Time to spin the wheel of what slowdown perk will become meta next and then be nerfed back down, such is the way


Call of brine probably


Wouldn't be surprised if both got nerfed this cycle. BHVR has been receiving a ton of negative feedback on how awful the 3 gen kick meta is. And kinda rightly so, there's not much most survivor teams can do unless they are ultra coordinated to counter it. Right now if a killer picks 3 gens to defend at the start of the match with those perks it's ggs almost every time, it shouldn't be that easy to do.


Maybe they should address the reason every single meta this game has had has killers running gen regression in the first place? But nah, lets not address the issue only the symptom. Oh and the issue got worse because the survivor with the knight game with gen progressing perks and how much do we want to bet that none of those have been nerfed. Friendly reminder you can do a gen in 30s without a toolbox.


30s without a toolbox? Is that if all 4 survivors have prove thyself on the same gen? Sorry noob here just trying to understand. My gens never get done that fast.


You act like killer didn't get the most game changing buff last mid chapter. Base killer recieved 3 chase buffs and each gens takes 90 seconds which is much longer. You say they haven't addressed gesn going by fast but the mads chase quicker and gens longer. The base game is much nicer to killers right now, especially when they run multiple gen kicking perks. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that they buffed killer, but if you're still struggling at this point it sounds like a you problem. And if you're reliant on those perks than maybe get good without them.


Basekit borrowed time says hand me my beer.


Don't tunnel and you’ll never see base kit borrowed time.


Don't do gens you won't see a increase in gens repair timers


That’s a stupid comeback


Gens are the objective. Tunneling is a cop out.


At the same time, holding a 3 gen is literally the only way to counter decent survivors with PT and toolboxes (usually with max charges and built to last) which is basically 90% of my games at my MMR.


>which is basically 90% of my games at my MMR. That's the biggest load of BS I've read all week. High mmr is a myth and not even biggest name streamers like Otz or Tofu or competitive players like KnightLight get toolboxes with BTL 90% of their games. Edit: even they get average mid level survivors mostly, with the occasional (definitely not 90% of the times, more like 10%) gen-rush squad.


Yeah High MMR died with the MMR change where they reduced queue times and expanded the range to make games faster.


I didn't say I was high MMR. I said at my MMR because that's my experience. You can choose not to believe me if that makes it easier for you to maintain your narrative, but it doesn't make it true. I didn't say every game of mine is a highly coordinated SWF trying to pop gens asap, I just said 90% of my games have PT and/or toolboxes with extra charges and usually BTL on top of that. I think very few of my matchea actually are SWF, it's just that even solo queue tend to bring PT or a toolbox with lots of charges. I understand why they do it, I'm just also saying that holding a 3 gen is about all you can do when decent survivors are just sticking to gens with various things that increase gen speed. It's a good strategy for survivors and so it doesn't surprise me that its very common among people with 1k-2k hours (and that's about the average I see of players I can check). And unless you get an insanely high pressure start, you're either going to hold a 3 gen to slow the game down or you just lose.


That's why I've been advocating for all of Eruption, Overcharge, Call of Brine, Prove, and Hyperfocus to be nerfed. And yet I got downvoted big time yesterday for saying that in a different thread.


Why hyperfocus though? Because if you want to use it consistently you already need to bring another perk for it and also not get interrupted which is quite hard to do without communication


>you already need to bring another perk Non-great hitter found ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2070)


Because gens fly too fast, and prove/hyper are the main two culprits.


That's the biggest problem, the synergy with Stake Out. Against some killers, notably Wesker or anyone running Distressing, you can send gens insanely quick with those two perks and not have to work for it. If they made it so that you have to hit the great skill check zone to get Hyperfocus value, problem solved IMO.


Maybe you don't deserve to beat survivors that good. Maybe you're supposed to lose to people who are better than you


Yeah, I think they should nerf the info aspect of it so it no longer btfos surveillance


Only Nerf i see happening to It is a cooldown or remove the info ngl


I think cob is fine, but agree they may try to be aggressive in kick meta. If they were to apply it, I think something as simple as the first good check notifies and after that, for the minute no others would/no re-kicking would start it.


Surge probably


Bring back old pop. Rewarded killers for getting downs and gave an incentive to not camp.


Exactly. These people don't want killers tunneling and camping well then got dammit y'all are the majority of the player base so y'all should be the ones yelling at BHVR to bring back anti-tunnel-/anti-camping perks back. From now on develop gen regression peeks that have contingencies that require to NOT camp or tunnel. More of this : Thanatophobia, pop goes the weasel, dying light buffs, Oppression (Twins perk), Pain Res, Jolt, Sloppy Butcher buff (to deal with the outrageous healing meta or just add healing into Thanatophobia buff) Less of this: eruption, call of Brine, overcharge, etc synergies (Edit: Actually don't touch call of Brine. Y'all can nerf the others. And as a healthy tradeoff, buff call of Brine and I will take that and then y'all can nerf eruption, overcharge, etc. Not perfect but I would definitely wouldn't mind to debate about it and see what killers survivors would add or delete to make the majority of people happy on both sides


Wasnt old DMS crap to use because it was extremely dependent on the Obsession only?


Yes; it would only trigger when you hooked the Obsession which meant it would only trigger at most three times per match unless you also ran something like Nemesis or a survivor hit you with DS. DMS is still situational and reliant on pairing it with regression perks that cause survivors to scream and let go of the generator to block the generator off.


It was honestly a pretty decent build, 40 seconds of slowdown or more with certain killers, it wasn’t just free. And then they got rid of the obsession requirement and it just because pretty dumb, free 60 seconds when paired with pain res


I really liked pop tbh. It was so satisfying seeing the gen instantly just drop dead.


Whats the difference with old pop and the new one?


New one does 20% of the gens current progress. Old does 25% of max progress


It’s criminal that pop was nerfed when it was arguably one of the most fair slowdown perks in the game. And I don’t want anyone bringing up how it’s op on blight and niece, because duh, what isn’t? They can make frigging territorial imperative look broken lol


Yeah, I wasn't playing when Pop was meta, but just looking at it, it's so well balanced. You have to get a down, hook someone, and then go kick the gen you want to hurt. It incentivizes you to go after people instead of just hovering around the gens, and it discourages camping because you have to walk away to use it, unless you got a hook right on top of the gen you want to hit. I think Nurse has long been one of the things that has kept this game from being healthily balanced, simply because she could abuse so many things that are otherwise fine. I'm hoping that the changes they made to her tuned her down enough to allow balance decisions to stop being controlled solely by her existence, and Blight's.


THIS (Although I don't agree with second paragraph. I do want survivors and killers to have a little bit of fun by being able to bring really strong things sometimes but that's just me)


Yes, say it more. People ignoring pop when it was my favorite perk that I synergized with old BBQ! It was the best of times!!!


I loved old bbq. Yeah you basically have half the perk basekit if incentives are on your side but that's not the point really. It encouraged you to hook equally, which I liked.


I loved it too! I just made a comment about grim embrace too that would be a good idea. It would lead to more anti-tunneling/ anti camping gameplay too but definitely would like some feedback on what people think to tweak it to perfection


Why tf is DMS here? It was only ever good cause of PR


They gutted its duration thanks to PR. Now as a standalone perk it's pretty useless.


Was it ever a useful standalone perk? Except maybe on artist?


45 seconds made it actually usable for killer's capable of frequent interruptions without pain resonance. Pinhead, Doctor, Artist, Twins, Freddy. If nothing else, it increased the effective duration of the perk. Usually there is 10-15 seconds before someone let's go of a generator, leading to a 30 second block. Now, the block typically lasts for 15-20 seconds unless you are artist.


Nah, it's really like 5-10 seconds as Artist. Good survivors will take the first bird, remain on gen, and then dodge the second. Which is more than 1 bird was sent after hooking then 10 second cool down between sending another round of birds. Which are easily dodged. Not to mention, gotta walk 8 meters away from the hook, wait 1.5 seconds to bring up power, then the flight time. It used to be good on her. Now it's honestly not worth it.


Barbeque and Chilli maybe?


With high mobility killers such as Blight and Hillbilly you could scare them of gens after seeing them with BBQ


I miss old BBQ and POP!


A good question But dropping from 45 seconds to just 30 is huge. Now it definitely requires PR or something else to work with.


Anything that forces survivors to let go of the generator.


Message to Cote': We want old DMS BACK!


I ran DMS before they removed the Obsession clause from it. It was surprisingly strong, even then.


Doctor can get value


PR + DMS only ever worked on baby survivors, any good team would let go of the gen at the right moment.


Solo queue does not have the luxury of having comms is the thing


You don't need comms, you can see the aura of the survivor as they're being hooked


What? How? I only see the survivors when they lie on the ground and at the moment they are hooked. Nothing in between.


you can't see the survivor being carried ofc but you can see where they went down, so you know where to look hook-based perks don't activate until the hooking animation is finished, but the aura becomes visible again the moment the hooking animation starts so you have \~1s to react give or take


Yeah thats why feamonger was such a good pairing with it, but then that only left one perk slot available to play around with, they could probably combine a few of the more useless stand alone killer perks and i dont think too many people would be upset


Furtive chase DMS rancor was my go to on Slinger for a while, back in the dark times of not being guaranteed good perks, but that build got murdered by DMS no longer being an obsession perk. I'm sure that's what OP is referring to.


Thana isn’t dead, it’s only usable on Plague and Legion, which are the only 2 killers who got any value from them to begin with.


Yeah really funny they nerfed thana after the buff because it was too strong on them and now it's still strong on then and ONLY usable on them lol


I feel like Thana has changed a lot in what it actually does though. Against Legion you get heals out on a few survivors to avoid the 4 stack bonus slowdown and on Plague you just cleanse. It's definitely a step up from old thana that you just ignored and tried to not be bored to death by.


Before the nerf I ran Gift of Pain pain with it on Deathslinger and it was pretty good, but the nerf absolutely killed the combo.


God forgbid you run a niche build on a mid tier killer


Legion can't get full value out of Thanatophobia. It is too easy to counter play Legion right now, don't even bother, every main Legion is running anything but thanatophobia, you need some pretty dumb survivors and a hell lotta luck to get a 4 hit streak, not the mention it's time consuming and survivors can get two gens done while you are at it


incentive to heal, most good players dont even bother healing


one thing i could never stand about games is that when they make changes to the meta it’s never about making other perks better or more viable. instead of buffing perks like hoarder, they decide to gut perks people like. the devs should just work on making different perks and strategies more appealing and viable on both sides. i’d rather have a wide swath of “op” things than a bunch of perks and abilities with no real use.


It's like the devs at BHVR haven't heard of Dominant Strategy game theory. If they nerf whatever the current meta perks are because they are used too much because they are good perks, players will just migrate to the new strong perks because not running them is handicapping yourself if you have access to them.


Yeah, can't wait for Plaything/Pentimento to replace the gen kick meta when CoB/Eruption is nerfed out of existence then people will just immediately swap to complaining about that. The most effective killer perks are shit that give the killer more time because this isn't a horror game, it's a cat herding simulator with a timer attached. This game seems to have the only community who frowns on people actually playing to win. Like every DBFZ player hates the fusions but understands why Monke Gogeta/Godgeta and Deleto Blue are in every other match online because they're OP and super fun to use. DBD players be writing the opponent's name into the book of grudges the moment they see an Eruption or Dead 'ard.


The point is to shake up the meta if you want to do that with buffs only you need to make some seriously game breaking shit and that won’t be healthy for the game. Along the lines of niche perks like hoarder they won’t ever be meta unless they do something really stupid because of how inconsistent they are until hoarder starts regressing gens 99% of the killer roster won’t even blink at it


Exactly. Buffing and only buffing is how shit starts power creeping too op


I don't like when the balance to shake up the meta thing happens in games. If it were well balanced the meta would have more variety to begin with. Gutting one thing and over buffing another is gonna be stale soon enough. Its only fresh for a week maybe.


i’ve seen some really interesting suggested changes to perks like hoarder. one that i recall was suggesting it puts any items survivors bring and locks them in a chest for them to find. in addition to the auras showing. i think that’s a perk worth bringing! it’s not that every perk needs to be meta, i just think every perk needs to feel viable and useful in the game. i’d rather the devs deliver interesting buffs and maybe some slight changes to overpowered perks rather than demolish anything worth running. there’s definitely a balance to be struck and i don’t think the devs have done that.


The point of these balance changes is to shift the meta I’m not saying perks such as hoarder shouldn’t be buffed but the top tier perks need to be nerfed so that we actually get some variety. It’s boring playing against the same slowdown/second chance perks every single game


Right let's just pretend they haven't been buffing weak perks like coulrophobia, deadman's switch, windows of opportunity, overcharge, off the record, distortion, hope, lucky break, built to last, we're gonna live forever, lightweight, boil over, breakdown, any means necessary, saboteur, wake up!, dark sense, pharmacy, eruption, left behind, technician, solo survivor, small game, no one left behind, streetwise, vigil, bond... The problem isn't that they don't buff weak perks, it's that the changes happen so painfully slowly, or that they are too much/not enough.


Ruin was fine, Pop was fine, good riddance buffed Thana that shit was unreasonable, good riddance Eruption you will not be missed in your current form.


I think this meme isn't just about how a perk got nerfed, but about how much it was nerfed. For example, after the buffed Thana got such a negative reception the developers could have just reverted the buff to what it was before. Instead, it got reworked into an even more niche perk than it already was.


Maybe. Thana as it is now is a numbers perk: too much and everyone and their cousin runs it, too little and no one will care.


I think the bigger issue is that the rework made it an all or nothing perk. You either have everyone injured and get a sizeable gen slowdown, or you get almost nothing. If the top level slowdown was too much I would have preferred that to be nerfed down instead of a mechanic where a single survivor getting healed suddenly drops the effectiveness of the perk by more than half.


In theory I'm fine with the idea of the fourth being injured too being a factor, if only for the "don't tunnel someone out at the start of the game factor". However, medkits strong, CoH strong, healing is generally the meta. Maybe we could tweak the numbers a bit, make the slowdown more significant per injured survivor again (but not to the amount the Painful version of Thana was), and have a different effect happen on fourth person being injured? What the effect is is important though. I'd like to say "broken for X amount of seconds", but other options would be nice to explore, too.


I feel like 4% per injured surv to a max of 16 is fine, maybe 4.5 or 5? I don’t remember what old thana was like.


it was 5% per surv injured


It's core issue is that it's a rich get richer perk. You don't do anything to earn it other than already be winning pretty handily. There's also nothing to it other than number reduction. Not exactly interesting. Just a bad perk all around. A number of ways to fix that though.


The only two killers to get consistent value of Thana are Legion and Plague, true. The rest don't really have a consistent use of it.


So Thana would've gone from 22% to 20%... Wow what a nerf.


Yeah, a nerf back to its original value. I don't remember a whole lot of calls to nerf the old Thana.


There was. Well, not to nerf Thana per se, but to make it less oppressive on Legion and Plague.


2% buff


Thana was buffed by fucking 2%. TWO PERCENT. The perk was already unbearable, more people just began to run it.


Sometimes a small buff is all that's needed for more people to pick something, making it a problem. Eruption's always had the Incapacitated effect, albeit shorter, but I literally never saw it before it became meta.


Because it was increased by 10 seconds, which also increases how much regression the perk gave due to it not being interrupted. It requires context. 10 seconds for Eruption is much more impactful than 2% for thanat.


That was not even my point. For Thana, you do need to factor in the high chance of survivors spending time mending/healing/cleansing to get rid of the fourth stack of it. Not 100% guaranteed, but highly likely, at least in low to mid MMR, I'd wager.


This isn’t fair you have to realize they also increased gen times by 10 seconds at the same time so it was sort of double buffed in the same update


Okay? It's still 2%. That's like saying they buffed Pop. Thanataphobia was fine as it was in it's buffed state. For context, 2% is 1.8 seconds (I think).


Thana was only unreasonable on Legion and Plague. Nerf their interaction with it.


Ruin was not fine, especially since totems have the weirdest rng and it always depends on the map. But they went too far with the ruin nerf


I say "fine" from the survivor perspective, I should say. In other words - at least in the MMR I played with previous Ruin, it was rare to have a killer who could wreck the team in an efficient enough way that either prevented Ruin from being cleansed, or kept gens hard regressed. That's not to say it had no effect, but it could be worked with.


Thanatophobia before the perk change 2022 was fine just the way it was


Unironically, please bring back the days of Ruin/Undying and PR/DMS.


Isn’t PR/DMS still working?


Definitely still works, just to a far lesser degree. I run it in a fair majority of my games (admittedly I know for a damn fact I'm not MMR-capped) and I usually can buy myself a decent amount of time in most matches.


Both those perks got nerfed.


But you still get interrupted on the gen and therefor activate DMS. At least that’s what I have in mind


can confirm, was a victim to it by an extremely talented demo a few days ago


If they want to switch the meta from gen rush/gen kick they need to buff perks related to chase. Not exhaustion perks but others. Zanshin is useless. Bamboozle could use a buff to shift the meta. Superior Anatomy with a shorter cooldown. Yeah looping would be harder but gens wouldn’t be kicked from 80% to 0 all game


You missed aprrtunety to make two doors with ruin


Honestly think they should undo that last Ruin nerf. So many people ran it because it didn't have any competition. But now you have Call of Brine, Pain Res, Deadlock and Eruption, which I'm hoping they just revert the buff they gave it cuz it was just fine before.


I hope jolt survives


Is there any chance that grim reaper has time to visit survivor doors like tool boxes? Or nah?


I never thought seeing purple perks with 1 mark next to them would be so cursed


You can kind of counter DMS and PR but getting off the gen right before the survivor gets hooked, still takes some guessing. You cant counter Eruption at all, unless your on coms, theres no way to always tell if the survivor goes down. Then you can't do anything for for that amount of time...good riddance


>still takes some guessing Not after the first time. You can see the glow of the hooked survivor about a half second before the actual hook, so it's easy to look out for that and jump off the gen.


PR+DMS is 100% counterable, unless the survivor is chilling and don't care, they can see the aura of the survivor before getting hooked.


Eruption true, but for pain res you can watch until you see the aura of the survivor about to land on the hook before it goes off. It’s slightly less than a second window.


I still run Hex ruin, treats me just fine. Dead mans switch always seems to be effective when I'm a survivor too


Tbf, they do this with perks for killer and survivor. Ones that I find the most annoying are iron will and decisive. Like I was basically only running iron will because I don’t want to hear my character being so loud when injured.


Just use Bite The Bullet and either a medkit or Self-Care for on-demand quietness. Works well in chases when you wanna bamboozle the Killer easily lmao


Yay now we just flat will not be able to stop gen rush coordinated squads very cool


I haven’t played dbd in a while , dead man’s switch and eruption are good??? They were pretty dog last time I playwd


DMS isn't super strong except on artist unless you bring Pain Res and Fearmonger. Which is basically bringing 3 perks for an alright slowdown and some information. Def not broken. Eruption is currently the most popular killer perk and is extremely oppressive. I unironically don't play much survivor these days except with friends because of it.


Its not even worth bringing fearmonger, you can just let go of the gen the second you see the pickup icon with the new survivor HUD.


All survivors do is complain, shits annoying af


Watch jolt take eruptions place: After any Gen is exploded from the down, survivors nearby get injured 💀


Honestly dead man's switch's didn't get that much of a nerf


I’ve had people calling me a POS for running eruption but it’s my only slow down perk I can use on Nemeses.


This game is unable to be balanced. All perks nerfed to ground are gen oppressing effect.


what was the nerf to dead mans switch and POP btw


Pop went from 20% of a gen, so for example 80% to 60%, to like 20% of the amount the gen was completed, for instance 80% to 64%


so if the gen is completed 99% its could hit for -20% ? if so is this strong now how does this feel , dont actually play the game T\_T


BTW I was incorrect before it used to be 25% after hooking someone for 45 seconds on one gen, so like 70% to 45% if you kicked and imo it's still strong just needs to be a decent bit done to get any value out of


i see thanks


I dont remember dead man switch getting nerfed and honestly, pop is still quite good. Its just that eruption and scourge hook (indirectly due to the 90s gens and unchanged 15% regression) got buffed way too much and have a great synergy with each other and call of brine. Other than that, most perks on that list got buffed so that they were seriously unfun for the other side and were rightfully nerfed again. I wish most slowdown/regression perks were on the level of surge.


DMS Pain Res will return


it’s like they can’t resist adding it back in every time they nerf it


Because it was so freaking good. Hopefully they keep that same energy for pop and old BBQ because I would love that.


I’ve stopped playing this game at this point.


Just wait and see none of the survivor perks getting touched at all lmao


Because they already did last year lmao. The only reason you keep seeing survivors use the same 4 perks is because there's literally no decent perks left unless you're doing an ultra specific build where 4 different perks have to synergize to get any value. I'm curious to know how people think DH could get nerfed any harder than it already is. Honestly, if they even nerfed it to where it was the old school dash with no endurance/invincibility people would still complain about it.


I would make it so you can't drop pallets or vault windows for a second after using dead hard


If you can't nerf dead hard to be a good and fair Perk Maybe It just shouldn't be in the game I know behaviour isn't gonna do that But they should if they can't find a reasonable fix


All I'm saying is killers have over 5 different perks that Expose you for just playing the game. I don't see why survivors can't have 'second chance' perks.


Can't wait to smoke that eruption pack


Keep merging Gen regression perks and keep seeing more killers slug and camp hooks


As a killer player I feel completely left out that I don't use any of these perks.


"Ha ha, I can't wait til killer perks get nerfed. That way I have an easier time..." Scenario 1: "Why are my wait times so bad?" Scenario 2: "Man, i'm tired of every killer using \*insert slowdown perk here\*. It's so boring to play against." Scenario 3: "It's bullshit that every person just plays Blight or Nurse now. Why can't they play a fun killer?" Most Unlikely Scenario: "Now that we have perfectly balanced the game, I get out and die at an even 50% rate. And all killers are played evenly, giving me an interesting time and constantly having to change my own tactics."


People need to realise that eruption isn't getting nerfed just because it's strong but because it's also straight up unfair


At this point they are just taking away the best things killers have and give eqal amounts of stuff to survs, as if survivor side wasn't already quite easy these days


What so killers just can’t use perks to defend gens?


No clearly the most fun situation for both sides is killers picking 3 close together gens at the beginning of the match because they cannot possibly hope to defend an entire map when they can only be one place at a time, then having the match turn into a 20 minute war of attrition while the killer protects their 3 gen while making no progress towards winning because whenever a survivor gets hit they run to their COH on the other side of the map.


Sounds about right


But this is exactly what people are using eruption for right now. 30 min 3-gen stalemate matches.


No, they must lose 3 gens in the first chase


Honestly, I think gen perks/toolboxes (survivor and killer) should be removed because it makes this game way harder to balance. Then again this game is already very unbalanced due to maps/killer powers so who knows.


Yes please


Nerf killer they cant be strong or a threat


Thats why they only have a ~60% kill rate.


To be fair ~60% is actually pretty healthy considering every few games have DCs. Of course perfectly 50% would be perfect but I guarantee the current "DC attitude" of DBD boosts these numbers.


Games with DCs are not and have never been counted for kill rate statistics.


Not that I don't believe you, but did BHVR ever confirm that? It would make sense if they don't count those. However, even if they don't, there are other reasons for 60% other than "killer too strong," like how much altruism often times gives killers free kills.


Lol the kill rate is based on games without a DC. The real kill rate is likely over 75 (since almost all games with a DC end in a 3 or 4k and they're relatively common) but BHVR has never published that data officially.


It was 53% back in july, and DC games are not counted in their statistics. So, IF you count DC games, AND friendly killers, the number goes up.




Rewarding killers for downing a survivor and hooking for pop goes the weasel was excellent. Caused killers to chase and down more. But also caused some tunneling with it. So we would need DS to be back at 5 seconds as a stun.


DMS lost like 15 seconds bro it's still a good perk. It's not like it's just killer perks that get nerfed either. Its not that deep


15 seconds is a decent amount of time.


I just know for a fact you're keeping that same energy and logic towards the 10 second eruption buff lmao. Small changes make big differences in this game dude (refer to the uproar survivors were saying when Thanatophobia got buffed by TWO PERCENT.) That two percent buff lead to instant DC'S. The moment survivors saw buffed Thanatophobia in a match they would INSTANTLY DC or AFK. 5% Thanatophobia was basically a second Nurse... You have to understand that bro


Stop nerfing perks based on what survivor mains want


Are you trolling or are you just extremely uninformed?


Someone hasn't been paying attention


Did you just ignore the huge nerf to meta survivor perks that happened recently? Dh, ds, iron will, spine chill, etc.? Yeah sure dh is still good but it’s not as good as it used to be. Also many killers perks have been buffed, eruption being a good example but it is extremely annoying now so it’s going to get nerfed, this is how game balance works. If you make the game extremely unfun for survivors you lose 80% of the player base.


The game is geared toward survivor and always has been. DS is the only real nerf the survivor side took. You've missed the Freddy, spirit, pig, wraith, ruin/pop nerfs that swfs and survivor mains brigaded together over and over and over until the devs gave in. It will always be something. It always has been, and won't stop. You don't balance the game based on demands from one side. But it's never about balance for survivor mains and toxic bully squads.


You’re so delusionally imbedded into “survivor bad” mindset that it’s not even worth replying to you, but are you serious? Survivors got DS, iron will, dead hard, self-care, spine chill, speed boost from sprint nerfed. And increased Gen times. Killers got faster hit recovery, faster actions, quicker bloodlust, more Gen regression when kicking, etc etc. Just a few examples to disprove that survivors always get buffed and killers always get nerfed. *Both sides* have gotten a lot of nerfs and buffs recently, that’s the idea behind *balance*. And yeah, Freddy and Spirit were nerfed but Pig hasn’t been “nerfed” in years. And wraith was reworked to be *better*. Most people, believe it or not, play both sides and want the game to be fair and fun for everyone. Stop your victim us vs. them mentality.




True, all survivor mains are the same and want the game to be an easy win every time, resulting in no challenge or tension whatsoever. Jokes aside, I play more survivor these days but I want the game to be more balanced because then winning is more rewarding. You don’t feel as though you won by RNG or perks as much. Not all survivor players have the same opinion, which I shouldn’t need to point out.


pls survivors mains for the love of god dont complain about call of brine just git gud


Pls killer mains for the love of God don't complain about dead hard Get gud




I really miss old Ruined. If you couldn’t consistently hit the greats, you could just bring Stake Out for free ones. I tried telling people to do that but no one listen, just kept complaining.


Oh I love it when pee piss shit heads cry about perks until every build is nerfed into oblivion making the game completely unplayable and boring.


Eruption is literally the main reason why the game is unplayable and boring.


Dead hard too


Dead hard isn't unplayable but it's definitely an anti-fun perk for killer. It's obnoxious af but at least we could still play the game, I can't say the same for survivors who got hit by eruption. 😅


Just wait it out, isnt that what they say for DH? Why dont you wait out Erupt tio


OK I can't tell since this is over text; is this a jab at me because you think I'm a survivor main?




Pop got nerfed by 2.5% how is it killed same with dead mans it still works the same and to my knowledge didn’t get nerfed


Noed was not nerfed gtfoh


Anything to kill a killers game


Used to pray for times like this 🙏


Cry about it




There’s a difference between effective and overly oppressive and uncounterable


Like dead hard at a pallet?


One day maybe you’ll be able to different between a skill issue and literally uncounterable. If you are really crying about a perk that requires precise timing that you can easily bait out that’s on your for not being able to mind game it. Meanwhile there’s nothing solo q can do to counter eruption unless the moment someone is injured they just stay off the gen until they get downed. That’s not counter play that’s forcing you into not doing your objective in either case (getting off the Gen to wait it out or getting incapacitated). Stop using dh as a “oh but you have” The two literally aren’t even comparable it’s an unintelligent counter argument.


All of those perks are/were annoying in one way or another.


So when are annoying survivor perks like Dead Hard or Circle of Healing getting gutted?


Spine chill? DS? Endurance stacking? Self-care? Object of Obsession? Boil over? Dead Hard is the exception, not the rule - In fact, they rework it once because it was "annoying" - Probably they will look at it again in the next midchapter update. Edit: Circle of healing was nerfed time and time and time again, trying to make it work without killing the perk. I do agree that BHVR should just put some type of CD/token on the perk, though. My overall point still stand: There were a lot of survivors perks that were gutted/nerfed because they were unfun.


Both Dead Hard and CoH still see heavy useage so clearly the nerfs they were hit with were not enough.


The only perk I will ever complain about is NOED. Eruption is annoying, but NOED actively punishes survivors for doing well and rewards bad killers. I can't stand it.