Mfw comment section devolves into eruption defenders, DH attackers, and DH defenders cause how dare two things be overtuned at once


Surely BHVR will nerf Eruption fairly and not completely kill it like Pop and Ruin https://preview.redd.it/w3of9zjfhiea1.jpeg?width=600&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=21d4d273f47bcc3317203d9d7e6d1ecb50dd7408


It wouldn't have needed a nerf had they thought about how it actually stops the players from playing the game beforehand so no. They probably won't yet again think about nerfing it fairly. There's creative ways I've seen people change Eruption where it'd still be really good but BHVR are like nah.


They’ll just slap a super long cooldown on it like Oppression and call it a day


Just make it so that the only thing you cannot do is repair gens. Never understood why I cannot do anything else as well.


Please no


So they’ll also nerf DH, right? …Right?


Or nerf the *reason* why so many people run eruption.....please..... Also yes, not fair one side screams and crys and gets what they want but the other side that wants the same thing gets shafted.


Was the first DH nerf really so long ago...?


The first nerf fixed the fact it gave you a burst of speed but didnt help the fact its still an extra health state thats only counter is "wait it out" Which ironicaly is one of the counters to eruption besides...yknow....go do another gen the killer hasnt kicked.


So long as you're not incapacitated.... Yes very similar!


Killer might as well be incapacitated if they hit DH or having to wait out DH cause the chase just gets longer and longer and longer and longer and longer and- Not fun, annoying.


Lollll no.


New dh is nowhere near as problematic as eruption.


It’s more so that it feels like only one side will now how to deal with perks where the only counter is waiting it out.


Bro it's 0.5 endurance. That's it. And you can't really pair it up with the strong stuff. Otr? Doesn't work in deep wound. Adrenaline? Clears the deep wound, still injured. Coh? You've gotta mend first. Might as well use selfcare. Meanwhile eruption works with every gen kick perk.


Dead Hard pairs well with Vigil, DS, and OTR.


When u have an entire team running it it is.


Yes, problematic but not nearly as much as eruption, this guy knows 💯


*in about 6 weeks


Great, when are Dead Hard and Circle of Healing getting gutted too?


2-3 years from now probably. Maybe. Looking at how long it took for them to nerf keys...




The other day, I was on a gen. Survivor in chase, injured. I do the gen tapping thing as everyone recommends to do, Eruption hits as soon as I tap it. Eruption can be countered for sure.




>I just watch the survivor being carried and when the killer stops for a hook, I let go. That's not Eruption tho


Why the fuck does only stuff i DONT use get nerfed? I'm not complaining or anything but its weird


I don't think eruption needs nerfed so much as incapacitated needs removed or made 5 seconds max. There's no fun in a debuff that takes away your ability to do anything of worth. Maybe one thing, blindness, healing, sabo, repairing gens. All? Nah. Standing still is not a good time.




DBD dev update log in a few days : We have decided that Eruption was to weak in it’s current state


"We saw the overabundance of killers using eruption and decided a nerf was necessary. Therefore the perk will be unusable on pig"


I don't mind the Eruption nerf mainly because I don't use it, I just would rather they look at the reason that regression perks have always been so coveted. While we're at it please buff Demogorgon and Devour Hope. Not that they desperately need buffs I just want to be even more annoying.