If Gamefreak made another north american Pokemon region, what part would you want it to be based on?

Mexico, imagine the regional variant of ludicolo


Mexico, imagine the regional variant of ludicolo




They did this man so much justice in that film. So heckin weird, love it.


Love how much they embraced the weird lol, didn’t even try to lampshade it at all. Can’t wait for the potential sequel


Agreeed yo! It was such a breath of fresh air for the franchise to go in that direction. It was so gritty and dirty lookin and I loved every second of it!


I approve


How on earth did I forget this existed


Or Hawlucha’s variant https://preview.redd.it/7nrlxtk7yixa1.png?width=902&format=png&auto=webp&s=f4c791a2f8d68f41c6d67c7865d664fc0cd8c09a


Ngl i clicked on this expecting an image of Rey Mysterio


Hawlucha learned 619!




Given the fact that Mexico was colonized by Spain, I imagine this could set up some interesting lore relating to Paldea, as well as some cool regional variants of Paldean pokemon that were brought overseas, but have changed over time. The legendary pokemon could be inspired by old Mayan/Aztec Gods, and maybe the over-arcing villains could be some kind of cult that still worships them despite thousands of years having passed since the supposed end of those civilizations. Edit: Colonized* (I suck at historical terminology)


https://preview.redd.it/0k21mmr8ajxa1.jpeg?width=576&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6e37a4a6716ae4d4e837d71aa518b03a2875aeba I’d love to see a Quetzalcoatl version of Rayquaza, especially since that’s who he is inspired by anyway.


A Swampert variant since it’s based on the axolotl. So much they could do tbh


Wooper variant/evo.




Eh, they did it with Meowth and it worked out pretty well.


yeah. Mexican Wooper is Awesome




Holy shi that's badass


We can have cool starters like a fire salamander/axolotl, a flying/grass quetzal and a water porpoise (look vaquita marina, less than 20 alive if i remember well). We can have a jaguar and eagle muthic pokemon based oh the aztec eagle warrior and the mayan jaguar warrior, we can have a chupacabraa pseudolegendary and the obvious quetzatcoatl as legendary pokemon(feathered snake god), maybe pair it with a tlaloc one (rain god), but that may copy hoenn to much. And a ghost legendary based on la llorona (a mexican banshee)


Koraidon already looks like a prehispanic god. It would be cool having a feathered snake and a black jaguar as the cover legendaries


*Colonized by Spain


Mexico was not settled by Spain. It was colonized by Spain.




I would extend that to the whole gulf of mexico. Would make for a highly diverse region, that also has a nice looking map.


The variant of Ludicolo is Ludicolo, that’s its native habitat


Fighting type eeveelution that’s just a chihuahua


OP hates Ontario Very based.


Not as much as they hate Quebec.


That feeling when you live in Atlantic Canada and the closest "another region" is Unova. They'd rather do New York twice. :(


Atlantic Canada got the shaft


It would be my vote and I’m from Ontario. You guys just for the bill


We did in Confederation as well. Honestly it feels like most believe Canada ends at Quebec, except from those who’ve visited our paradise.


I see your Atlantic Canada. And I raise with Greenland.


Or any of the Maritime provinces!


Idk... Newfoundland would be funny but we all know they'd avoid the good/funny names for places...


They could also make a cool thing where your time changes by 1/2 and hour from your clock.


And the region would exclusively be water, flying, and rock Pokemon. That's it. Maybe Castform gets an RDF form.


They probably just forgot about them, happens all the time.


Newfoundland would be good with unique geography. Even has the nearby peninsula as endgame part. Looking at the landmass it has a lot of potential to stand out.


A Quebec-based region would just be diet Kalos.


More like budget, “impossible whopper”, kalos deifying unova




Me who lives in Ontario...


I don't see any rule that says you can't live in Ontario and hate Ontario


true lol




No Arkansas either apparently


Went out of his way to avoid that one


We want Chesapeake Bay pokemon!


Northern Canada and Alaska sounds interesting as it may lead to a focus on the Ice typing.


Thats why I picked Alaska plus I know some parts it can get really dark so some new dark types can come up


It’s also super pretty with a lot of large, charismatic animals that would make for great design choices. We have volcanoes, ocean, forests, tundra, glacial caves, waterfalls, mountains, earthquakes, wildfires, you name it.


Huh, seems like it be a great region to create new pokemon, I just thought of Alaska cause first thing that came to mind was a Ice/dark type vampire bat


Ala 30 days of night?


It also gets very bright too in the summer! Land of the 24 hour sun.


BC resident here—a BC and Alaska region would be incredible. **I'd hope the following species would be represented:** Orca, Humpback Whale, Pacific Salmon, Nudibranch, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Spirit Bear, Sea Wolf, Tufted puffin, Sea / River Otter, Caribou or Moose. Geographically there's a lot to work with too. Temperate rainforest, islands and beaches, fjords and glaciers, and even desert in the BC interior.


Totally agree. Could see a great regional variant xatu/natu based more closely on pacific northwest totem poles. There are so many indigenous mythical creatures that could be built upon besides just the local wildlife (sasquatch, ogopogo, thunderbird, and tons more)


I always found it strange that Pokémon was bent on including every ecosystem in a single region to accommodate every type. It made certain environments feel like enclosed bubbles. So I’d love to see Pokémon challenge their status quo by having a primarily arctic region. It doesn’t have to be chockfull of ice types either, every type can exist there, they just need to be designed to handle the harsher climates. And you can’t tell me Poke Poutine doesn’t roll off the tongue


Came here to suggest this


Pacific Northwest. The Pokemon Company's American headquarters is there, so it is naturally a location that could be viable. We've got a variety of terrain such as forests, volcanoes, mountains, islands, plains, lakes, and semi-arid. We have Seattle, Bellevue, Vancouver BC, Portland, Spokane, Boise, and Tacoma for cities. Update: I'm mind blown by the number of upvotes. Thanks guys!


Go further east and get southern alberta/sask badlands for some desert pokemon.


For anyone who doesn't know: Alberta/Saskatchewan have deserts (despite the preconception that Canada = snow) and is home to one of the coolest dinosaur museums in the world. Some real great dinosaur focused Pokemon could be made out of the region


Washington has desert as well. Eastern Washington scablands would be great different desert area


Following the trend (and likely a continuation of your scablands) is south central/south eastern BC.


When I was young, I really wanted a fossil Pokémon focused game. When I found out about the Drumheller, I always thought it would be a great setting for a fossil professor.


Lockstin & Gnoggin had a series about a fakemon region based on that area. It's pretty cool, highly recommend.


I saw that video when it came out! I loved how he incorporated several PNW cultural aspects into Pokemon.


Oh it’s more than one video now, he has the entire Pokedex, gyms, plot, lore, etc


I was wondering if someone would mention that, I like his ideas, and I do wish that Game Freak/Nintendo could open up to the community about there opinions when making a region on specific places


I think it’s weird/ funny how a president of Nintendo bought the Seattle Mariners just to strengthen business ties. Even weirder was the fact that he didn’t like baseball and he never even went to a Mariners game.


Also one of the few temperate rainforests. I love the pnw...


I'd love a region based on my homeland of Puerto Rico, we're basically a Pokemon region already; roads and paths carved into nature, houses stacked on cliffsides and hills. Nature growing in between buildings all around us. The closest thing I could compare it to is Fortree in Hoenn, but even that pales in comparison to the way everything in Puerto Rico is built around and through nature, not over it.


We already have the starter pack: https://preview.redd.it/yb64peam7jxa1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ba1c137d65b544af71cc276194f3d6903aee9f02


These are legitimately the Paldean starters though


Yeah, makes sense if you think about it.


Fortree City is sick! Didnt know Puerto Rico is that cool, would be amazing for Pokémon to go there.


I’d love to see PR as a region with a coqui based Pokémon 💪🏽


The real ones already say their own name!


This is such a flattering description of PR. Thank you for reminding me that my home is beautiful.


Oh, our home is super beautiful. 😍 But it’s also humid, too hot and crawling with mosquitoes. I only ever go there for vacations and family visits nowadays. As beautiful as it is, and as badly as I’d love to see a Pokémon region based on it, you couldn’t pay me enough to move back there unless I had industrial air conditioners and worked from home. 😅


I've never been to Puerto Rico, but I grew up in St. Vincent. There is a lot of potential for a caribbean themed region


That could actually be really fun if they did that.


Oooo, I would love that. Puerto Rico is gorgeous and has so many interesting places. I visited a lot of caves while I was there. The beaches are beautiful. They should definitely do a Puerto Rican based region


Puerto Rico is hoenn and alola combined


They, soy puertorriqueña too!!!


VANCOUVER, gonna have a Bear and a Salmon legendary


As much as I'd love to see my IRL home region get a game, a central America region would be awesome.


Mexico would be cool


Mexico and the caribean islands


In order of to preference: -Caribbean: Rich history, cool animals, and island hopping has only been done a few times by the franchise. Add in letting us eventually surf between islands and I think you could have a really dynamic setting. -Artic Canada/Alaska: A primarily ice region could be a lot of fun and the varying geography of that region opens up a lot of options. -Central America/Mexico: Pokémon references Guyana in its first game and South America in GSC so let’s inch closer and do Central America. Imo it’s about time after having like 3 European regions. -New England: I just want to see PokeBoston.


PokeBoston obsessed with gym leader "Dunks"


I would go for the Maritimes. Lots of different climates and landscapes, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Pokémon.


Just do Orre


I'm shocked it took me this long to find someone else mention Orre


i feel like orre is just arizona


It is.


Is it meant to be? i never actually looked into it.


Yep. Phenec town is Phoenix, Agate village is flagstaff, gateon port is lake havasu, everywhere else is desert.


Well there is a volcano...


Could be Humphrey's peak, it's a dormant volcano and the highest natural point in Arizona


Well, according to Bulbapedia anyway, which references an interview from a developer. Haven't seen the interview itself, but you even have the biggest city called "Phenac City" which sounds like Phoenix, aka the capital of Arizona.


Louisiana/New Orleans would be pretty cool. You get the Bayou, voodoo, ghosts, and French influence. Could be RDR style where you get New Orleans, south Texas, the mountains, and northern Mexico all in one big region


A friend of mine started a fake region based around that he called it the Cajon region. And he had a region variant tangela based on Mardi Gras beads


Ok I'm on board the New Orleans train. So much room for themed Pokemon variety


Would love the west, especially Pacific NW+Idaho for the pretty oitdoor/nature design possibilities, but Mexico or Caribbean would be really cool for the culture and color


I think a West Coast in general would be pretty cool; most of the PNW could be pretty sparsely populated and nature-y, with a couple big cities based on Seattle, Portland and/or Vancouver. But have a California (and maybe even a child-friendly Vegas) with lots of huge cities and massive architecture and stuff, it'd have a cool contrast. And then there could be a huge desert to the east that serves as the boundary to the region.


Give me SEC country, and the evil team is just a bunch of Florida Man memes


It’s not even an organization, it’s just a bunch of random crazies doing random things.


The evil team is actually the meth suppliers and your goal is actually to beat the cartel and stop the drugs from coming in.


Caribbean. I mean island hopping is fun.


Unless you’re IGN and hate water.


The only reason why I would go for a western states region is to see redwoods be a focal point in a Pokémon game. Other than that I would love to see a Mexico,Caribbean or Puerto Rico region!


Western could be cool as, like the entire Pacific coast from Alaska to So Cal. Mexico, C. America, and Caribbean all together would work, too for similar reasons. Cool birds, mythology is ripe for legendaries, a good mix of mountains, desert, jungle, ocean and lots of variation for cities and towns and gyms.


The Yucatan peninsula + the Caribbean. Basically, Alola/Hoenn 2.0 - my 2 favorite regions. I'd love to see a regional Kyogre, Groudon, and especially Rayquaza like the Galarian Bird Trio.


PNW, 110% yes please thank you very much.


Mexico, specifically Yucatan. So many cool ways to integrate Mayan culture and the cenotes.


Ayo Québec so independent we not even considered a north american country anymore 😂


Lol imagine une région inspirée du Québec libre qui a comme organisation maléfique des fédéralistes voulant que le Québec retourne dans le Canada. Leur logo serait genre des feuilles d’érables. Ostie que ça serait drôle pareil (s’tun concept joke btw, no hate envers les fédéralistes).


La deuxième partie de la map est bloquée par un embouteillage sur les deux ponts. Faut attendre le quatrième badge pour que le troisième lien soit construit.


Labrador and Newfoundland is very scenic and cultural, I'd like to see that adapted if even just part of a larger Canada region.


Northern USA and Canada


Mexico. Aztec mythology ’mons are a thing I need.


Alaska and Canada would be amazing.


Man what did Ontario and Quebec ever do to you?


I feel like the east coast would be interesting, as there's lots of beaches around there and you also have the barrier islands of the outer banks, the applachain mountains, the chesapeake watershed, not to mention the everglades in florida. it could be pretty diverse and fun!


Salem Witch town would be cool, I always thought that


Why eastern Canada doesn't count?


I NEED a Pokémon game set in Florida


Florida and the Caribbean. Great opportunity to have a bunch of different mons. Especially since Florida has a bunch of invasive animals, and the Caribbean culture


a midwestern region sounds like it would be fun


Finally a pokemon based on corn lol


You could have a casserole pokemon too!


Florida area, because I’m a Floridian. Also, Unova was already based on NY


Florida mon stories lets hear it.


I know, that's why I circled it green


I could be biased as a Canadian but I always thought that Canada as a whole region would be amazing! North Canada is icy, mountains on the west, the middle is plains, then with Ontario that could be the large city, and the east could be fishing islands. So much diversity available for a region! Not to mention Great Lakes and tons of forests!


Texas would be an awesome region. There are more climates than most people realize and it’s a huge area, so there wouldn’t be a lack of space to work around. Also how dare you lump Texas with those western states. That’s not how it goes.


I'm biased because I'm from there, but I always thought BC, Canada would be neat. All within driving distance are a chain of gulf islands for surfing, a world-class ski resort for snow biome, Canada's hottest desert, and many forests and parks with unique geological features. Vancouver itself is surrounded by several satellite cities connected by train, each city with different cultural influences, which would make for a good network of starter cities and routes. It has an aboriginal population which isn't something I've seen too much of in Pokemon (Alola being an obvious exception), and has a large Japaneese population so you could sneak your Kanto fan service in pretty easily. For animal life, we've got Orcas, Humpbacks, Beavers, Moose, Deer, Heron, Geese, Bison, Otters, Owls, Coyotes, Bears, Sea Lions, Bats, Skunks, and a whole bunch more providing opportunities for old and new Pokemon designs.


North Appalchia. Could make a joke about pokemon rust / pokemon coal but honestly I like the idea of going through the mountains in the arceus / scarlet&violet style. Plus there's cryptids if they want to go that route. Mothman, braxy, dogmen, melonheads, squonk (regional lechonk?), abatwitch, bigfoot even. Things to go bump in the night


Sheepsquatch, Hopkinsville Goblin, Pope Lick Monster, Milton Lizard….we even had a mysterious “meat shower” in KY in the late 1800s that could be referenced at some point. On top of the amazing scenery, there’s a lot to go with.


My top three are: New England, Puerto Rico, or Quebec.




New England would be very pretty area at the base it in


if they do they better add a wendigo pokemon


I wanna have a legendary trio based on famous cryptids!!




California. The variety of environments already make it a Pokemon Region.


The Wild West of Pokémon could be very fun to explore.


Give me the midwest!!!!


Arkansas rn: 🥲


I would like the Alaska/Northern Canada or the Midwest of America.


the Midwest we need a corn pokemon


Midwest for sure. So much cool culture, great ideas for Pokemon, interesting landscape, etc. (Not biased at all even tho I live there and I'm making a fakemon region based on it)




Idk but I want a ponyta derby




I’m biased so the U.S. Midwest, I want a HODAG & Wheel of Cheese Pokémon


North east , usa


Alaska would be cool! But I'd love a region based on Cuba, and they can mention how brutal Unova is towards them with their sanctions and all that. Appalachia seems like a cool region to work with as well. Utah's nature though is stunning and can't be beat.


Lol tristate area region. Would love to see New Yorker rattata form eating a pizza and showering


MEXICO/CENTRAL AMERICA PLZZZZ I want Aztec pokemon so bad!!


The midwest. Lol.


Newfoundland and Labrador, bring back the S.S. Anne


I think Pokemon XD on the gamecube was based in Azazona


On one hand, my home state of Pennsylvania has a lot of cool cities and forests to explore which I think would work well in the Pokemon games. On the other hand, California has *way* more to explore and on top of that has much more Japanese culture infused into it which I feel would make it more attractive for Game Freak's developers since Pokemon regions usually always tie back into Japanese culture in some way. (since the games are in fact primarily made for a Japanese audience)


California would be the best. Litterally have every biom and end game areas should be places like Yosemite or death valley. Mt Shasta, Tahoe, and the Sierra mountain range would be awesome too. Add in cities like San Diego, LA/Hollywood, Sacramento, and San Francisco plus the litany of smaller towns throughout.


The American west is absolutely a knock out choice for a region. You can start in a small town in the Great Plains, travel west to cross the Rocky mountains, head southwest to end up in the desert, then keep going to get to the major urban centers on the coast, and even head north to the redwoods and temperate rainforests. It would be such an interesting and diverse region that actually mirrors real life locations (avoiding a repeat of the infamous New York deserts of Unova)


Separate Alaska from Canada, Alaska has more than enough climates/biomes for an entire region


US states are big enough to be their own regions. At most a couple states together. Canadian provinces are so big and diverse for the most part that going by province would be good. I feel it should only be a whole country if they're smaller like England. I mean look how much they managed to get just from Japan. Kanto to Sinnoh.


I want another cold and snowy region besides Sinnoh so western Canada + Alaska sounds fun.


San Fran. The huge bay is way too good of an idea to let that go to waste. If not there the great lakes would be a good idea.


The American Southwest. They could build upon and canonize Orre. Say that the events of Colosseum and Gale of Darkness took place in the past, and the advent of snatching technology and the brutality of Shadow Pokemon drew the attention of the international community, with Unova, Kanto, and Johto stepping in - Unova for proximity, and Kanto and Johto for offenses made against their trainers and cultural icons (predominantly the beasts, and Lugia). After a period of conflict (perhaps the war that Lt. Surge fought in?), the threats have been de-escalated and Orre has been reformed into a more stabilized region, with assistance from pokemon to help bring some life to the once desolate desert. That's the point where we pick up at, where the war is already over, and things seem to be peaceful, with the installation of a new league to bring commerce and trade to the region. However, even if things seem better now, the shadows of the past are still hiding from plain sight, waiting for the right time to make a resurgence. Basically, the original Shadow Games could be treated akin to the "Wild Wild West", where the land was lawless and dangerous, while new, properly canon games could be more comparable to the modern west, with actual infrastructure and safeties theoretically in place. I don't know that Game Freak would necessarily want to pick up Shadow Pokemon for themselves, per say, but they would be a good origin point for some new regional variants, with some good history that isn't really present in most other regions.


The Midwest. It'll be required for every NPC you beat to say "ope."


Alaska would be rad.




Midwest, as someone from Illinois, I’d love to see a reference to the cloud gate


SE USA with Carribean post game. The most geographical diversity in one area.


I'm an Alaskan boi, so I'd say there


Florida. Give me chaos


Region with Florida would introduce some pretty cool beach Pokémon’s and honestly I feel a really funny Florida man variant of Pokémon would be great


Alaska and Texas are both large enough on their own to be entire regions in their own right. But otherwise, a region made up of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia would be a fun one.


Why would you include Texas in the same region as Oregon?


Just Chicago and give them all guns


Texas would be funny. Like, even if it's not 100% accurate, cowboy-themed pokemon would be fun. Lemme ride my mudsdale into the sunset. North Carolina WOULD be my pick, but I'm not subjecting anyone else to my state. We have nothing here except murderous insects and multiple deadly spiders. And Venus flytraps, but we already have carnivine.


Alaska or Mexico. But I would really want to see an Australian one


I think Mexico would be super fun. And having some Dia de los muertos variants and inspired pokemon. Some Aztec-inpired pokers. I also think the general geography will be good for an interesting map as well.


Appalachia 100%


Should make it southwest like coliseum


Tbh I would to see a Latin American region as a Latina myself , however I would be very pissed if the put all of us together. Latin Americans have cultural similarities but each one has its unique way If they made 3 regions based on 3 European countries and 1 based on just one state, they can make a region of each Latin American country (ofc we never gonna get that so I’ll be fine with a just a few well represented countries ) It would feel as if they made a whole region based on Europe instead of just one country


I love the implication that Pokemon: American Midwest is a genuine option. Honestly, it means they could make a few cities surrounded by endless copy pasted fields of corn, grass, and grains. *Don't give GameFreak ideas!*


That Alaska/Canada region would be the first with route 1 ice types Pokemon. 🤔


Florida cause we are idiots that use lvl 12 pokemon in the elite four


I would love a Canadian region. And all the trainers say sorry for bothering you when you start a battle


Wasn't Unova kinda based off of New York? Either way, a PNW region would be super cool, like imagine a sasquatch orangoru


Definitely Canada or the West Coast. The middle regions of this map would not translate well to a fun Pokémon map


Why not Brazil? Brazilian folklore is extremely rich in content, many mythological creatures such as the Curupira, the Headless Mule, the Saci, the Iara mermaid, the Cuca...


California could be a whole region on its own. We’ve got rain forests, regular forests, deserts, valleys, hills, mountains, coastlines, big cities, national parks, and a wide range of unique flora and fauna as well


Omg please have it be based off Cali and Texas. That can be the plot. The Texans hating the Californians and a war breaks out. The price of poke balls is raised and the Texans blame the Californias. It was all along the government and set everything up. You pick which team you are on based on game. Pokemon TX and Pokemon CA. During the game you are just like everyone else blaming and defeating "gyms", or whatever they want them to be, in the rival areas. The main antagonist could see you as a valuable asset to have. They explain the big plan for the government to take over the world and you fight him in a pokemon battle for the world. We gotta make the stakes high because it's pokemon obviously we have to save the world. When you win everyone loves each other and you get the nice photos of people in cowboy hats hugging people with Starbuck drinks, a beanie and an iPhone.