They're actually buffing eruption to kill survivors working on gens when it goes off.


Hint: it’s name will be changed to “Literal Blastmine”


“NoED this you fucking bastard” *places a literal claymore on top of the gen*


Could be a cool perk for survivors, ngl. Basically let the survivor gain a trap they can place in an area and when a killer walks by it sets off either blinding the killer or revealing them(whichever is more fair)


Do you have a minute to hear the word of our lord and savior, "Wiretap"?


New skin for Tapp confirmed


"Fucking C4"


when you enter a chase any survivor working on a generator will be teleported directly to a hook


Please get a job at Behaviour, this is an amazing idea


That's a perk already. Yesterday knight was no where near me, no heart beat, nothing. Grabbed me off a gen in a house in Haddenfield, and then we immediately teleported to the street next to a hook. Good shit 🙄


NGL this sounds like a fun perk/power. Constant confusion from the survivors getting warped all over the map


Now THIS we can all get behind!




Actually wait. Would it be a bad move to make it injure people working on it and apply deep wounds to people already injured. Or at the very least, that second part. Edit: Yes, the first part is too ambitious a reach. I do think the Deep Wounds nerf would complete the goal of slowing down survivors and also wont incapacitate them. I only suggested the first part because I think it would need something else (maybe extra % regression when triggered) to keep it more than niche with that nerf.


It should go a step further, it has a 10% chance of removing a perk from your character. Permanently. Call it gen roulette.


Im being serious. Obviously the injuring healthy people is a bit ambitious but applying deep wounds forces you to take time off the gen but not stop you from acting


Yes it would? Do a simple gen kick action now you can apply a free health state dmg or deep wound to already injured survivors low investment for high reward and does nothing to address how this perk disproportionately punishes solo que over SWFs nor the unhealthy gen kick meta this perk is part of


What the fuck is the "unhealthy gen kick meta"? The whole damn point of playing killer is to stop survivors from winning. It's a completely backwards argument to say that regressing gens is unhealthy because that's the core mechanic of the game.


>The whole damn point of playing killer is to stop survivors from winning. by chasing, downing, and hooking them. You've must have been out of the loop and dont know what the "gen kick meta" actually refers to. There is nothing wrong with the concept of gen regression there is however a problem when the killer does nothing but pick a 3 gen at the start of the game then kick it with eruption, brine and overcharge for the next 40-60 minutes while not actually chasing or downing anyone and only kicking gens.


you should watch that Hens video where he kept survivors in the game for an hour, just to prove unhealthy the meta was lol




The fact that this is serious and people actually upvoted just shows how insanely biased and/or misinformed (to put it extremely nicely) this sub is. But to answer your question, yes it would be a terribly bad move.


I wouldn’t mind like a 1-3 second “getting ready to erupt” kinda thing before it knocks you down a state


So completely useless as anyone could avoid it?


3 secs would be too long im fine with 1-1.5 seconds


The generator Sparks losing an initial 10% and gives a skillcheck, hit the skill check to protect the generator but lose a health state in the process, or run and miss the skillcheck causing extra regression. Health state or double regression 😈 Sounds like a perk that should be from Saw


I actually like the thought process behind this, and the number could be tuned so it's not busted. But it might be tough for casuals to understand what's going on. Guess that goes for most perks though lol


That's a genuine problem with nearly 300 freaking perks in the game. I'm around devotion 20 with a ton of hours and I struggle to remember what some perks do at time, there's just too many and I don't quite understand why we still need 3 perk tiers, it just adds to the mess


Fr. Like wtf is Poised? Self Preservation? I mean if somebody gave me the name of a perk I could probably tell them what it did (maybe not with exact numbers), but if a survivor stops having scratch marks and it's not Lucky Break then I'll have absolutely no clue why.


As long as they don't come for my Lethal Pursuer.


(me, a Distortion user) Yes, please don't touch Lethal.


"Killers shouldn't be able to see me as soon as the game starts, i want to have at least a few minutes of fun before i get tunneled out of the game" - coming soon


Literally three games yesterday where a killer immediately came for me using Lethal, then face camped until I died on hook. Luckily I was in a group of 4 so I just told them to keep working on gens and the doors were powered by the time I died so I felt like I was contributing in a way


That sucks. Maybe try out distortion and see if that makes a difference.


For real bro my aura huntress will not be the same without it


I'm perfectly fine with Eruption being nerfed. I just hope it doesn't go the way of Ruin, Pop, and Thana.


Maybe some more regression and a lot less incapacitation. Or make incapacitation only affect gens. I don’t find the perk overpowered so much as quite annoying.


I remember no one ever complained about old eruption. Maybe because it wasnt widely used, but there's a huuuge difference between 15 and 25 seconds when it comes to gens.


Here’s the kicker. It was in with a meta of ruin undying and pain res. Call of brine didn’t exist. Overcharge wasn’t buffed. Killers didn’t get their general buff. The regression got buffed too. The incapacitated was less. The gen didn’t regress while you were incapacitated. It was pretty good but the meta was just not there


The meta wasn't there because Ruin Undying didn't call for it and if you wanted to kick gens you were usually only gonna do it one time with PGTW. We had CoB from March until July of 2022 and no one was using it because Pop was good enough on its own.


I would be perfectly fine with just cutting the incapacitation time down. It feels just a tiny bit too long to play against, and when using it I notice the boom and regression far more than I notice that maybe someone was touching it and hasn't been able to do anything for awhile. I don't pick it for the incap.


It honestly felt fine to me before. I was shocked they buffed it, and now I can't run it anymore without getting complaints. I hope they just revert the buff instead of nerfing it into the ground.


There also needs to be an indictator buff for survivors. You can't visually tell if somebody has that effect on them. No, I'm not healing you because I'm an asshole. I literally can't heal you if I got hit with Eruption.


Oh wow is that not a thing? Now that we have those HUD activity icons, the Incapacitated status should probably display there.


They already had the broken icon even before the HUD activity changes. Idk why the incapacitated one isn't there either.


>Or make incapacitation only affect gens. Sneaky twins nerf lol


I'd be fine with them completely dropping the incapacitation if they keep the regress at a decent rate (10-20%). But knowing BHVR, it'll be the opposite, so it'll just be toxic and not actually helpful. Kicking gens takes time, especially for killers with poor map traversal/control, it should at least be on par with Pain Resonance. But they need to decide if they want to lean more towards Pain Resonance or Thrilling Tremors instead of doing a shitty combo of both (either pro survivor or killer).


Hahaha, your optimism is intoxicating


They did thana so dirty, about as bad as dying light now


imma be honest with ya, ALOT of meta perks back then got dropped to meme tier for both killers and survivors so.....yea


“We’ve decided eruption is performing too poorly, we have increased the incapacitation effect to 40 seconds”


”Also, we increased the immediate Progression penalty from -10% to -100%. This should slow the game down just enough.”


"We want players to really feel then need to get value of this perk, which is why we are making it so you can kick generators from anywhere on the map."


Plot twist: they’re buffing eruption so now gens will shoot lava on survivors who work on them


Nah there’s always a next most hated perk, people will go back complaining back to complaining about pain res + dead man’s switch combo Will be the same for killers to if dead hard is nerfed circle of healing is the next target.


Dude I would take current PR + DMS any day. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that build instead of standard Eruption cause at least I can DO SOMETHING.


Had a blight last night running PR, DMS, eruption, and deadlock. Shit like that makes me want perk catagories and limits on how many of one catagory you can have.


Always thought a point-based loadout system would work well for this game but BHVR would probably fuck it up considering the amount of things to take into account


perk synergy goes and fucks it up because perks that might be goofy memes on one build can be oppressive on others. Think "Impossible Skill Check" builds which are shit without the other perks.


I just did an impossible skill check build with freddy today, thanks to huntress lullaby being bugged We hit the 1 hour mark Hilariously enough though me and the survivors were givinf up around that point so i let them do gens, and just as they were going to open the exit gate the game ended and they were all sacrificed ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2070)


PR + DMS really requires fearmonger to work semi-reliably, and even then it definitely fails against teams. It's waaaaaaaaay less annoying than eruption cob overcharge lmao


Plus it has distinct and simple counterplay, *and* both Pain Res and DMS were nerfed. It’s still good, it’s just not horribly oppressive and definitely not as unhealthy as Eruption *by itself* is right now.


Atleast pain res requires you to progress the game to get your slowdown. You couldn't hold a game hostage for an hour eith pain res since you would eventually run out of people to hook.


I kinda miss the old dead man's switch when it combod with pain res (DMS used to only trigger if you hooked the obsession). I used furtive chase as a free way to change the obsession and probably surge to keep the gens in control, and it was fun! Not the strongest build but it stopped me from tunneling, kept people off gens and was overall a good time.


Genuinely hope they just make the gen get blocked as opposed to incapacitated. Only thing I despise about that perk is not being able to do anything effectively for the 25 seconds, wether it be heal or a totem. Do that and eruption is fine


I love having teammates go down in a field near my gen and not being able to flashlight or flashbang save them, it’s so much fun! Really though, yeah the incapacitated needs to go.


the problem with that is the extra regression it would get from not being blocked would then not happen and then when the block ends the other 3 survivors just hop back on and finish it, I would rather incapacitate allowed healing and totem work instead.


lol as a killer main im not sad about this believe it or not im not using eruption on my builds so i don't care that much


Same, Jolt and Pain Res/Pop combos have been my go-to since all of my mains are M1 killers.


I don't think jolt gets enough love.


Especially since the cooldown was removed lol


Loving Jolt on Deathslinger at the moment. Activates the same dopamine receptors that Eruption going off does but you don't need to stop to kick gens or anything like that (and people don't get so mad when you use it)


Jolt on the game is pure dopamine. I used to have a ss of like 5 gen regression score events on a single down, it was beautiful


Dont use Pop, its dogshit. Pain Res and Jolt are very legit though, especially with Agitation to reach those Scourge hooks


Lol I use Eruption, cause I just started playing again and love playing Nemesis. And I don't have any perks on other killers unlocked. Save for Demogorgon, cause free.


That's shambles early my friend.


Stop watching King Wolfe. Please.




I'll stick with my sloppy + Infectious + monitor/shadowborn and bloodwarden cheers


Monitor and shadowborn doesn't stack if you didn't know


I don't use monitor for it's FOV




Would kill to play whatever I want and not have 4 minute games.


Same, the survivors just die so fast


Nurse main?


The problem is that they won't buff anything to make up for it or keep eruption strong it'll become like thana, ruin, pop decent perks then they'll be a new best perk combo these meta "shake ups" seem to be making killer perks worse on average


I would be glad that all the complaining is going to stop, but I know everyone will just find something else to complain about once Eruption is nerfed.


Pain Resonance + Dead Man Switch will 100% be back in the spotlight for sure,expecting a post complaining about this combo in the next 3 months!


I don’t even own eruption, but I know enough that within the first couple hours of the nerf, killers will figure out the next strongest slowdown perk. And then this sub’s hivemind will have their next topic to beat to death. It was never about the strength of the perk. It’s always been about “we don’t like slow down, so we are going to complain about it no matter what.” The actual perk doesn’t really matter. Ruin/Undying, Pain Res/DMS, Pop, Eruption, etc etc. It’s almost just like this sub just likes to complain and doesn’t like the other side trying to win. Calling it now; people will bitch and moan just as much as they do now, except instead of eruption, it’ll be [insert different slow down perk]. Taking bets, what will be the next perk that survivors love to hate?


Call of Brine.


As a killer main, I call of brine is fine in a vacuum, it can just feel oppressive stacked with 3 other gen kicking perks


Agreed, it's 1 minute of double regression, if a gen is left alone to regress for an entire minute it's at most an extra 16% regression. Yes it's strong but not overbearingly so since the regression can be stopped with a tap of the gen


Literally the next day after nurse nerf there were calls for Blight to be nerfed next so yes, once you accept demands, new demands are made


Tbf people have been wanting blights add ons changed for a long time, some of his add ons are way too strong.


once they nerf eruption, everyone’s going to talk about call of brine 100%


It's almost definitely going to be back to Pain Res, especially since it still works with DMS.


Whats peoples issue with the pain res dms combo? Literally just look at the aura and get off gen when they are getting hooked then get back on. I know a lot of survivors barely pay attention to the game but seriously its such a simple counter. You already have people running to lockers to dodge barbecue which takes longer and you may never get confirmation that the killer even has it.


That's what I do, and I don't find any issue with the combo. I've still seen a handful of complaints about it though, and I think the only reason we don't see more is because Eruption is in the center of the community's tunnel vision.


It's strong with fear monger but that's 3 perks, it needs to be super strong if it's 3 perks dedicated to it.


Even then when you see someone get picked up and you know they have pain res just let go of gen. People are already comfortable waiting for barbecue so why not pain res?


Ya that's fair, kinda forgot about the new icons to show what everyone's doing. Could still be strong, if the killer carries them 10-15 seconds that's a lot of gen progress not made.


Get ready for the call of brine whiners I guarantee it.


Oh man, you missed the opportunity for "The Call of Whiners" lol


That's your contribution though!


Lol I'll take it, but fwiw I think you're 100 percent right. If eruption indeed gets nerfed, Call of Brine will definitely be the next trendy perk to hate


Using this in my video response to this nonsense. Thanks


I think deadlock will also be in the complain pool


Yup. Pretty much anything good on “the other side” will have calls for a nerf. Literally no matter what it is.


Pain Res. Again.


Sounds a lot like killers with Off the Record, DS, DH, CoH, WoO, PT, Hyperfocus. And i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot more.


I still don't understand why anyone is upset by Windows. It's genuinely so easy to remember what loops are where on killer, at least for me, so Windows just gives survivors the ability to tell as well as you can. DH sucks, though. Every other perk here is fine to me, but DH will never be fun to go against.


Almost no one was actually upset about windows. A couple content creators made videos about it and people started assuming that killer players in general somehow hated the perk and wanted it nerfed. But as far as I can tell, that was never true. If you check out those threads from last week talking about the WoO "complaints" you will see that some of the most common replies are things along the lines of "Wait, who is complaining about WoO?"


Ok, cool, cause I wondering. I always thought that perk was barely even influential in my killer games, it's just comforting for survivors to have.


I think most of the complaints about windows come from ppl playing weaker killers that get absolutely bodied by survivors who can actually make good use of a map's resources due to a lack of good chasing power to counteract chaining stuff together. But even then the problem isn't *really* Windows is it? A really good survivor Windows would have done the same thing. The problem is map generation, which sometimes gets mitigated by survivors simply not knowing where things are (or, whether a tile has been used up.) I love it though, it's a super necessary solo-queue perk.


The thing that gets me is that every stat on every map that BHVR posts can be summed up as: "solo queue exist in over 95% of games and have never had a positive escape rate of 50% or higher on any map against any killer for years". Like that doesn't mean CoH wasn't a problem, but it does mean your average survivor isn't anywhere near the meta killers that average a 3k every game.


I've said this in an old post and I agree lol


Gen meta is being enforced. Eruption bad, yes, but gens being completed in 40 seconds also bad yet no changes there.


I know! Let's massively buff gen efficiency, then massively nerf killer's ability to prevent gens from being done! Is this the "proper balance" all the survivor mains were preaching about when we complained about gen efficiency skyrocketing?


Funny you say this, but the massive update last year went the exact opposite way. Gen repairs times got increased and slowdown perks got buffed in the exact same patch. BHVR’s reasoning for the gen time being increased was so killers would bring less slowdown, but all it did was encourage killers to bring more slowdown perks.


The shakeup to add gen times was the right direction, but then they fucked it up with releasing hyperfocus, overzealous, built to last change, etc. more and more perks that stack with prove thyself and BNPs to finish gens faster than ever. There was a typically strict avoidance to develop perks allowing gen speed upgrades up until fast track (fair perk tho) was released with yun jin. After that all these other perks started stressing the killers out. people complaining about 40 second gens have the small group of survivors running these perks to blame and BHVR for speeding up potential gen clear times, despite the default being longer for those that don’t use them. A gen can take between 90 seconds or 35 for just a single survivor, which ranges even wider when teammates or killer perks are accounted for.






I mean yeah why would you bring any other perks other than slowdowns or aura reveals as a killer ?


It’s almost like once we get a super unfun and unbalanced perk out of the way the devs will be able to make adjustments to other areas of the game to make it better for everyone…… also nowhere in that post do they say their not making adjustments to survivor gen perks. Maybe just wait till they actually announce what’s being changed to complain?


Pretty much. Wonder what survivors are gonna cry for when our only choice is to 3-gen right at the start because all the gen perks are nerfed to fuck.


In 3 patches the winning start will be camping the 3 gens you spawn closest to because the rest will be complete before you reach them


killers already 3 gen? With eruption and Resonance infinite stall. You living in a cave?


Oh no, now what can we complain about next?


It's usually overused Perks. They don't have to be OP for the other side to complain. So I am guessing survivors will want a CoB and PR nerf since they are the most common


Funny how people want Call of Brine nerfed when it hasn't gotten any changes since release and barely got used at all before Eruption buff


CoB has always been sneaky good, it just takes eons for the DBD community to catch onto things because everyone is afraid of change


Each other


call of brine


The other perks better be the ones that make gen times so volatile. Ngl the game needs some sort of core overhaul. Because the whole 4 survivors being almost impossible to deal with. Then Killing one making your game a cake walk/blowout needs to change.


I've been a proponent for a long time that gen speeds should be dependent on the number of survivors remaining. It would reward killers for spreading pressure. It would also mean getting 8 hooks with no kills wouldn't be a death sentence anymore because the gens are taking longer to complete. For the same reason it would discourage tunneling and camping since getting someone out of the match early means gens will go by quicker. The hard part is obviously figuring out what numbers to use without breaking the game. Youd also have to make it not work on a DC so it couldn't be abused by survivors.


I partially agree with this, but SWF would use strategic deaths in order to force Hyperfocus Gen Domination (HGD)


Honestly that isn't a horrible idea. I think with the right numbers that might work.


I wish that iron will would be useful


It is still useful if you don't run exhaustion perks. You'd be amazed how good it works with Resilience and Deception.


I feel like everyone has their headphones at like a million


Use it with ada, she's stupid quiet.


You guys have headphones?


I actually thought about running Iron Will, but then to test it I went into a dummy account and injured my character to see what would happen. It was like the perk did nothing. A 75% reduction in audio volume is still easy to hear, even near a generator. What the perk should do IMO is decrease the radius of the cries as well as volume, sorta like perks that decrease Terror Radius.


That's exactly what it does. The radius where injured noises are audible at all is reduced 75%. Its the same with Technician/Surveillance with gen-repair noises. Iron Will doesn't do much when you're just on the other side of a wall less than 4 meters from the killer, which is what is intended.


Must be an ash main


It was a nerf that made sense. Being injured is meant to be a bad thing. You're: leaving blood trails and easier to track, making noise and easier to find/track, and can go down in one hit. Blood trails are the most minor of the dangers of being injured. Being 1-hit to down can be still take a while if you're a good looper, have DH or can 99 a heal. Iron Will -permanently- eliminated the noise aspect of being easier to find and meant that being injured didn't impact your ability to mindgame the killer after breaking LOS at all. It trivialized the dangers of being injured both in and out of a chase for higher level players and meant healing could be largely ignored since being injured wasn't dangerous enough.


“We are reducing the incapacitation effect from 25 to 20 seconds! This will allow survivors the chance to return to objectives more quickly, but still retain the important power of the perk”


I hope they update other perks. Perks like Guardian / Babysitter is less useful as the haste boost doesn’t stack. Or perks like Premonition has no viable use.


Guardians haste boost does stack it's just bugged where it only gives 3% instead of 7


How did it take over 3 years for the developers to "nerf" Dead Hard but it was only a matter of months until Eruption was nerfed?


How did it take over 6 years for the developers to “nerf” nurse but only 3 year for dead hard?


Tbf a large amount of Killers actually also wanted the Nurse Nerf and sympathized, she's been stupid for a long long time. Only Nurse Mains and HARDCORE Us vs Them Killers defended Nurse. Whereas DH always had and still has a high amount of Survivor Defenders. Big difference.


As an M1 killer I’ve been begging for nurse nerfs so we can get decent M1 perks


EXACTLY! Nurse been screwing over Survivors and Killers alike for years.


This...not a killer main but I know Nurse and other kills who ignore game mechanics completely break game balance for weaker killers.


Yep, having all the perks balanced by how well nurse could use them was a huge pain for killer mains that don't want to play meta.


Nurse has received many nerfs over the course of that time






Clearly there paying more attention to balance, smh dbd players can’t be happy without bitching about something


Like how it took years for the killer to be able to close the hatch


Damn that sucks (I literally have not kicked a gen in months).


Never used any gen kick perk in these 4 months so I see this as an absolute win


Injured survivors working on a gen afflicted with eruption now get put into the dying state when triggered


Update comes in december 2023 plot twist


Funny how you think we killer mains care so much about eruption. I'm all for more healthy perks and stuff like nerfing the nurse so we could actually get some good perks later hopefully without worrying about nurse abusing it as much


I don't think anyone liked Eruption. people will just move onto the next best slowdown perk And I'll continue to use any slowdown that doesn't involve kicking gens because holy shit kicking gens is the least satisfying thing ever


> kicking gens is the least satisfying thing ever Even with (pre-nerf) pop?


I hope the next nerf rhymes with bed bard


Gives the endurance status effect when hit within the 0.5 second window (no deep wound) but also doesn’t give a speedboost Only good in loops and not for running away to another one I don’t know how else to nerf it without another massive rework


If they make it you can only avoid death ONCE then it would already be strong but you cant spam it and it can be used only once, so Killers dont have to wait, they might eat the DH but wont have to worry for next time


My idea for it is that the deep wound should progress in chase. So you can use it to take an extra hit but you still need to escape and mend


Do you remember moonwalking legion? Not fun


I think it just shouldn’t exist as the survivor controlled endurance perk it is. It needs a massive rework


Not to mention that no matter how rare this actually is, it can be auto-scripted by pc players which I personally cannot think of any other perk that can be used that way.


yeah what BHVR doesnt realize is you can script it based off of *sound cues* which can not be detected by cheating software.


It’s actually ridiculous. I know killers can obviously cheat via aimbot for ranged killers but can you imagine the uproar of killers had a perk that you could use a script to automatically activate at your convenience.


They've nerfed like every gen perk. Make it stop. I'm a former survivor main who has recently been playing killer more and I get it now. Playing killer is miserable against SWFs, and now with the new updates that show survivors what their teammates are doing because now people actually do stuff.


For the love of god just revert (or remove) the incapacitated


I don't even use the perk, and I agree it's annoying. But I plan to laugh when players complain about pain res again even though it's quite fair. Waiting for loop nerfs.


>Waiting for loop nerfs. This or DH Nerf/Tweak. Killers need to be INCENTIVIZED to Chase, not punished.




Yeah I mean I’m happy about the nerf to eruption, I don’t want them to mess with the regression though, because you as a killer still have to take the time to go kick the gens so there should be ample reward for the time spent kicking the gens, just please make it less boring to play against, actually mind numbing to get hit with 25 seconds incapacitation cause I’m not on discord with my random teammates so I can’t predict when to get off the gen


I can’t wait. But I’ll wait in game for 30 seconds each time I get erupted until it gets patched.


Honestly, what if they just nerfed the time a bit and made it a skill check thing? One of the big issues with eruption is that there isn’t any good counterplay to it.


cant wait for this to be like the nurse "nerf". jokes aside, id be completely fine with the perk if they updated the info part of it and just took away the incapacitation, as its the only scream-triggering perk that doesnt get a global sound-effect when the survivor gets hit by it(only way to tell a cross-map hit being looking at the gen for the scream aura). ive seen people ragequit and then blame their teammates for not doing gens, when i know they were hit by eruption -_-


So here's the thing, I've yet to see killers defend the strength of Eruption, I've only ever seen killers compare it to Dead Hard. I realise I'm killing the joke with this but I don't expect killers to be torn up by any nerf that Eruption may get, more that they will also want something done about Dead Hard. We all know eruption is way too strong, we all know it needs nerfed, I don't think killers are white knuckling their mouse at this news.


If you just cut eruption time by a few seconds it would be fine. Or at least show when I’m affected.


Hope eruption change is a fair one that allows survivors to do any non-gen action and not a terrible perk killing change


As devastating as the Dead Hard nerf was for survivors


Me who has never used eruption


mfw all surv mains think killers slot 4 eruption perks and nothing else


I just want a SWF nerf 😭 like a 2% action speed penalty if you que with someone, anything man it's rough out here in high MMR with all these guys on coms


Idk man, as someone who has stayed the fuck away from eruption, I’m pretty happy the perk’s getting a change. It’s annoying for survs and ruins the fun by making people wait out an incapacitated effect, so I’d be pleased to see that go.


How many more survivor buffs / killer nerfs are needed?


I won't complain, if Toolboxes, Leader and Prove Thyself are nerfed too. Because seeing 3 gens pop in 45 seconds is what made me play this perk in the first place


Cool, been going Blood Warden, Fearmonger, Tinkerer; and Trails of Torment. Hope they add or buff the undetectable perks. Like make Beast of Prey useful plz.


I played Thana back when it wasn't meta over every other regression perk. Then survs bitched about Thana after everything else was nerfed and got Thana butchered. After eruption gets nerfed survs will just bitch about the next new meta. Killers will get tired of the nerfs and queues will be back to 15 mins for survs. Killers will finally get buffed after survivor numbers and revenue start dropping drastically. Repeat entire cycle.


good job turning this into a us vs them situation.