First DE razor

Hi guys, I am a total noob when comes to DE razors but due to problems with skin irritation I was advised to get a DE razor by my dermatologist. Now I am to decide which one to choose and my two candidates are Merkur 23C and Muhle R89. If you have any advice I would be grateful. Thanks.


Personally I would go with the Rockwell 6c. Its in the same price range but it’s adjustable by changing the base plate. It gives you a wider range of options with a single razor. I think a good unscented shave soap like stirling would be a good option. I find the much superior protection better for my sensitive skin. If not then the oatmeal Aveeno one is a good option. Stirling unscented aftershave balm would be a good addition as well.


+1 for Stirling unscented aftershave balm. It does its job wonderfully, but is easy on sensitive skin like mine.


Shave Soaps, aftershave Balm and a variety pack of different DE blades to try are essential. Don't get anything in a aerosol can


I love Merkur but either of those will be fine. Get an assorted pack of razers. I like Astra, vikings blade green, or Merkur blades but only found I like those after trying a lot of others including Feather and others. I love Barrister and Mann Siville soap. It's just great all around. Lots of other soaps I like but that's a sure bet for performance and scent. I lather with a synthetic brush in a bowl and it's worked great for almost ten years now.


Both of those are excellent razors. The Mühle R89 has brass inserts that may help it last longer. Don't forget to get a brush & shaving cream/ soap. New wetshavers usually find creams easier to lather, so perhaps get both.