Yes still let it go to the end. It's verifying that every remaining bit is a zero, so if you replace a drive with a capacity larger than the data drive (and the same or smaller than the parity) the end of the drive is still correctly written during the rebuild


That's up to you. Since it's a check and not a build, the last 2TB in your setup is not used to protect anything, and shouldn't matter if it is correct or not. Mind you, it might still be corrupt, that's what the check is for to begin with, but when rebuilding it's not used for anything. And even though it doesn't matter now, it can become an issue is you add a 14TB disk to your pool and that data is corrupt. Pretty sure new disks are cleared and formatted, then only those changes are applied to the parity data. So if there is an issue in the 12-14TB range now, it will stay when adding the new disk, and give incorrect data if you have to rebuild it. How much longer would the last 2TB take, and does it really matter? Imo, just let it go.


If you want to schedule the last two TB to run at another time, look into the Parity Check Tuning plugin. It will allow you to break up the parity check into segments to run at a schedule.


This is a native feature of unraid now.