them new shit to use


Personally, I think it would be best for the game if everything gen related got nerfed and everything chased focused got buffed. Chases are the best part of DBD and I would love it if there were more perks to change how they work.


Buff idea: Survivors hit with Eruption are instantly sacrificed and die in real life.


It’s always a strange back and forth with this game and perk changes. I’ve played it quite a lot now and *most* of my games tend to be against competent survivors. At the end of the day this game boils down to each side just using the most overtuned perks against each other in a horribly toxic meta arms race. It makes me wonder what the meta of the game would be like if the majority of the community got the changes they want.


This game will always and forever be an arms race because of how much the tide of the game can turn based on one item, one map offering, one perk, etc. It’ll never be balanced because that’s just how the game was conceived. Best we can ask for is for perks and items with no counter play or downsides to be brought in line with everything else. Of course it won’t stop players from bringing 4 regression perks, or 4 gen perks, or all iri add ons. At the end of the day, if one side really wants to win, they can almost guarantee it before the match even starts.


I just want to see a massive revival update of all the seriously underwhelming perks, stop bringing the meta down and bring everything else up, I want to see a surge of new types of gameplay!


how about one that rhymes with shmead lard, bhvr?


If I see a killer running the current meta perks and playing in a manner that ensures they stalemate the game, I understand they’re desperate for that W. To me it ain’t that serious and you can have it, no biggie. I’d take the loss at 10 min instead of double down and try to push through it for 30 min. You want it that bad, you can have it. Enjoy your high MMR streak. I enjoy off meta builds, they’re fun and memorable. Game is not fun when you run the same perk combo on either side all the time. Never understood this gotta win at all costs mentality some you are rocking.


As long as they don’t nerf Call Of Brine I could care less what they nerf


Please…I need hard nerf to deadhard Make it so when using deadhard you have 10 seconds to mend before dying, Like you should use dead hard to escape a chase and get away, not extend a chase for an extra fucking minute


bt borrowed giving a literal free escape in endgame is fine but noooo eruption so op


I hope dead hard is finally nerfed into irrelevance, for real this time I'm just so tired of seeing this perk every game since I started playing it


About time. Its almost like BHVR doesn't pay attention to the PTB and the issues players bring up. One thing I wish BHVR would understand is any type of playstyle that makes you unable to play the game for X seconds is not healthy and neither side enjoys it. Being locked out from doing 99% of all things in the game when Eruption goes off is frustrating to deal with. The player literally can't do anything but sit there. That isn't fun or engaging. There are other ways to make the perk strong than denying the player from playing the game.


Still waiting for an adrenaline nerf


This is a joke right.


You may be the only gamer in the history of DBD who has a issue with Adrenaline.


Adrenaline is annoying but it’s not worth nerfing because if Adrenaline popped then there was a 99% chance you weren’t winning that game anyway.


I know, I m weird. I really hate the perk.


I find it annoying that you can come off a hook healthy and with a speed boost with that perk, maybe if they had it not heal you off hook, that would be more fair


Best we could do is buff Eruption


Oh good, more killer nerfs and survivor buffs. As if the game isn't already insultingly survivor sided already.


Literally all data they have released tells you otherwise


The devs have released no useful data. We still don’t even have basic win rates.


What is a win to you?


Kill rates are right around 60%, right where the devs want it. That was before the HUD update. There will be roughly a 3-5 % decline in overall killrates (besides Nusre and Blight) just from the HUD changes alone. On the lower teir M1 killers, that puts them in a below 50% rate, on an asymetic game where the killer is suppose to be stronger the survivors. These effects are already being felt. I basically have a perma 100% bloodpoint Killer bonus, because there are relatively zero killers left at my mmr level compared to survivors. Huntress and Tricktser have taken a substantial nerf, just due to the increased efficiency of survivors punishing Locker reloads on most maps. Average heal time is substantially shorter then average locker reload, and now that solo players can tell when chase is dropped, who is healing, who is working on a gem, etc... those extra seconds it takes to reload are just too punishing. Anything less then 7 hatchets means you are at moat going to get 2 downs with 1 hatchet for error or a hatchet and m1 follow up, which is just not likely on the newer maps with bad collision. The devs have been pushing for a 2 kill 2 escape, for a couple of years now, but continue to make piece meal balance changes that leave the meta in limbo for 6 months to a year, and then when they do get to equalizing the balance, they throw an imbalanced wrench into the meta that undos what they spent the last 6 months to a year on balancing and we end up right back where we started. The devs need to either fully accept balancing around SWF otherwise we are going to be stuck in the same purgatory forever. The HUD update pushes the game closer to being able to be balanced for SWF but the devs seem to keep piece mealing and wavering to casuals, balancing without first collecting the actual data. At a certain point, the Devs are going to have to bite the bullet and accept there is a learning curve for the game, and incentivize players learning and getting better or keep appealing to only new players and hemmoraging the existing playerbase. Evemtually they will run out of potential new players amd existing players will be leaving the game if they dont get their shit together


Nearly 70 percent kill rate is insultingly survivor sided to you? I wonder what number would cause you to quit whining about a game that already plays in your favor, 100?


revert thana and ruin please, i don't care about a single other perk in the game i just want to turn off my brain go for flicks and never spend a single second thinking about kicking gens that's all i want ffs


Nerf all the gen rushing perks and toolboxes.


I play both sides, and I’m finding that survivor games are getting a lot easier in general, and killer games are getting a lot harder, in general. I feel like the new soloQ info is making soloQ work better, but gives the killer a slightly harder time, and now they’re going to nerf more killer perks. While I agree Eruption does need a change, I hope they actually try to balance games, because it’s definitely getting easier to get 4 escapes.


What about schmead schmard


Hot Take: Eruption is a fine concept for a perk. Incapacitated status effect is the problem. Eruption should just apply a different debuff, or maybe even take a health state/apply deep wounds. 🤔 Okay... I see why I'm not a DBD dev.


The gen explodes losing 10% of its progress, every survivor in a 8 mt radius from the gen, if injured, is broken for 25 seconds


My man, you have a beautiful mind. You found a way to make more survivors mald in a single perk change. They would be begging for the incapacitated effect back.


Nah gut tf out of Eruption


Hell yeah nerf the perk that interrupts my Gen simulator


God I hope the Devs don't screw this up. I had a Knight keep me in a game ( Solo Q) on Eyrie for over 40 mins. He was doing the 3 gen Eruption/CoB/Overcharge BS and he refused to hook anyone! He just kept slugging over and over, leaving us on the ground and running back to kick the last gen. I ended up DC'ing b/c my team mates kept picking me up and I had had enough. Then 2 face-camping Pinheads later, it was Deja-vu (not the perk lol), back to Eyrie of Crows, a Knight- and everyone (even tho we were Solos) just knew what was going to happen. One Steve even had the name "Knight Mains \*insert insult here\*". And it started again. But one Meg ended up tea-bagging so he chased her a bit too far, 3 of us jumped on it injured, and we finished even though I was grabbed off ( I committed!). He STILL wouldnt hook trying to slug everyone, but I Unbreakabilled, got the door and even got the Vittorio out. Game still took 38 freaking minutes. I'm so sick of this absolute crap lol.


If eruption gets hit (it is getting hit) they NEED to hit dead hard, sprint burst and decisive strike all 3 preferably, at LEAST 1, otherwise its back to survivor instawins constantly, everyone hate’s eruption because of interactions but no one realizes how much of a necessary evil it is. Game already favours survivors, and gives “power” to the killers through their powers or perks. And before everyone in this sub gets butthurt because this subreddit is like 90% salty survivors… im speaking facts, not opinion. Eruption. Is. LITERALLY. The. Equivalent. Of. Dead Hard. As for buffs? Discordance makes the gens repair slower/ start regressing when the survivors leave, the aura *changes* when a survivor hops off, instead of just lingering for 15? Seconds. NOED or NWO blocking the actual exit past the gate (like that one knight addon that makes power block it) if the survivor is injured and in chase with killer. Starstruck: why the hell is the effect so weird, i swear ive injured some people that shouldve died because they were pixels outside of my radius. I think it should give the instadown effect to killer in a certain radius from the hook/ be refined so the “survivors in terror radius) is continuously applied/checked


Its sad that perks that aren't even OP at all.. but end up being used more frequently as updates come out get destroyed because people dont want to adjust their gameplay. In 5 months, nemesis hits 2 years in dbd.. no one has complained about eruption until now. Almost 2 years.. and now it's OP? I personally think it's bullshit that they keep gutting perks that have been out for extended periods of time. But whatever. Curious what they're going to do to other perks too.


I mean it did get buffed right before it became meta. Part of the whole “meta shakeup”. Before then the incap was too short and the regression was negligible. They added 9 seconds and 4% respectively in patch 6.1


I think the 9 seconds to the incapacitated was what tipped it over if they did nothing to the regression and touched the incapacitated it would be a good middle ground for not killing the perk.


You're right I did forget about that minor buff. Well at worst I think it should revert back to its original state. Maybe keep the gen regression percentage. But I have a feeling they're going to completely gut the perk and make it useless


About damn time, might actually play this game again now


Hopefully Call of Brine, Overcharge, Prove and Hyperfocus also get nerfed. For buffs, I'd like to see Flashbang have tokens so you can carry multiple, Blast Mine to synergize better with Repressed Alliance, and a reduction to the Dragon's Grip and Trail of Torment cooldowns.


>Call of Brine, Overcharge By themselves the perks are completely fine are don't need nerfing at all


I don't think Call of Brine and Overcharge really need to be individually nerfed. By themselves, I would say they are fine. The developers could just set a rule that regression speeds from different perks don't stack. That way a killer could choose to take one or the other, but not be incentivized to stack both.


I would be very much in favour of that.


Here's an easy way to nerf Prove Thyself without gutting the thing. You don't get bonuses from people with Toolboxes and Prove Thyself is disabled when performing a Toolbox repair. Prove is honestly fine, but stacking it with shit is where problems arise. It's kinda the same with Call of Brine. Fine on its own, but when it's stacked with shit, it's miserable.


I swear to God, it's like y'all want the game to be the most streamlined boring experience possible. Call of brine is what ruin would do to every single gen, automatically. It works on just the gens you kick and it's easy to interrupt. Can be countered by simply touching the gen again. Overcharge is defeated by just hitting the damn skillcheck. And even if that's an issue, the killer need to kick the gen and the regression isn't even good until after a while, 30 seconds to get full effect. Basically needs to be paired with another kicking gen slowdown to be useful. Prove is the same since ages, it doesn't need any change. Doing gens together instead of spreading around already helps the killer find more of you at once, why would you make the only thing that makes being together while doing gens worse. It already has a price. Hyperfocus is barely any useful and there's a reason only 2% of the survs use it, watch the Otzdarva video about it. If you want to see some variety, buff things. It's full of shit perks. But stop wanting to nerf every remotely useful one. If they really nerfed every perk you said, what would killer supposed to use as slowdown? Gutted ruin? Gutted thana? They'd only use pain res and jolt, basically the only other two good one, and one was already nerfed and the other had to be buffed. And I'm 100% sure people would complain about them, too. Eruption is getting nerfed so I'm not mentioning it to begin with.


If you’re carrying blast mine and repressed alliance you misunderstood the assignment.


Tbf, before BHVR changed/nerfed the interaction they worked just fine together. You could blast mine the gen, hide while the killer kicked it, then sneak in and block it with RA while they were blinded. It was super memey, and mostly a waste of perk slots (sauce this basically just denied PGTW in that meta), but it could be pulled off. Now that they both activate on a single button press, yeah, there's definitely anti-synergy.


That's pretty much my point. At least give us different buttons to activate them individually.


Is it the end? Not if Eruption is the only one reworked. Eruption is incredibly strong but CoB+Overcharge are also powerful in their own right. Until they announce the other changed perks, it's hard to say where the meta will be trying to settle. As for perks I'd love to see reworked: Boon: CoH - Give it 3/4/5 tokens. Each time you place a boon you lose a token and once all tokens are gone you can't use CoH again. Boon: Dark Theory - Revert to 3% haste Wiretap - Extend to 24m Oppression - Reduce CD to 40 seconds. Hex: Ruin - Revert regression nerf to 200%, there's literally no reason to run Ruin rn Septic Touch - Complete rework, replace effect with: If a healing action is completed inside your TR, the healed survivor is exposed for 10/15/20 seconds. Might be too much but this perk is utterly useless Awakened Awareness - Revert the nerf this perk recieved because of Nurse now that she can't combine it with Starstruck. Hangman's Trick - In addition to current effects, sabotaging w/i the killer's TR is slowed by 10/15/20% Territorial Imperative - Range restriction reduced to 16m, it's a meme perk anyway Jokes: Self Care - Deleted. (Might be too strong a buff to survivors though) Dead Hard - Upon missing a dead hard, a global sound notification of "E" is played Eruption - The lobby is told in advance that you are running this perk and can opt out w/o penalty Whispers - Displays a help text explaining that you can use Nowhere To Hide instead Zanshin Tactics - Prompts user to ask if they meant to equip the perk, requiring a secondary confirmation that says "Have fun farming Pallets for that challenge" Shadowborn - Directly links the user to Shadowborn Anonymous so they can get over their addiction No Mither - Broken status displays in lobby so other survivors can leave Smash Hit - Nothing this perk is perfect /s Ace in the Hole - Name in-game is changed to Sussy Baka and all D/C penalties are revoked for the trial Diversion - A direct hit on a killer stuns them for 3 seconds


Damnit the complaints were REAL?! Eruption isn't even that bad🤣🤣🤣 Lethal pursuer+Barbeque is a bigger thorn in my side. Distortion has become my new borrowed time (main perk I won't switch out) because of the damn aura reading😤


Oh no killers will have to learn more than three perks to play the game if they nerf eruption! That or actually figure out how to not suck at the game