This isn't a liscenced skin but there is still no reason why it has not been opened to purchase with the shards?

The process of making the "character's wardrobe" available for shards is rolling out 4 or so characters each update. It hasn't gotten to Yun-jin yet.


The process of making the "character's wardrobe" available for shards is rolling out 4 or so characters each update. It hasn't gotten to Yun-jin yet.


Which characters are next, do you know it?


Last wave stopped at Yui and Twins so the following 4 or so characters after these. Survivors: Zarina, Felix, Elodie, Yun-jin. Killers: Trickster, Artist and Dredge. I don't know for certain if they are still rolling out 4 characters each time.


it's just in time, very good then it's Yun Jin's turn in the next major update or the next update after that!


Have they came up with a reason as to *why* the costumes are becoming shardified in bunches of 4 other than a cash grab till the bitter end?


Probably so they don’t accidentally remove the textures from Deathslinger. The code is kind of a game of Jenga.


Every chapter/midchapter they roll out iri shards for outfits on a handful of characters. Since Yun-Jin is still on the newer end she is getting hers later than others. Her other skins just happen to already have been iri-shardable, with the newest being one that started at Cells only and then got the shard treatment a month later as that is how they are handling new outfits.


Yes, seeing that other cosmetics were purchase with shards, I thought it was Yun Jin's turn. I wonder if it's his turn with the next big update?


The shard prices are being gradually introduced in batches, and Yun Jin assumedly hasn’t been reached yet.


Oh I thought It has reached Yun Jin because others skins purchase with shards.


Some outfits were always buyable with either. The rollouts make every nonlicensed outfit available for at least shards. Outfits that are only shards are usually community designs iirc


A better question would be why it’s a linked set… those boots would be fire with so many other outfits 😩


Omg yes. I don't care for the top, but I want to badly mix & match the bottoms & hair. Especially the hair! I don't like her other hairstyles much Have they ever unlinked an outfit? I don't see a reason to link it if it's not a skin of another character. Other pieces sometimes clip, so I don't know why


Someone pointed out that that hair in particular is identical to hairstyle you can have as a female Troll in WoW and I *can never unsee it*


Speaking of licensed skins I was surprised to see all of the Alice in Wonderland skins available for shards. I copped the Ace one so fast once I saw it


Yea I don't understand that. Alice in Wonderland liscended and now they are selling with shards. But same thing doesn't invalid for Attack on Titan


The alice collection isn’t licensed because they didn’t use the ip from the movie, they’re using the public domain version


Alice in wonderland is not licensed. The movie yes, but the story isn't


IIRC, the story itself isn't. They didn't license it from the film studio to base off film but the story and the story reached the copyrighted cap so it's now public domain. Just as the story of Winnie the Pooh which is why the world got the god awful recent "horror" film of it.


She is next on the list to get that option.


It's a linked set, so I don't care for it personally. I hate linked sets due to their limitations and restrictions. I want to use that haircut with my blue outfit!


Just wish I could unlink it. There's no reason for this to be a linked set. Individual pieces from this outfit would sell like crazy if you didn't have to buy that awful hair or shirt. Literally tested this skin heavily when the set breaking glitch was a thing. There were no issues with any of the pieces. I just hate the mermaid shirt.


She's just that girl is why


Sidenote, I dig that skin but hate that it's a set. Would buy it if I could change the head


too drippy to be free


Dont you see?? It’s Elsa from Frozen